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Location: Kalkaska County MI

1894 Michigan State Census – Kalkaska County

United States Soldiers of the Civil War Residing in Michigan, June 1, 1894 [ Names within brackets are reported in letters. ] Boardman Township – Stephen Heller, John H. Dewitt, Josiah J. Cole, Wesley H. Leach, Jacob McCaslin, R. M. Hudson, Mark B. Wonsey, George W. Hart, Abram Darling, George W. McLean, Isaac Hall, Alvin E. Hank, James N. Risk, John D. Dagle, A. E. White, George Holland, William H. Blanchard, Basila Holstine, William H. Thompson, Edwin Luce, Porter R. Sherman, William H. Vanetten, Jacob McCrory, Addison McCoy, Allen D. Lile, George Ives, Henry Molinx, S. J. Grandy, Michael Murphy, Edwin F. Mills, W. J. Cornwell, H. E. Hogan, P. H. Sharron. Aaron C. Magoon, Isaac Waste, Hiram Swick, B. F. Pierson, Henry Very. Clearwater Township – Andrew J. Stover, William H. Bockes, John P. Leiphart, Job Harris, John Hendrickson, Charles Van Buren, Edward Smith, John W. Chaney, Peter P. Desmond, Charles Brookmayer, Henry Wright, William Gray, Robert R. Campbell, Henry Mathews, John A. Peck, John P. Austin, Allen F. Little, John Mentzor, Peter Smith, George NS”. Persons, Hiram M. Blodgett, Harry Smith. Cold Springs Township – Elijah Goodwin, Samuel B. Phelps, John U. Spies, William H. Stoddard, Christopher C. Greenman, Charles O. Thompson. Excelsior Township – Napoleon B. Groves, George W. Rickard, Leander P. Johnson, C. E. Bartholomew, William Lewis, Andrew J. Speers, James M. Potes, Jerry Hyatt,...

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