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Location: Independence County MO

Biography of James C. Harmon

JAMES C. HARMON. It is the men of broad and comprehensive views who give life to communities-men who have foresight and energy, pluck and push to forward their enterprises and still retain an untarnished reputation through it all. Such a man is James C. Harmon, who is one of the leading citizens of Cleburne County, Arkansas He was born in Monroe County, Tennessee, in 1846, and is a son of Peter and Caroline (Kirkland) Harmon, natives also of that county, their marriage taking place near Madison. From their native State they removed to Arkansas, in 1849, and located in Independence County, but from there moved to Van Buren County in 1856, where the mother passed from life. In 1863 the father was taken prisoner by the Federals and died at Little Rock, having been a member of an Arkansas regiment. He was a successful tiller of the soil, and a man of good habits and principles, and had always given his support to the Democrat party. His wife was a Methodist. They reared a family of eight children, of whom the subject of this sketch was the second in order of birth. James C. Harmon was educated at the public schools of Independence County, and was brought up to a knowledge of farming. In the early part of the Civil War he joined McRae’s regiment, with which he served...

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