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Location: Iowa Kansas

Biography of Charles F. Scott, Hon.

Hon. Charles F. Scott. Few of the native sons of Kansas have served so conspicuously and have enjoyed more substantial honors both at home and abroad than Charles Frederick Scott of Iola. Mr. Scott had long furnished both the spirit and the action to that notable example of Kansas journalism, the Iola Register. For ten years he sat in Congress as representative of the state at large and of the Second District. For a number of years he had been recognized as one of the ablest and most influential republican leaders in Kansas. Mr. Scott is president of the Kansas State Historical Society. He was born on a farm in Allen County, Kansas, September 7, 1860, son of John W. and Maria (Protsman) Scott. John W. Scott came to Kansas from Indiana in 1857. He came to Kansas in time to become a conspicuous figure in the free state fight. While Kansas was still a territory he was elected to the territorial legislature, and afterwards served in the state legislature and filled other positions of responsibility. The experiences of his parents in Kansas during the early days and his own boyhood have served to make Charles F. Scott a typical Kansan in spirit and enterprise. He attended the common schools and in 1881 graduated Bachelor of Science from the State University. He had since been granted the honorary degree Master of Science by the State...

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