Location: Kerr Illinois

Biography of Anthony Coyle

Anthony Coyle. With the lengthening perspective of years more and more honor is paid the participants in that struggle by which the Union was preserved and the liberty of all men assured in the United States. Only a handful of the survivors of this great struggle remain as a reminder to patriotism in Champaign County. Those who are familiar with his career say that Anthony Coyle was one of the bravest men Champaign County sent into the war. Mr. Coyle, after a life of honorable effort and service, is now enjoying the comforts of a pleasant country home a...

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Biography of Mrs. Mary A. Taylor

Mrs. Mary A. Taylor has for many years had her home in Champaign County, and is now living on the old homestead farm at Penfield in section 30 of Kerr Township, where with the aid of her son she is carrying on the farm management left in her hands after the death of her husband. Mrs. Taylor is a native of Dundee, Scotland, and a daughter of John and Jean (Davidson) Rennie. She grew up in Scotland and received an education in the schools of that country. After reaching young womanhood she married Mr. C. B. Taylor, also a native Scotchman and a son of. John and Helen (Gordon) Taylor. While they lived in Scotland Mr. and Mrs. Taylor had four children: Jennie, John, Mary and Helen. At different times they thought and talked much of the land of America and Mrs. Taylor was especially influential in urging her husband to leave Scotland and seek the opportunities of the New World. Thus the little family embarked on a vessel, the Venetian, a ship which later went down in South American waters. They landed from this boat at Boston, and went from there to Chicago, where Mr. Taylor, a butcher by trade, found employment in the great Armour packing plant which was presided over by that genius of the packing industry, the late P. D. Armour. Mr. and Mrs. Taylor...

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