Location: Jefferson County OH

Roll Of Capt. William Foulks Company

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now (Probably from Jefferson County) Served from August 25, 1812 until February 28, 1813. Capt. William Foulks Lieut. John Burkdale Ensign Robert Ramsey Ensign Jacob Crouse Sergt. John Hester Sergt. John Cannon Sergt. John Huston Sergt. John Chaney Sergt. Henry Fisher Sergt. John Charing Corp. Alexander Armstrong Corp. James Swin Corp. Addison McKinnon Corp. Rudolph Brandaberrv Corp. Andrew Armstrong Corp. James Anderson Fifer Daniel McConkey Privates Black, John Bowman, Christian Brady, William Brandaberry, Jacob Burback, Arthur Caughey, James Cox, Thomas Cramer, John Credmer, John Crevan, John Cripps, John Cross, James Crouch, Henry Crowl, Henry Davis, Abednegn Davis, William Fish, Richard Fisher, Henry Fredrick, Samuel Grace, Henry Gribner, George Grimm, George Grou, Henry Gruner, George Hartman, Solomon Heddings, William Henderson, James Hull, Samuel Hunter, George Huston, Samuel Iddings, William Jones, Abraharn Kees, John Leslie, Joseph Lyon, Joseph March, Samuel Marsh, Henry Marshall, John Martin, Henry Match, Henry Maxwell, Robert McCombs, Jacob McConikey, Daniel McCoy, Daniel McCoy, David McCready, William McIntosh, Anguish McIntosh, Angus McKay, Daniel McKee, Alexander McKee, Daniel McKee, James McKee, John McLaughlin, Ephraim McLaughlin, John McMillen, Alexander McMillen, James Melone, David Miller, Henry Moore, George Muce, Jacob Ogle, Hercules Perry, James Perry, John Phillips, William Poe, Thomas Poe, William Quinn, Daniel Randolph, James Randolph, William Reed, Elias Rees, John Riley, Mathew Ritchie, Isaac Ritter, Jacob Robinson,...

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Roll Of Captain Joseph Holmes’ Company

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now (Probably from Jefferson County) Served from August 23, 1812 until February 28, 1814. Capt. Joseph Holmes Lieut. William Thorne Lieut. John Ramsey Ensign David Mitchell Sergt. Francis Popham Sergt. James Gilmore Sergt. Alexander Smith Sergt. John McCully Corp. Edward Vanhorn Corp. John Pollock Corp. Thomas McBride Corp. Joseph Hagerman Drummer John McClintick Drummer James Roff Privates Arnold, James Arnold, Reason Arnold, Samuel Asher, Anthony Barcus, William Barks, William Belch, James Birttel, John Briggs, David Brookan, George Brotell, John Brown, James Cahill, Phillip Carpenter, George Chaffin, James Drocaw, George Edington, Isaac Elliott, Finley Elliott, Thomas Ferguson, John Ferguson, Thomas Foster, Benjamin Gilpin, Samuel Glass, Thomas Guttery, John A Harper, William Harriman, John Hawthorne, John Henry, Isaac Hughes, Joseph Kelley, Mathew Kendall, Rhesa Kerr, Samuel Kyle, William Laning, Jacob Leach, John Logan, Richard Long, James Madden, Patrick H Maxwell, Robert McClay, Benjamin McClery, Benjamin McClintock, John McClintock, William McCullough, James McDonald, Thomas McElroy, George McFadden, Thomas McMillan, Charles Meek, Jacob Miller, Charles M Minnis, James Moore, James Osborn, Jacob Osler, Jacob Parks, John Porter, Hugh Potts, David Reels, Isaac S, Roach, Ebenezer Roach, Jeremiah Robbins Johnston Robertson, Charles Robertson, John Ross, James Ross, Richard Sankey, James Scholes, John Smith, Charles Snider, Henry Stevens, David Strall, Joseph Sullivan, George Tipton, Jonothan Tipton, Luke Tipton, William Van Bibbben, Isaac West,...

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Roll Of Capt. Jacob Gilber’s Company

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now (Probably from Jefferson County) Served from August 25, 1812 until February 28, 1813. Capt. Jacob Gilbert Lieut. John Testers Ensign Abraham Fox Ensign Conrad Myers Sergt. Davtd Shoemaker Sargt. Samuel Eister Sergt. Michael Coners Sergt. Michael Shafer Corp, Randall Smith Corp. Peter Miller Corp. John Eaton Corp, John Lipley Privates Adams, William Alexander, Robert Barnes, Jacob Beacht, George Bissilla, Betz Blackburn, William Boatman, Henry Bradfield, Benjamin Brineman, Richard Cahammon, John M, Calihan, William Catt, Phillip Clary, James M Condon, James Cook, George Engerstem, Henry Estep, George Feler, Michael Fisher, Brice Ford, William Fox, John Frederick, John Garringer, David Glass, Mathias Harnish, John Haughman, Samuel Heemthorn, Peter Helwick, Nicholas Hevely, Christopher Higgins, Samuel Hohn, Adam Hohn, Andrew Hohn, John Huffman, Jacob Johnston, David Kelley, Alexander Kennel, Joseph Kerns, John Kley, John Lane, Samuel Lawrence, John Losure, David Lower, John Machaman, John Mall, Henry McClelland, Felix McClung, James McElroy, John Meek, John Meek, John, Jr. Meek, Samuel Meek, Samuel, Jr. Meeker, Michael Metz, John Miller, Peter Minton, John Moore, Ezekiel Mowen, Jacob Musser, Michael Myers, Frederick Painter, James Pairs, Gainer Palmer, Richard Preston, John Rainey, Charles Randolph, John Richey, Isaac Roach, William Rock, Henry Rogers, Thomas Roller, Henry Roller, Joseph Rough, William Routzen, Nathaniel Rudwill, John Sanor, Michael Schultz, George Simons, George Skidmore, William Smith, Henry Speaker, Henry...

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Biography of R. T. Updegraff

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now R. T. Updegraff has been perhaps the leading individual factor in the commercial and business development of the Town of Maple Hill in Wabaunsee County for the past thirty years. Mr. Updegraff came to Kansas after completing his education, and the vigor and enterprise which characterized his early life in this state have borne abundant fruit in several different lines. Mr. Updegraff was born at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, November 28, 1862. He is of old Quaker family, the religion of the Friends having received the allegiance of the Updegraffs for many generations. The Updegraffs first came out of Holland in colonial times and settled at Germantown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Updegraff’s grandfather, David Updegraff, was a pioneer farmer at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, where he died before R. T. Updegraff was born. He was a loyal member of the Quaker Church. D. B. Updegraff, father of the Maple Hill merchant, was born at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, in 1830, and spent all his life in that community, where he died in 1894. He was a Quaker minister, an old line republican, and a man of very splendid character and an exemplar in conduct and leadership. He married Rebecca Price, who was born at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, in 1831, and died there in 1864. Their children were: Anna E., wife of...

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Biography of Thomas C. Harbourt

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Thomas C. Harbourt. A resident for thirty-eight years is not the only distinction of Thomas C. Harbourt at Coffeyville. He is a man of wide interests and activities, has been a contractor and builder, has filled many local offices with credit and efficiency, and is one of the best known men in fraternal circles in Southeastern Kansas. He is still active in business, handles real estate, and is also a justice of the peace. His earlier years were spent in Ohio. His people were of German stock, lived in old Virginia some years, and afterwards identified themselves with the abolition movement in Ohio. Thomas C. Harbourt was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, September 25, 1849. His grandfather Peter Harbourt was born in Germany in 1783, came to this country when a young man, lived in old Virginia for some years and about 1840 established his home in Jefferson County, Ohio. He served all through the war with Mexico, but his chief pursuit was as a farmer. Of his children the only one now living is Cromwell O., who is a retired oil producer and operator in Harrison County, Ohio. Mr. Harbourt’s grandfather in the maternal line was Samuel McClain, who was born and married in Scotland, and soon after his marriage emigrated to America, becoming a...

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