Location: Johnson Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Hon. Vernon W. Waterman

Hon. Vernon W. Waterman was born in Johnson, Vt., July 30, 1811. When three years of age he went with his farther to Montpelier, Vt., to live, and remained there until nineteen years of age, when he came to Morristown to reside with his uncle, Hon. David P. Noyes, who was engaged in mercantile pursuits. At the age of twenty-one years he entered into partnership with Mr. Noyes, continuing the connection about eight years, when he engaged in business for himself, at Cady’s Falls. For his first wife Mr. Waterman married Adaline Cady, of Stowe, by whom he had two children, George L., now an attorney-at-law, of Hyde Park, and Caroline E., wife of Hon. H. H. Powers, of Morrisville. Mrs. Waterman died April 23, 1843 , Mr. Waterman then married Amanda S. Wales, daughter of Hon. Geo. E. Wales, of Hartford, Vt., February 26, 1846, this union being blessed with three children, only one of whom is now living. Mr. Waterman has held many positions of trust, among which that of representative in the legislature for 1844-’45, he was also assistant judge of the county court two terms, sheriff two terms, and has been postmaster at Cady’s Falls ever since the office was established there, in 1858. He has also attended every court held in Lamoille county since its organization, in 3835, was court auditor for nearly thirty...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Almerian Tinker

Dr. Almerian Tinker commenced the practice of medicine in Johnson prior to, or about, the year 1830, remained there a few years, then came to this town, where he remained until his death, March 14, 1880. During the last thirty-five years of his life lie gave up the practice of his profession. He held several of the town and county...

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History of Johnson, Lamoille County, Vermont

JOHNSON lies in the central part of the county, in latitude 44 40′, and longitude 4° 19′, bounded northeasterly by Belvidere and Eden, south easterly by Hyde Park and Morristown, southwesterly by Morristown and Cambridge, and northwesterly by Waterville and Cambridge, containing an area of little over 23,040 acres. The tale of its charter breathes somewhat of romance. As early as 1780, a Mr. Brown, an early settler in Jericho, Vt., secured a grant of the township. He caused the outlines to be run, and commenced the allotment in the eastern part of the town, and gave to it the name of Brownville, or Brownington. In the meantime the northern hive of Indians residing upon the Canadian frontier, had begun to pour in upon the wilderness territory of northern Vermont, destroying the property of, and carrying away many of the luckless settlers into wretched captivity. Mr. Brown and his family were numbered among these unhappy ones. In 1774, he had made the difficult journey to Jericho, from Massachusetts. Here he and his family, consisting of a wife, a daughter, and two sons, had made such improvements on their lands, as to be able to raise most of the necessaries of life, and were looking forward to days of still greater plenty, but in the autumn of 1780, the year this town was granted to him, the family was surprised...

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Biographical Sketch of Nathan Atwell

Nathan Atwell, from Hollis, N. H., came into Johnson among the earliest settlers, and located on road 11, upon the farm now owned by his son, James. He resided here until his death, at the age of eighty-four years. Six of his family of thirteen children are now living. James, the twelfth child, born in 1814, resides on the old homestead. Benjamin and Asher E. are aged respectively seventy-eight and sixty-five...

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Biographical Sketch of David Foster

David Foster came to Johnson, Vt. from New Hampshire in 1790, and settled in the southeastern part of the town, where he resided until his death, at an advanced age, having reared a family of six children. Obadiah, his second son, born in 1771, resided in the town until his death, in 1850. Seven of his eight children became residents of the town. Obadiah, Jr., was born in 1811, and died here in 1870. One of his two sons, Roswell, born in 1838, now resides here, on Railroad...

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Biographical Sketch of Ralph Ellenwood

Ralph Ellenwood, a native of Amherst, N. H., and a veteran of the revolutionary war, came to Johnson in 1772, and located upon a tract of land about a mile and a half west of the present village. At the time he came here he had a family of five children, which was subsequently increased to ten. James, the second child, born at Amherst in 1786, was a resident of the town until about ten years previous to his death, when he removed to New York. Of his family of eight children, the only one living is Maria E., a resident of this...

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Biographical Sketch of Joseph Manning

Joseph Manning, from Marblehead, Mass., came to Johnson in 1824, and located upon the farm now owned by Isaac A., his only son. Mr. Manning was a sailor in early life, but learned the carpenter and joiner trade later, and erected many of the old houses now found in the...

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Johnson, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

(For explanations, etc., see main page) Allen Joel, (Johnson) allo. physician and surgeon, Main St., h do. Anderson Calvin B., (Johnson) allo. physician and surgeon. Andrews Bros., (Johnson) (Sumner A. and Wallace G.,) dealers in dry goods, crockery, ready-made clothing, hardware, and boots and shoes. ANDREWS EDWARD P., (Johnson) r is, farmer 40, and with Isaac 95. Andrews Isaac, (Johnson) r 11, farmer with Edward P. 110. ANDREWS JOHN ATWOOD, (Johnson) r 35 cor 34, 1st selectman, town representative, dairy 8 cows, and farmer 190. ANDREWS JOSEPH, (Johnson) r 11, farmer 100. Andrews Mary, (Johnson) r 21, widow of Samuel, farm 125. Andrews Sumner A., (Johnson) (Andrews Bros., also J. A. & S. A. Andrews.) Andrews Wallace G., (Johnson) (Andrews Bros.,) bds Pearl St. Annis Edgar, (Johnson) r 38, farmer 87. Atwell Asher E., (Johnson) off r 33, farmer. Atwell Benjamin, (Johnson) off r 33, old resident, aged 78. Atwell Eli H., (Johnson) farm laborer, Pearl St. ATWELL EVELINE C., (Johnson) widow of John, owns wild land 13 acres, h Pearl St. Atwell Frank B., (Johnson) off r 33, farmer r00. ATWELL JAMES, (Johnson) r rr, breeder of grade cattle, sugar orchard 1,000 trees, dairy 10 cows, farmer 200. AUSTIN BARNUM L., (Johnson) postmaster, cabinet maker, and undertaker, dealer in stationary and fancy goods, Main St. Babcock Roxanna, (Johnson) r 32, widow of David. BAILEY IRVING L., (North Hyde...

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1840 Census Index, Johnson, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Adams, Horace 51 Adams, James 47 Allen, Elmer 48 Allen, Teall 51 Andrews, Asa 47 Andrews, Isaac 47 Andrews, Israel O. 47 Andrews, Joseph 47 Andrews, Samuel 49 Atwell, Benjmain 47 Atwell, John 46 Atwell, Nathan 47 Austin, Horace B. 48 Austin, Samuel 51 Bachman, Francis 49 Baker, George 49 Baker, Joseph 51 Balch, Joan 50 Barker, Thomas 46 Barney, Alvin 49 Batch, Elijah 46 Bean, Nicholas P. 50 Begine, Joesph 53 Berry, Oliver 51 Blake, John F. 53 Bliss, Zenas 49 Bohen, Hezekiah 53 Botch, Holman 46 Botch, John 50 Botch, Moses 50 Botch, Robert 46 Boyers, William 48 Boyington, David 48 Boyus, Samuel 53 Brown, Mary R. 53 Brown, Nicholas P. 50 Brown, William 50 Buckley, James 51 Budley, Eli 49 Burnham, John H. 52 Burnham, Mary 50 Burnham, Moses 50 Cadis, Amos 46 Cadwell, Azariah 49 Carpenter, Parker 53 Chase, Joshua 47 Chisman, John 48 Clark, Charles H. 52 Clark, Christopher T. 49 Clark, Elijah B. 46 Clark, James 52 Clark, John A. 52 Clark, Levi 52 Clark, Lewis E. 48 Clark, Richard 49 Coling, John 48 Cram, Leland 51 Crasman, Silas G. 50 Crowell, Gilman 51 Crowell, John 52 Crusty, John 50 Cuson, Silas G. 50 Custy, John 50 Darling, Hayse P. 50 Day, Henry 52 Day, Joseph 51 Delano, Asahel 46 Dennis, Isaac 53 Dodge, Aron 53 Dodge, Daniel 47 Dodge, Elisha...

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