Location: Hyde Park Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Ebenezer Barnes

Ebenezer Barnes, from Brandon, Vt., came to Hyde Park in 1837, and located upon the farm now occupied by his son, Eben, on road 202. Eben was ten years of age when his father came here. He married Esther W. Davis, and has one daughter. Ebenezer died in 1850, his wife in...

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Hyde Park, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

(For explanations, etc., see main page) Allen Franklin M., (North Hyde Park) r i, farmer 110, with L. F. 75. Allen Leonard F., (North Hyde Park) r 23, justice of the peace, and farmer 48, with Frank 95. Allen Mary H., (North Hyde Park) r 4, widow of James. *AMBLER MYRON, (Hyde Park) r 39, dealer in pianos and fancy lumber. [Card on page 418.j *AMERICAN HOUSE, (Hyde Park) Carroll F. Randall, prop., Main. [Card on page 310.1 Andrews Christopher A. A., (North Hyde Park) r 2, painter, and farmer 30. Bachum Albert, (Hyde Park) r 18, mason and builder, h and lot. BAILEY HENRY A., (Hyde Park) farmer 1 10 on r 27, h Church. Bailey Orison, (North Hyde Park) r 23, farmer 15. Baker Dean, (Morrisville) r 14, farm laborer, aged 83. Baker James, (Hyde Park) r 2z, dairy 7 cows, and farmer 7o. Balch Catharine, (North Hyde Park) r 23, widow of Abijah, owns farm 5 acres. Barnard William N., (Hyde Park) r 8, sawyer, has charge of C. S. Page’s saw mill. BARNES EBEN, (Hyde Park) r 20 1/2, sugar orchard 300 trees, and farmer 9o. Barnes Robert C., (North Hyde Park) r 25, mason, and farmer 75. Barnes Sardis P., (Hyde Park) r 38, farmer 56. Bass Enoch, (Hyde Park) r 18, farm laborer. Bean James C., (Morrisville) r 13, carpenter and farmer 150....

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1840 Census Index, Hyde Park Twp., Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Adams, Joshua 14 Adpices, Simeon 16 Allen, Ira 18 Allen, Smith 15 Bader, Joseph 14 Bartlett, Charles L. 13 Bedervill, William 13 Bidwell, John 17 Billing, Luther 17 Bliske, Caleb 14 Boges, Joseph 18 Boges, William L. 18 Bondman, Elisha 13 Boyer, Hugh 18 Bradman, Almond 16 Bran, Solomon 17 Brown, Oliver 14 Brown, Shipard B. 14 Brown, William 14 Bullard, Daniel 18 Bundy, Michael 14 Bundy, Toun 14 Bunker, Benjamin S. 14 Burns, Ebenezer 15 Cable, Simon, Jr. 15 Calkin, William 17 Calkins, Benjamin 16 Camp, Phela G. 19 Campbell, David 17 Campbell, Robert 13 Carpenter, Daniel 18 Carter, Loran 17 Chamlard, Aldis W. 16 Clark, Chester 17 Clemans, Lewis 14 Clemens, Chester 14 Cloud, Jonas G. 16 Clough, Stephen B. 16 Cole, Asa 14 Colleigh, Ira 16 Collins, John 14 Cook, Edson 18 Cranwell, William 17 Cusby, Ruben H. 14 Davis, Edwin 15 Davis, Henry 13 Davis, William 15 Dodge, Elishau 13 Eastman, John 15 Eastman, Saban 17 Edgerton, Lutes 13 Edgeston, Simon 14 Emerson, Thomas 15 Emerson, Thomas K. 13 Erawell, Samuel 18 Fairbanks, Adam 19 Farehuls, Betsy H. 18 Farman, John 16 Farnsworth, Ira 13 Farr, Luther 16 Featherker, James 14 Feby, James 19 Ferry, Joel 18 Fisher, Lyman 19 Fitch, Frederich N. 17 Fitch, Frederick 17 Fitch, Jabes 17 Fitch, Theophilas W. 16 Gay, John 17 Gibson, Mark 15 Gibson, William C....

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