Location: Indian Nation

Councilors from the Cherokee Nation

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Councilors from Canadian District 1841. Joseph Talley, Wind and Wrinklesides. 1843. Lightningbug Bowles, Dahlahseenee and Oosoody. Bowles would not qualify and Lewis Riley was elected. Dahlahseenee died October 26, 1844 and Oosoody died November 29, 1844. 1845. Lewis Riley, John Shepherd and Jefferson Nivens. 1847. Lightningbug Bowles, Jacob Thorne and William Doublehead. 1840. Leggings, David Boggs and William Arnold. 1851. Charles Chambers, John Porum Davis and third party unknown. 1853. Leggings, Lightningbug Bowles and Duqulilu Wagon Bowles. 1855. Dempsey Fields, Lightningbug Bowles and Duqulilu Wagon Bowles. 1857. Lightningbug Bowles, William Rees and William Arnold. 1859. Lightningbug Bowles, Cabin Smith and John Porum Davis. 1861. Not known. 1867. James Christopher McCoy, Calvin Jones Hanks and Sanders Choate. 1869. Rev. John Sevier, Charles Drew and other party unknown. 1871. Franklin Gritts, James Christopher McCoy and other party unknown. 1873. Stephen Hildebrand, John Q. Hayes and Franklin Gritts. 1875. Rev. John Sevier, Snake Grity and Thomas Watts. 1877. Rev. John Sevier, Thomas Watts and George Teehee. 1879. Robert Taylor Hanks, Henry Clay Lowrey and James Muskrat. 1881. Robert Taylor Hanks, Thomas Watts, Wilson Girty and Rev. John Sevier. The latter was elected Speaker of Council. 1883. Wilson Girty. Thomas Watts, George Downing and Richard Crossland. 1885. Franklin Gritts, George Downing, Richard Crossland and Henry Clay Lowrey. 1887. Richard Neal,...

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Biography of Dr. James W. York

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now DR. JAMES W. YORK. This prominent physician has been a close student of his profession and in his mission of “healing the sick,” his generous treatment of his patients, his liberality and kindness of heart, have won for him not the respect alone, but the earnest regard of the large clientele, he has gathered around him. For thirteen years be has resided in Billings and is known as a man of untarnished integrity of character and of high moral standing. His birth occurred at Richland, Keokuk County, Iowa, March 27, 1851, and he is a son of James M. and Frances C. (Ward) York, natives of North Carolina. The York family came to this country from England and settled in the Old North State, where they were classed among the best citizens. Several members of this family served in the Revolutionary War and later other members served in the War of 1812. Jacob York, grandfather of subject, was born in North Carolina and there passed his entire life. The brother of that veteran, Capt. Bill York, was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Our subject’s maternal grandparents were James and Martha Ward, and the family is of Irish descent. The first members of the Ward family to settle in America came here prior to the Revolutionary...

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