Location: Jaffrey New Hampshire

Biographical Sketch of Benjamin Lawrence

Benjamin Lawrence, a lieutenant in the Revolutionary war, came to Jaffrey from Groton, Mass., in 1788 or 1789 and settled on a farm on road 5, where Fred. J. Lawrence now resides. He married Rebecca Woods, of Pepperell, Mass., and reared a family of ten children. His son Ithamer married twice, first, Betsey Jewell, who bore him three children, and second, Rebecca Emery, by whom he also had three children. His son Benjamin married Sarah E., daughter of James D. and Betsey P. Sawyer, of Jaffrey, and had three children, two of whom are living, viz.: Walter F. and Annie E., residents of Jaffrey Center. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of Capt. Eldad Prescott

Capt. Eldad Prescott, son of Benjamin, was a native of this town, and the first settler upon the farm on road 39 corner of 40. His son Oren married three times, first, Martha L., daughter of Jacob and Martha Adams, of Rindge; second, Caroline A., daughter of William T. Nutting; and third, Louisa J. Plummer, of Goffstown, who bore him five children. His son Elliot 0. married Lizzie A., daughter of Julius A. and Eliza Hale, of Rindge, and resides upon a farm on road...

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Biographical Sketch of Oliver L. Spaulding

Oliver L. Spaulding. was born in Jaffrey, N. H., August 2, 1833, graduated at Oberlin college, Ohio, in 1855; removed to St. Johns, Mich., in 1857. In 1858 he was elected a member of the Board of Regents of the University of Michigan for the term of six years. Served during the war of the rebellion in all the grades from captain to brevet brigadier-general In 1866 he was elected secretary of state for Michigan, and was re-elected in 1868. Was a special agent of the United States treasury department from 1875 till he resigned the position to take his seat in Congress to which he was elected in 1880. In 1883 he visited the Sandwich Islands as chairman of a commission to investigate the practical operations of the Hawaiian reciprocity treaty. In 1884 he declined a third nomination for Congress which was tendered him. He is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity, and has been grand master of the grand lodge, grand high priest of the grand chapter grand master of the council of royal and select Masons, and grand commander of grand commandery of Knights Templar, of Michigan. Is a member of the Episcopal church, and has been senior warden of the church St. Johns since 1866. In 1862 he married M. Cecilia Swegles, daughter John Swegles, ex-auditor-general of Michigan. He is a lawyer by...

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History of Industry in Jaffrey, NH

The Granite State Hotel, Caldwell Bros., proprietors, located at East Jaffrey, is a fine, three-story, brick building. The present proprietors took possession May 1, 1884, and are sustaining the just celebrity of the house with the public. The Monadnock National bank, located at East Jaffrey, was incorporated in 1850, with a capital of $50,000.00, as the Monadnock State Bank. Its officers were, John Conant, president; Peter Upton, cashier; and John Conant, Benjamin Cutler, Jonas M. Mellville, James Scott, of Peterboro, Rufus Haywood, Samuel Ryan, Jr., and Solomon Allen, directors. In 1855 John Fox was chosen president, and was succeeded, in 1857, by James Scott, of Peterboro. In 1865 the bank was incorporated as a National bank, under its present name, and re-organized with a capital of $100,000.00, and with the following officers: James Scott, president; Peter Upton, cashier; and James Scott, Benjamin Cutter, Samuel Ryan, Arad Adams, James L. Balster, Joseph T. Biggelow and John Conant, directors. Benjamin Cutter was chosen president in 1870. The Monadnock Savings bank was incorporated in 1869, with Oscar H. Bradley, president, and Peter Upton, treasurer. The Proctor House, J. B. Proctor, proprietor, is a fine hotel located on the southern slope of Monadnock mountain. Jaffrey Cotton-mills. – About October 1, 1884, White Brothers bought the Cheshire Fiber Co.’s mill; a brick structure about 120×40 feet, three stories high, located on the Contoocook river,...

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Early Settlement of Jaffrey, New Hampshire

After the township was surveyed and divided among the proprietors, a bounty of 142 was offered, for the purpose of encouraging settlement, to the first five men who, with their families, should settle within one year from that date, June, 1750. and remain one year. The same proportion was also allowed to one or more families complying with the same conditions. Whether any settlement was made does not appear from any known record. A traditionary report, however. has it that a Joel Russell and his family attempted a settlement in the southern part of the town, and while there a son was born to him, the first white child born in the township. Whether he settled soon enough or remained long enough to claim the bounty does not appear. There is a reliable account of a settlement in 1752, made by Moses Stickney, Richard Peabody, and others, and that while here Simon Stickney, son of Moses, was born, December 9, 1753, making him, setting aside the Russell tradition, the first white child born in the township. This settlement, however, proved a failure, through fear of Indians, and all the settlers left, except one man, a Captain Platts, probably the pioneer of Rindge. The first permanent settlement, then, was not made until 1758, by John Grout and John Davidson. Grout settled on lot 20, range r0, and Davidson on lot...

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Revolutionary War Soldiers and Military History of Jaffrey, NH

The following Jaffrey soldiers in the Revolution are mentioned in the state report : Ephraim Adams, Samuel Adams, Thomas Adams, George Atridge, Daniel Avery, Joseph Bates, Jonathan Blodgett, John Briant, Alpheus Brigham, Asaph Brigham, Joseph Brooks, Simeon Burt, Joseph Cutter, Moses Cutter, Nathan Cutter, James Cutter, John Davidson, Matthew Davis, Jonathan Dean, Benjamin Dole, John Dole, Hugh Dunlap, Daniel Emery, Daniel Emery, Jr., James French, Jr. Robert Gilmore, John. Gilmore, Dudley Griffin, Jacob Gould, Jr., John Hale, Lieut. John Harper, Daniel Harper, Ebenezer Hathorn, James Haywood, Ebenezer Ingalls, Benjamin Jaquith, John Matthews, William McAlister, Samuel Ober, William Osgood, Benjamin Prescott, Moses Peabody, Joseph Perkins, Jacob Pierce, Kendal Pierson, William Pope, Jonathan Priest, Asa Priest, Oliver Proctor, James Reed, Abraham Ross, Bezaleel Sawyer, Jesse Snow, Michael Silk, William Smiley, Jr., died in service at Tinconderoga, 1776. Phineas Spaulding, Benjamin Spaulding, Jonathan Stanley, Samuel Stanley, James Stevens, John Stone, Benjamin Stone, John Taggert, Jonathan Taylor, Peter Tower, Lieut. William Turner, Samuel Weir, Joseph Wilder, Ezra Wilder, Ephraim Whitcomb, Elias Whitney, Cotton Whiton, Francis Wright. The following is a list of the soldiers who settled here during or after the war: Stephen Adams, Lieut. Oliver Bacon, Isaac Bailey, Isaac Bailey, Jr., Hart Hatch, Jacob Baldwin, Lieut. Samuel Buss, John Cox, Thomas Dalton, William Emery, Samuel Emery, Nathan Fish, Thomas Fisk, Jonas Gerry, Thomas Goff, Nathan Hunt, John Lake, Lieut. Benjamin Lawrence, Francis...

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Biographical Sketch of Jonah Carter

Jonah Carter was a native of Leominster, Mass. His son Jonah married Lucy Joslin and came to Jaffrey about 1793. He settled upon a farm on road 61, and reared a family of ten children, only one of whom, Luke, is now living. This son married Lucy, daughter of Silas and Susan (Reed) Ross, and reared a family of eight children, four of whom are now living. He is a manufacturer of woodenware, and resides upon a farm on road...

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Biographical Sketch of Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Fox came to this town, from New Ipswich, N. H., and married Sibyl Jackson, of Concord, Mass., who bore him seven children. His son John H., married Isabella W., daughter of Luke Howe, and had born to him three children. He was a physician and the town representative for many years. His residence was located on the academy square, at the Center Village. His son John H. married Belle W., daughter of Rodney and Angie L. (Turner) Brown, has one daughter, and resides in the village of East Jaffrey. He is town representative at the present...

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Village of Jaffrey, New Hampshire

JAFFREY, a post village located in the central part of the town, has one church (Congregational), one hotel, two dry goods stores, a blacksmith shop, livery stable and about twenty-five dwellings. It has in its vicinity, also, the summer residences of many who come here during that season to enjoy the delightful scenery and healthful...

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Biographical Sketch of Shubael Bascom

Shubael Bascom, an early settler, of Hinsdale, N. H., married Philena Elmore and reared a family of eleven children. His son Roswell married Sophia, daughter of Sampson and Thankful Evans. of Hinsdale, who bore him two children. He finally settled in the village of East Jaffrey, where he now resides. His son, William W., is a resident of Ashburnham, Mass., and his daughter, Lucia E., is at home with her...

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Biographical Sketch of Leonard F. Sawyer

Leonard F. Sawyer, son of Josiah, married Mary B., daughter of Albert and Mary P. (Pollard) Adams, of Rindge, and has two children-Etta ML and Ella M., twins. He is a prosperous farmer and has three Summer cottages on Contoocook lake, which borders on his farm. He has a large collection of natural curiosities, antiquities and geological...

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Biographical Sketch of Timothy Bemis

Timothy Bemis, a native of Marlboro, Mass., came to Marlboro, N. H., in 1776. His son James, a commissioned officer in the Revolutionary war, married Hannah Frost, who bore him nine children, only one of whom is now living, and settled in Dublin. His son Josiah married Sibyl Emery, of Jaffrey, and had born to him three children, only two of whom are now living. His son. Alvin J., married Mary Greenwood, of Marlboro, N. H., who bore him two children, neither of whom is now living. He resides on road 35, in the village of East...

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Biographical Sketch of Jonathan D. Gibbs

Jonathan D. Gibbs, son of Joseph S., married twice, first, Rhoda, daughter of Edward and Rhoda (Lawe) Locke, of Westminister, Mass., who bore him one daughter, Elizabeth R., now living; second, Sarah H., daughter of Thomas and Rebecca (Merriam) Wilson. of Mason, N. H. He first settled in Jaffrey upon a farm on road 3, where he remained twelve years, and then moved to Jaffrey Center, where he stayed until his death, March 2, 1882. He published a very accurate map of the town of Jaffrey which is highly prized. His wife and daughter occupy the homestead at the present...

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Biographical Sketch of Joseph Scott

Joseph Scott was a native of Lancashire, England. Thomas, one of his five children, married a Miss Welch and reared a family of six children. His son John S. married four times, first, Alice Wilder; second, Lucy Tollman; third, Louisa Wilder; and fourth, Sarah A. Hodge. He has three children and resides upon a farm on road...

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