Location: Hutton Illinois

Biographical Sketch of Abraham Bennett

Abraham Bennett, minister of United Brethren Church, Westfield; was born in Meade Co. Ky., Nov. 15, 1828; after remaining at home until the age of 18, he started out in life for himself, flat-boating on the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers for some five or six years; in the year 1852, he commenced traveling in the ministry of the United Brethren Church, having from his youth been connected with that Church; in the same year, leaving his family in Kentucky, he traveled circuit for some six years in Indiana, when, having returned to Kentucky, was engaged in missionary work through that State for three successive years; having sold his farm, he moved his family to Harrison Co., Ind., in what is widely known as the ” Rippidan Valley,” and continued traveling circuit up to the fall of 1864, when he moved to Hutton Tp., Coles Co., and settled upon his present farm when it was a dense wood; at first, before the establishment of a circuit in Hutton. Tp., Mr. Bennett engaged in missionary work until it became a circuit, when he filled the position of a local minister, and was greatly instrumental in building the ” West Liberty Chapel ” of the U. B. Church, and also ” Weaver Chapel ” on the edge of ” Park Prairie.” He married Miss Martha Jane Chism (daughter of John Chism, of...

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Biographical Sketch of William H. Brandenburg

William H. Brandenburg, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in Clay Co., Ind., Oct. 19, 1824, and came to this county with his parents at 4 years of age, and remained with them up to the age of 17, when he went to Wisconsin, working upon a farm for two years, then returned to his parents’ home, and, making up a team, returned to Wisconsin, and was engaged in hauling lead for nine years; in 1852, he returned to Hutton Tp. and worked out for two years, when he settled upon the farm on Sec. 13, which he had purchased; he owns 150 acres of land. He enlisted in Co. H, 10th I. V. C., and served until the close of our late civil war, being mustered out at San Antonio, Tex. He married Miss Elizabeth J. Tucker, of Indiana, in July, 1849; she was born in 1828; they had nine children, six living -Sarah J. (now Mrs. John Jenkins, of Hutton Tp.); Mary Ann (now Mrs. Irvin Morris, of Cumberland Co., Ill.), born June 14, 1850; Zobeda A. (now Mrs. Charles Franklin, of Cumberland Co., Ill.), born March 10, 1853; Williard A., July 12, 1858; Amanda M., Aug. 30, 1861; Almorinda, April 7, 1868; three dead-Lydia E., John W. and...

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Biographical Sketch of Solomon Brandenburg

Solomon Brandenburg, farmer; P. O. Hutton; is the fifth son of Solomon B. Brandenburg, one of the early settlers of this county, and was born in Hutton Tp. Sept. 3, 1830; at the age of 19 he went to Wisconsin and engaged in hauling lead with his brothers C. P. and Wm. H., during the summer, for nine years; in the year 1858, he purchased the farm upon which he now resides, on Sec. 13. He married Mrs. Sallie Smith (daughter of James Cox and widow of George Smith), Feb. 5, 1850; they had seven children, five living – Ford, born Dec. 27, 1850; Polly, June 23, 1855; Hester A., Aug. 26, 1860; Ulysses G-., Nov. 2, 1863, and Rose, born June 30, 1866, and two deceased-James and Barthena. His son Ford married Miss Louisa A. Cooper Nov. 17, 1873; he has two children – Marion O., born Oct. 11, 1874, and Sallie M., born Jan. 4,...

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Biographical Sketch of C. P. Brandenburg

C. P. Brandenburg, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in Clay Co., Ind., Aug. 24, 1828; his parents, Solomon O. and Alezan, were among the first settlers of this county, having settled in the year 1829, on Sec. 14 of Hutton Tp.; his father died in 1861, and his mother went to reside with his brother William H., and died in May, 1875; Mr. Brandenburg lived with his parents up to the age of 17, when he went to Wisconsin and engaged in hauling lead during the summer for eleven seasons, returning to his father’s during the winter months; his journey back and forth was through a total wilderness, where for miles not a farmhouse was to be seen, encamping at night; in 1856, he settled on Sec. 14, in this township, having purchased a farm and improved it, there being only a log cabin upon it, which is still standing, now occupied by John Jenkins, on Sec. 14; he owns 210 acres of land. He married his first wife, Miss Mary Cox, of Hutton Tp., on Feb. 28, 1850; she died July 5, 1875; they had twelve children, seven living – Almorinda, born Sept. 11, 1856; Charles P., born Jan. 13, 1858; Theodore, Nov: 25, 1860; William N., Aug. 25, 1862; George E., Jan. 11,.1864; Clayborn, Dec. 13, 1866, and Edward, born Oct. 13, 1872, and five deceased-John,...

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Biographical Sketch of William Gossett

William Gossett, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was born in this township June 3, 1850; he lived with his parents up to the age of 24, assisting them in farming, and teaching school for four winter terms, two of them in the northeast part of the township on Sec. 22, and two on Sec. 14. While at home, he married Miss Martha Ingram (daughter of Arthur Ingram, of Hutton Tp.), April 16, 1874; she was born Jan. 9, 1855; they had two children, one living – Elizabeth J., born Aug. 11, 1875, and one deceased-Jesse L., born Aug. 8, 1877, and died Aug. 18, 1878. Mr. Gossett owns SO acres of...

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Biographical Sketch of John Hutton

John Hutton, farmer; P.O. Diona; is one of the pioneers of this county, and after whom this township was named; he was born in Montgomery Co., Ky., Jan. 20, 1801; in the year 1816, his parents moved to Crawford Co:, Ill., where his father died January, 1819; his mother and family remained there until the year 1834, when they came to Coles Co., and settled on Sec. 20, where his mother died Nov., 1853, at the age of 77; Mr. Hutton still resides upon the homestead; he held the office of Supervisor the three first terms after the organization of the township; in the year 1824, Mr. Hutton was upon the spot upon which the city of Charleston, in this county, now stands; at that time not another white man was to be found in the neighborhood, inhabited only by the Kickapoo Indians, who were owners of the soil. He married the widow of Isaac Baker April 18, 1843; she was a daughter of George Cottingham, a native of Kentucky, who came to Coles Co. in the year 1837; she was born Oct. 27, 1813; she had one child by Mr. Baker-Levi H., now living in California, and nine children by Mr. Hutton-six boys, all living – George W., born April 18, 1844; James Alexander, Nov. 19, 1847; Isaac Y., Jan. 6, 1850; John A., March 13,1852; and Alfred...

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Biographical Sketch of James Brandenburg

James Brandenburg, farmer; P. O. Diona; was born in Hardin Co., Ky., April 20, 1820; when he was about 3 years of age, his parents moved to Clay Co., Ind., and from there, in the year 1829, came to this county. Mr. Brandenburg lived at home, working in the neighborhood, until he was 18 years of age, when he went to Wisconsin and was engaged in teaming for two years; in 1844, he settled southeast of Salisbury, in this township, and lived there for twelve or thirteen years, when he purchased a farm on Sec. 32, and after being there thirteen years, moved to his present farm on Sec. 7, where he has resided ever since. Mr. Brandenburg is the eldest son of Solomon Brandenburg. He married Jan. 29, 1843, Miss Neety Cooper, daughter of Jeremiah Cooper, a native of North Carolina, who settled in Coles Co. in the year 1839; they had seven children; four living – William, born Jan. 22, 1847, who married Miss Angeline Buley in 1865; Lucinda (now Mrs. Isaiah Murphy), born June 19, 1849; Henry L., born Nov. 13, 1854, who married Miss Amanda Gilbert July, 1877; Neety (now Mrs. Wm. H. Goodman), born Sept. 26, 1857; three deceased-Milton, born Dec. 2, 1844, died Jan. 8, 1848; Nancy, born Oct. 10, 1851, died April 2, 1852, and Amanda, born Feb. 9, 1853, died March...

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Biographical Sketch of J. S. Garner, M. D.

J. S. Garner, M. D., Salisbury; was born in Russell Co., Ky., Oct. 14, 1831; at the age of 18, he went to Lancaster, Garrard Co., Ky., where he studied medicine in the office of J. S. Pierce, M. D., for three years; after which, he attended a course of lectures in Louisville, Ky., and commenced the practice of medicine in Wayne Co., Ky., and continued there up to the year 1863, when, having recruited. Co. K, 48th Regt. Ky. Vols., was elected its First Lieutenant, and, having served for eighteen months in our late civil war, moved to Salisbury, Coles Co., and has been practicing medicine there ever since. He has held the office of Postmaster for ten years, and holds it at the present time. He married in Wayne Co., Ky., April 24, 1854, Miss Minnie E. Roberts, daughter of ‘Squire Roberts; they have seven children – Mary E., Emma A., John P. L., Minnie M., Viola B., Edwin M. S. and Lulu...

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Biographical Sketch of Ezekiel Gilbert

Ezekiel Gilbert, farmer; P. O. Charleston; was born in Lawrence Co., Ind., Nov. 20, 1828; in the year 1830, his parents, Simon and Elizabeth Gilbert, who were natives of Kentucky, moved to Vermilion Co., Ill., and in 1838, came to Coles Co., and settled on the farm now occupied by Joshua Johns, on Sec. 9, and six years afterward moved to the farm on Sec. 7, where their son Ezekiel now resides; Mr. Gilbert lived with them up to the time of their death. He married Oct. 28, 1847, Miss Nancy, H. Stone, daughter of Stephen Stone, a native of Kentucky, who settled in Coles Co. in 1832; she was born Dec. 26, 1831; they had thirteen children, nine living – Coleman, born Jan. 28, 1851; Edward H., born Jan. 24,, 1853, who married Miss Emeline Strader, of Hutton Tp., March 19, 1871; Sarah E. (now Mrs. H. Bennett), born Jan. 10, 1858; Amanda K (now Mrs. H. L. Brandenburg) born 7 Oct. 27, 1860; Emma J., born Oct. 4, 1862; Rosa B., Oct. 7, 1865; Susan E., Dec. 2, 1867; William O., Aug. 24 1872, and one infant unnamed; four deceased -John W., born Feb. 27, 1849, died Feb. 14, 1863; Mary F., born Jan. 10, 1855, died July 2S, 1855; Eliza J., born Oct. 9, 1856, died Nov. 5, 1856, and one...

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Biographical Sketch of Andrew Gossett

Andrew Gossett, farmer; P.O. Hutton; was born in Coshocton Co., Ohio, Aug. 8, 1836; when he was 4 years of age, his parents, Luke and Jane, moved to Coles Co. and settled on Sec. 15, Hutton Tp., where they have resided ever since. Mr. Gossett married Miss Polly Kiser (daughter of William Kiser, of Hutton Tp.) Nov. 1, 1860. The March following, they moved to his farm on Sec. 23, where he now resides, upon which he has made all its present improvements; he has been School Director five years; he owns 190 acres of land. His wife was born July 4, 1842; they had seven children, five living – Jane, born March 18, 1864; Emery S., Dec. 21, 1867; Clara, Dec. 29, 1872; Henry L., Nov. 13, 1875, and Edwin, June 14, 1878, and two deceased-William, born March 10, 1862, died June 14, 1868; Mary, born March 7, 1870, died Jan. 2, 1873. Mr. and Mrs. Gossett are members of the United Brethren...

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Biographical Sketch of J. B. Flenner

J. B. Flenner, farmer and stock-raiser; P. O. Westfield; was born in Butler Co., Ohio, Nov. 18, 1829; up to the age of 24, he remained engaged in farming with his parents; in 1853, they started West, stopping in Clark Co. for five years, when they moved to Coles Co., reaching here in August, 1858, and settled on a farm in Sec. 30, Hutton Tp., near “Otterbein Cemetery,” where his mother died Aug. 1, 1859; shortly after, Mr. Flenner settled upon the farm where he now resides, his father, since the death of his mother, residing with him; his farm contains 570 acres, all improved, upon which he has built what is considered the finest residence in this section of the county; has been School Director for three or four terms. He married Miss Ursula Moore, daughter of Levi D. Moore, of Butler Co., Ohio), Feb. 17, 1853; they had five children – three boys and two girls; two boys living – Wilbur F. and Charles B., one dying in infancy; and two girls both living – Alice F. (now Mrs. Albert Connelly, of Hoopeston, Vermilion Co. Ill.), and Ella. Mr. Flenner has been engaged in breeding Poland-China hogs for nearly forty years, and was instrumental in developing and establishing this breed of hogs in Coles Co; he raises on an average 250 hogs of this breed each year;...

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Biography of Daniel Evinger

Daniel Evinger, farmer, carpenter and millwright; P. O. Westfield; is a native of Ohio, having been born in Hamilton Co., of that State, Sept. 10, 1820. In November, 1831, when he was 11 years of age, his parents moved to Coles Co., and settled upon Sec. 19, Hutton Tp., where Mr. Daniel Evinger now resides. His parents died upon the homestead, his father in the year 1835, his mother in the year 1855. His father carried on the business of carpenter and millwright, and was also a minister of the United Brethren Church in Hamilton Co., Ohio. After coming to this county, he was mostly engaged in farming, although he turned his experience in his trade of carpenter to good advantage in putting up the frame of his residence and barn; the barn still standing, its frame apparently as strong as ever, and is one of the few buildings of that day now standing in Hutton Tp.; he also filled regular appointments of a minister up to the time of his death, and formed the nucleus of the United Brethren Church of this county, and the first class was organized in the year 1832 in his house; he also established the first Sabbath school in Hutton Tp., in the spring of 1832, near Otterbein Cemetery. The object of this sketch, with the exception of five years, when he resided...

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Biographical Sketch of T. L. Endsley

T. L. Endsley, merchant, Salisbury; was born in Coshocton Co., Ohio, Nov. 21, 1842; his parents, Thomas and Matilda, were natives of Harrison Co., Ohio; his father was born in August, 1801, and is still living in Coshocton Co., Ohio, having lost his eyesight in the year 1876; his mother died about the year 1854; the subject of this sketch remained with his parents until he was 25 years of age, when he came to Hutton Tp. in the fall of 1866, and, the first winter, taught school; in the spring of 1867, he went to Westfield, Clark Co., Ill., and carried on a general merchandise business until late in the fall. He then married Miss Mary J. Endsley (daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth Endsley, of Hutton Tp.) Oct. 24, 1867; directly after his marriage, he came to Salisbury, in this township, and lived upon his farm for three years, when he moved to Charleston, and for nearly five years clerked for Frommel & Weiss and J. F. Neal; in the year 1875, he came back to Salisbury and opened a general merchandise store, in which he is still engaged; his wife was born Oct. 20, 1844, and died Jan. 31, 1876, leaving two children – Elizabeth (born Oct. 16, 1868) and Clarence (born Nov. 25, 1870), both residing with their grandparents,...

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Biographical Sketch of C. P. Davis

C. P. Davis, farmer; P. O. Hutton; was the eldest of nine boys, and was born in Lawrence Co., Ind., Sept. 13, 1829. In 1829, while he was still an infant, his parents, John C. and Elizabeth Davis, moved to what was then Clark Co., and settled in what is now Hutton Tp., of Coles Co., and first having lived in different localities in the township, about the year 1840, settled on Sec. 34, where they lived up to the time of their death, Mr. Davis dying Nov. 30, 1871, Mrs. Davis’ death having occurred January, 1862. Mr. Davis was among the first settlers of this county, at that time an unbroken wilderness inhabited by the red man. He entered 80 acres of land, and made a farm, improving the same, and enduring all the hardships and privations incident to the pioneers of this Western wild. The subject of this sketch lived with his parents up to the time of his marriage with Miss Elizabeth Conley, Dec. 28, 1850; in the spring of 1852, Mr. Davis moved to his farm, on Sec. 27, where he has ever since resided. His wife was a daughter of John Conley, of Hutton Tp., now residing in Butler Co., Mo.; she was born Dec. 15, 1832; they had seven children, five boys, all living – John W., Henry, James N., Charles N., and...

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Biographical Sketch of J. W. Dallas

J. W. Dallas, farmer; P. O. Westfield; was born in Hutton Tp., Coles Co., Jan. 16, 1849; his parents, Hiram and Sarah, were natives of Ohio, and, in the year 1839, came to Coles Co.; in the spring of 1840, they moved to Clark Co., where, after remaining five years, again returned to Hutton Tp., of this county, and settled on Sec. 35, where they lived up to the time of the death of Mr. Dallas, which occurred March 5, 1878; the subject of this sketch was born on the homestead, where he still resides, containing 120 acres, his mother living with him. He married Miss Elizabeth J. Bishop (daughter of Amos Bishop, of Hutton Tp.) June 6, 1867; she was born Feb. 26, 1851; they had four children – three boys, one living -William E.; two deceased-Charles and Joseph, and one girl-Rosella,...

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