Location: Iola Kansas

Biography of Burton Emory Clifford

Burton Emory Clifford. Chances for success are slight with the lawyer of modern times unless he be a man of sound judgment, possessed of a liberal education and a stern training, combined with a keen insight into human nature and motives. The reason for this lies in the spirit of the age with all its complexities, for modern jurisprudence had become more and more complex because of new laws and conditions. Years of experience and a natural inclination for and inherent ability in his profession are superinduced upon a careful training in the case of Burton Emory Clifford, ex-prosecuting attorney of Allen County and now one of the foremost members of the Iola bar. His career had been characterized by many successful results for his clients, and he had brought to his profession an enthusiasm and belief in its importance which have resulted in his being entrusted with some of the most important cases ever brought to trial in Allen County. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biography of Robert N. McMillen, M. D.

Robert N. McMillen, M. D. Doctor McMillen began the practice of medicine in Kansas thirty-five years ago, and was among the first physicians in Pratt County. Much of his early practice was among the pioneer homes of that section. For seventeen years his home and offices have been at Iola, and he still carries the burden of a heavy practice at that city. Doctor McMillen represents Scotch ancestry, who came to America many years ago and were pioneers in the State of Kentucky. His grandfather Robert McMillen was a native of Kentucky, was a farmer there, and met his death as a result of accident. Isaac McMillen, the father of Doctor McMillen, was born near Lexington, Kentucky, in 1826. He grew up in that state, and was early attracted into a profession which engaged the services of many men in the early half of the last century just as railroading does today. He became a steamboat captain, piloting boats up and down the Ohio and Mississippi rivers from St. Louis to New Orleans and also from Pittsburg to St. Louis. For a number of years he had his home at Bellaire, Ohio, in Belmont County. He married there, and his death occurred at Bellaire March 23, 1857. The cause of his death was smallpox. In politics he was a democrat. Captain McMillen married Margaret J. Davis, who was born...

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Biography of Basil Tonion Barber

Basil Tonion Barber. The ever-changing conditions of present-day competition in business life offer splendid opportunities for men of foresight and sagacity in any growing locality, whether it be developing from wilderness to settlement or from hamlet to metropolis. The ability to recognize in advance the strategic commercial situation is an asset the value of which may not be overestimated, and the man who possesses this quality is bound to find himself, sooner or later, in a position of importance in the business world. It was through the ability to predict where business would develop and to know in advance what kind of business would flourish that had enabled Basil Tonion Barber, of Iola, to reach a position of eminence at an age when most men are just starting upon their careers. When he located at Iola, in 1910, he was still a youth, with only several years’ experience behind him, but he confidently embarked upon his career, and today finds himself at the head of a paying automobile and garage business and proprietor of the largest establishment in the city. Basil T. Barber was born at Sunnyside, a small community of Tennessee, May 27, 1885, and is a son of W. L. and Emily (Condra) Barber. He is descended from Irish ancestors who came to the United States during the colonial period and settled as pioneers in Kentucky, where...

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Biography of Louis E. Horville

Louis E. Horville. During the decade of years that Louis E. Horville had figured prominently in financial circles of Iola, he had proven his ability as a banker and his worth as a business man. Primarily an agriculturist, with large land interests, in 1905 he became president of the Iola State Bank, and to its management brought executive ability, foresight and acumen that have enabled the institution to maintain a high place and an enviable reputation. Louis E. Horville is a native son of Kansas and of Allen County, having been born on a farm located 1½ miles northwest of Iola, July 27, 1865. His father, D. Horville, was born in 1828, near Nancy, France, and was about thirteen years of age when he made the trip across the Atlantic to the United States, his first location being in New York City. Subsequently he moved to Lexington, Illinois, where he became a merchant and built up a small but profitable business, but it was his desire to get to the frontier and become the proprietor of a farm home of his own, and accordingly, in 1856, he arrived in Allen County, Kansas. Here he homesteaded a claim of 160 acres and embarked upon a career that eventually made him one of the largest landholders of this section. Mr. Horville passed through all the hardships of pioneer existence and met...

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Biography of Paul Klein, Hon.

Hon. Paul Klein. In the record of business achievements of Allen County’s citizens, the name of Paul Klein occupies a most conspicuous place. His admirable efforts have not only contributed to the growth and development of Iola, of which city he had been a resident since 1903, but his career in regard to public service had been a decidedly creditable one and places him high in the esteem of his fellow citizens. He was a pioneer homesteader in Kansas in 1886, when he located in Ness County, and his life had ranged in its scope from residence in a sod house to a seat in the Kansas State Senate. Paul Klein was born at Mascoutah, St. Clair County, Illinois, September 7, 1856, and is a son of Paul and Mary (Leibrock) Klein. His father was born in 1801, in Bavaria, Germany, where he was married, and in 1852, after the birth of three children started with his little family for the United States on a sailing vessel. The journey consumed three months, and during this time a fourth child was born on the ocean to Mr. and Mrs. Klein, who finally made port at New York and went from the metropolis to Mascoutah, Illinois. In St. Clair County, Mr. Klein settled on a farm, and there continued to be engaged in agricultural pursuits during the remainder of his life,...

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Biography of Wesley R. Childs

Wesley R. Childs is a native Kansan, had been a resident of Kansas City, Kansas, since 1895, had accepted the many opportunities to make himself useful in civic affairs as well as in business, was formerly postmaster, and is now giving his attention to his duties as executive special representative in Kansas and Missouri for the Illinois Life Insurance Company. Mr. Childs was born June 26, 1869, in Allen County in an old log cabin that stood on the farm now owned by L. L. Northrop near Iola. His parents, Lucas S. and Sophia (Keyes) Childs had come to Kansas and located on this farm in 1867. They were natives of New York State, where they had grown up and married, and both were of Scotch-Irish ancestry. Before coming to Kansas Lucas S. Childs proved himself a gallant defender of the Union during the Civil war. He served with the One Hundred and Thirty-sixth New York Infantry, participated in twenty-two engagements, and was in some of the most memorable battles of the conflict, including Gettysburg, Antietam, Lookout Mountain and the Atlanta Campaign and the March to the sea. He held the rank of corporal and though in some of the most hotly fought campaigns of the war he was never seriously wounded. Kansas as a land of opportunity beckoned to him as a place in which to provide for...

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Biography of James H. Campbell

James H. Campbell. Prominent among the men identified with the financial and business interests of Iola, Kansas, is found James H. Campbell, cashier of the Iola State Bank and an official in various other enterprises. Mr. Campbell had been a resident of this section all his life and here had worked his own way to an edifying and well-deserved success, unaided save by inherent business acumen and persevering labor. He was born on a farm twelve miles northeast of Iola, in Anderson County, Kansas, January 31, 1874, and is a son of James H. and Bethia A. (Simpson) Campbell. James H. Campbell, the elder, was born in 1818, at Vevay, Switzerland County, Indiana, and was there educated and reared to manhood. He was trained for the law, which he took up as a profession when twenty-one years of age, and followed that calling in his native community until 1859, when he came to Kansas as a pioneer of Allen County. Here he homesteaded a claim of 160 acres, which he subsequently traded for another property, just over the line into Anderson County, and that tract continued to be his home until 1886, when he went to Colony, Kansas, and retired. After two years he came to Iola, and here made his home until his death, which occurred January 15, 1889. Mr. Campbell was one of the substantial men of...

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Biography of John J. Griffin

John J. Griffin. There are several reasons for the success of John J. Griffin, superintendent at Iola of the Wichita Pipe Line Company, and these may be said to be energy, system and practical knowledge. The range of his activities had been large, but from the beginning of his career he had sought to work steadily and energetically for ultimate results, and had never been content to labor merely for the present. Self help had accomplished about all the worth-while things in the world, and as a general rule the men who have found success have not awaited the knock of opportunity, but have gone forth upon their own initiative to seek the rewards awaiting them in life. John J. Griffin was born on the Allegheny River, at Salamanca, Cattaraugus County, New York, October 28, 1883, and is a son of John J. and Johanna (Quilter) Griffin. The family originated in Ireland, from which country the grandfather of John J. Griffin emigrated to Canada, and later removed to New York State, living there near Buffalo for some years. He subsequently became a police officer in Canada and was killed while engaged in the performance of duty during a riot in the Province of Ontario. John J. Griffin, the elder, was born in 1853, near the City of Buffalo, New York, and there passed his entire life. Like his father,...

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Biography of A. C. Shaffer

A. C. Shaffer. Necessary requisites of a good newspaper man in these modern days are trained faculties and an enlightened understanding. The world at large, in greater and greater degree is requiring educated men, not alone for the learned professions, but also for those along less trained lines, and it is an important part of the work of the newspapers throughout the country to furnish the mental stimulus without which none can hope to succeed. Particularly does this apply to the newspapers which circulate through the smaller cities and in the country districts, and one of the papers which had accepted and is carrying out this work is the Tri-City Herald, of Gas City, Kansas, the proprietor of which, A. C. Shaffer, is not only a man of broad information and progressive spirit, but a newspaper man of long experience, who had gained his training through all the departments of newspaper work. Mr. Shaffer was born at Muncie, Indiana, September 21, 1878, and is a son of Noah and Charlotte (Longenecker) Shaffer. The Shaffer family originated in Germany and was founded in Pennsylvania during colonial days. In that state was born the grandfather of A. C. Shaffer, who was a minister of the Universalist Church and died at Dayton, Ohio, at the remarkable age of one hundred and two years. Noah Shaffer was born in 1832, at Dayton, Ohio,...

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Biography of Fred J. Horton

Fred J. Horton. When an individual had been closely identified with the business interests of a community for twenty-three years, it would be an anomaly were he not intimately known to the citizens of that place. In the seething, progressive life of an energetic, enterprising city or town the man who shows himself interested in the advancement of the public welfare is bound to be more or less in the public eye, and that eye, as it had often shown itself, is capable of piercing its way into the deepest recesses of the lives of the citizens of the community. For twenty-three years the record of Fred J. Horton had stood inviolate; for nearly a quarter of a century he had been engaged in the oil business at Iola, and during this time had established a reputation, sound and substantial, in commercial and industrial circles. Mr. Horton belongs to the class of men who have worked their own way to success, for his start was at the bottom of the ladder in the business in which he is now engaged. He was born at Wellsboro, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, October 31, 1864, and is a son of Hector and Permelia A. (Emmick) Horton. The Horton family is of English origin, and was founded in the United States by the great-grandfather or the grandfather of Fred J. Horton. The rural schools...

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Biography of Amos S. Lapham

Amos S. Lapham. There are but few members of the bar of Southeastern Kansas who have exceeded the record of Amos S. Lapham, of Chanute, for length and continuity of service, for devotion to the best ethics of the profession and for connection with important litigation. His standing is that of one of the foremost members of the bar of this part of the state. Judge Lapham was born on a farm in Champaign County, Ohio, April 6, 1845, and is a son of Oziel and Mahala (Steere) Lapham, and belongs to one of America’s old and honored families. John Lapham, the great-great-great-great-grandfather of Judge Lapham, was born in 1635, in Devonshire, England, and came to America prior to 1673, for on April 6, of that year, he was married at Providence, Rhode Island, to Mary, the daughter of William Mann. He lived at Providence and Newport, Rhode Island, and Dartmouth, Massachusetts. In the same year he was a freeman and deputy to the general assembly, and in 1675 was constable. He owned several hundred acres of land in the vicinity of Providence, but in 1676, at the outbreak of King Philip’s war, removed to Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He was a large landholder for his day, and at the time of his death, in 1710, his estate, of which his wife Mary and son John were executors, was found to...

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Biography of Leslie J. Campbell

Leslie J. Campbell. One of the oldest and most prominent families of Allen County had been the Campbells. They arrived here when Kansas was still a territory, and through the various members of the relationship they have exercised worthy and helpful influence as teachers, farmers, lawyers and in various lines of business and in civic affairs. The pioneer Campbell was James H. Campbell. He was born in Indiana, came from Switzerland County, that state, to Kansas in 1860. By profession he was an attorney, and locating in Allen County he practiced in that pioneer district for several years. He rose to prominence in early day politics, and from 1865 to 1867 was county attorney of Allen County, and while the war was in progress, in 1863-4, he represented his county in the State Legislature. He was a member of the Legislature in the formative days of the state and impressed his influence upon some of the early legislation. He continued in the active practice of his profession until 1870, when, on account of ill health, he was obliged to abandon the law. After coming to Allen County James H. Campbell met and married Bethia Simpson. She was also a native of Indiana, and came with her parents from Parke to Allen County, Kansas, in 1859. Her father was a teacher and newspaper man in Indiana and Illinois, but after...

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Biography of Joseph R. Smith

Joseph R. Smith. The record of continuous service in the office of probate judge in Kansas is held by Joseph B. Smith, of Iola. The people of Allen County first elected Mr. Smith to handle the delicate responsibilities of the probate office in 1894. The term is for two years. Every succeeding two years the people have had an opportunity to express their judgment of Judge Smith’s administration, and every time, apparently regardless of political party fortunes or other considerations, his ability and varied qualifications have received the stamp of approval and in 1916 he was re-elected for the eleventh consecutive term. Judge Smith had known Kansas more or less intimately for nearly half a century, and had been a permanent resident of the state for thirty-seven years. His is an interesting family record. He was born in Springfield in Sangamon County, Illinois, November 1, 1853. His father was a prominent man in that section of Illinois and filled offices under the great Abraham Lincoln, whom he knew personally. This branch of the Smith family came out of England and were early settlers in Virginia. Judge Smith’s grandfather was George M. Smith, who was born in Culpeper County, Virginia, April 23, 1785. When he was a child his parents took him into Henry County, Kentucky. In Shelby County of that state on August 14, 1810, he married Matilda Dowdall,...

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Biography of John S. Sutcliffe, M. D.

John S. Sutcliffe, M. D., is one of the widely known physicians and surgeons of Kansas, and besides a large private practice at Iola is proprietor of the Iola Hospital and Sanitarium, which he had brought to a high standard of excellence in its appointments and had made it an institution of widely extended benefit and service. Doctor Sutcliffe is a native of England, born January 10, 1861. He attended a private school known as Beckwith College at Liverpool, but at the age of fifteen came to America to join his father, who some years before had established himself in business at New York City. He worked for his father in a furniture store in New York City until he was nineteen. In the meantime he had prepared himself for college by attending night school, and for one term was a student in the Long Island Medical College. After occupation in other lines Doctor Sutcliffe finally removed to St. Louis, Missouri, where he again applied himself to the serious study of medicine, and in 1898 graduated M. D. from the Missouri Medical College. In 1899 he took a similar degree from the medical department of St. Louis University. Doctor Sutcliffe practiced at St. Louis until December, 1904. At that date he removed to Iola, Kansas, and was the leader in promoting the establishment of St. John’s Hospital under the...

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Biography of Benjamin E. Lewis

Benjamin E. Lewis. It is invariably found in tracing the influences which make for good citizenship, integrity and morality that the fundamental of these qualities lies in education. Therein is found the basis of intelligence, of judgment according to the value, of comprehension, and, equipped with these, youth may enter upon the struggle of life well prepared to fight its battles. Southeastern Kansas had no reason to feel ashamed of its educational system, or of the men who direct it. The individuals chosen to manage and to discipline have been carefully selected, and in their ranks are found men of broad and comprehensive learning, who have had their training in some of the most distinguished educational institutions in the country. In this latter class is found Prof. Benjamin E. Lewis, superintendent of city schools of Iola, Kansas, and a man who had devoted his life to the educational profession. Benjamin E. Lewis, was born at Lecompton, Douglas County, Kansas, April 10, 1869, and is a son of Dr. P. M. and Martha Jane (Baird) Lewis. The family to which he belongs originated in Wales, from which country, during Colonial times, it emigrated to America, the early members settling in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and their descendants becoming pioneers of North Carolina and Tennessee. It was in the latter state, in 1809, that the grandfather of Professor Lewis, Ephraim Lewis,...

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