Location: Jefferson Iowa

1884 Directory of Jefferson Iowa

Last First and Middle Section Post Office Township Business Origin Arrival County State Aiston William 17 Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Massachusetts 1878 Harrison Iowa Acrea Tomas J 7 Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Indiana 1855 Harrison Iowa Armstrong J L 24 Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Ohio 1856 Harrison Iowa Adams Bros 5 Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Ohio 1854 Harrison Iowa Brayton William 7 Logan Jefferson Breeder Poland China Hogs/Farmer Illinois 1868 Harrison Iowa Buchanan James 13W Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Scotland 1877 Harrison Iowa Brady Peter 19 Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Ohio 1852 Harrison Iowa Brady D L 19 Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Michigan 1852 Harrison Iowa Briggs G M 9 Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Iowa 1861 Harrison Iowa Boustead J H L 1 Woodbine Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser England 1861 Harrison Iowa Beedle Amsey 12 Woodbine Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Ohio 1856 Harrison Iowa Copeland W B 25W Logan Jefferson Breeder Poland China Hogs Indiana 1852 Harrison Iowa Cole Daniel 13W Logan Jefferson Farmer Canada 1871 Harrison Iowa Cadwell C N 13W Logan Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Canada 1867 Harrison Iowa Chiles Isaac 27 Readers Mill Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Ohio 1854 Harrison Iowa Cowan T V 25 Readers Mill Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Pennsylvania 1877 Harrison Iowa Chiles Joseph 26 Readers Mill Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Indiana 1854 Harrison Iowa Cadwell E P 25 Council Bluffs Jefferson Farmer/Stock Raiser Wisconsin 1877 Harrison Iowa Card...

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Biography of George H. Grimmell, M. D.

George H. Grimmell, M. D. One of the first graduates of medicine to set up in practice at Howard, Kansas, was Dr. George H. Grimmell, who rendered his first professional services in that section of Elk County thirty years ago. With the exception of about eight years spent at Onaga, Doctor Grimmell had been continuously in practice at Howard since 1898, and is accounted one of the most competent surgeons in that locality. The first authentic records of his ancestry is found in the annals of the first crusade of 1096, A. D. There was a Sir John Von Grimmell, who was one of the enthusiastic Germans who joined as followers of the Cross in the endeavor to wrest Jerusalem from the hands of the Moslems. The line of descent from this crusader is traced directly to Dr. George H. Grimmell of Kansas. There is also a coat of arms in the family, and it is a reproduction of Baron Grimmell’s insignia as found in the year 1555. The coat consists of shield, quarterings, mantling, helmet, coronet and crest. Those versed in the science of heraldry can find in this coat of arms significant traces of the original Von Grimmell’s services as a crusader. Doctor Grimmell gets his profession naturally, since for several generations the Grimmell family have produced capable medical practitioners. He is a grandson of Henry Charles...

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Rollins, Archie Charles – Obituary

Former Resident Dies In California The following is from a Rosemead, Calif., paper last week. Archie Charles Rollins, 63 years of age, passed away Sunday afternoon at his home on Brookline avenue, Rosemead, California. He had been in poor health for more than a year, so that the end was not unexpected. The deceased was born at Jefferson, Green County, Iowa, September 27, 1864, coming to California with his family in 1905. They have also lived in Oregon a portion of the time since then but moved to Rosemead in 1923 taking up their residence on Earl street. A year and a half ago they purchased the property where the family now resides. He had been engaged in the real estate business in Rosemead for the past four years and had made many friends. He was a member of the Alhabra chapter of the Woodman lodge. The survivors are his widow, Margaret E. Rollins, two daughters, Mrs. Sadie HIckey of Pasadena and Mrs. Dorothy Rosenberger of San Antonio, Texas, and a son, Cyrus, of Home, Oregon. There are also six grandchildren. The son arrived Wednesday from Oregon and the daughter from Texas is expected to arrive later. The deceased leaves two brothers and two sisters now living in Kansas. The body was taken to the Schanel undertaking parlors in El Monte from whose parlors the funeral services were conducted...

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Biography of Henry Edward Reece, M. D.

Henry Edward Reece, M. D. Five years of effort to maintain the health of a considerable portion of the population of Thayer has drawn the career of Dr. Henry Edward Reece within the fold of a large and emphatic need, giving him an increasing outlet for a wealth of professional and general usefulness. When he came to Thayer, in 1911, he was well equipped to take a position among the foremost physicians and surgeons of this city, and since that time has maintained such a place through his ability, fidelity and devotion to the best principles and ethics of his calling. Doctor Reece was born at Jefferson, the county seat of Greene County, Iowa, December 27, 1877, and is a son of Michael H. and Sarah (Burden) Reece. He comes of an old American family, which was founded by his great-grandfather, a native of Wales, who, on coming to this country, settled in New York State, and, following his trade of wheelwright, assisted in the building of Perry’s fleet for the War of 1812. The paternal grandfather of Doctor Reece was George Reece, who was born in Pennsylvania and was a stone mason by trade. Early in life he developed the wanderlust, and his journeyings took him through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Oregon, in which last-named state he died before the birth of his grandson. Michael H....

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