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Location: Iowa Hill California

1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California

1861 Directory of Iowa Hill California Able William, miner Abrams Frank, miner Ackerman J. miner Adams Jonathan, miner Alex C. miner Allen Easten, miner Allen L. T. butcher Amisk Peter, miner Anderson Andrew, miner Anderson Nat, miner Andrews N. P. miner Angle J. D. livery stable keeper Archie E. Z. miner Armstrong R. J. miner Arnold L. B .lawyer Arnold Moses, miner Arrington William, miner Ashley R. M. miner Atkinson H. S. miner Atkinson Joseph W. miner Ault A. J. miner Austin George, miner Austin James, miner Ayer Osborn, miner Backus Peter, baker Baker J. ranchman Ball J. miner Bapp F. miner Barney J. N. merchant Barrenger T. miner Barrett A. miner Barton, John L. miner Bawden H. miner Bawley J. Q. A. miner Beardsley J. H. miner Benjamin Jacob, miner Bennett D. C. miner Bennett Josiah, miner Bennett Leonard, miner Bentley T. B. miner Bently Samuel, miner Bernadat J. E. miner Bilden John, miner Billington E. miner Billington Jas. miner Birch J. miner Bird Frank, miner Bisbee A. carriagemaker Bisbee A. H. miner Bisbee D. H. miner Bisbee H. P. miner Bisbee John G. blacksmith Blackburn Isaac, miner Blake F. miner Blanchard Wm. miner Blue Gilbert, miner Blue Wm. miner Bohannon P. M. miner Booth Garrett, miner Booth R. J. miner Bounds T. W. clerk Bowers Dan. miner Boyden A. L. watchman Bradwell Geo. miner Breen Patrick, miner...

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