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John Gyles Captivity Narrative – Indian Captivities

John Gyles captivity narrative provides a stunning display of Abenaki culture and lifestyle, as it was in the 1690’s. John was 10 years old when he was taken captive in the attack on Pemaquid (Bristol Maine) and his narrative provides an accounting of his harrowing treatment by his Indian captors, as well as the three years exile with his French owners at Jemseg New Bruswick. His faith in Christ remains central in the well-being of his mind throughout his ordeal.

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Genealogy of Nicholas Baker of Scituate Massachusetts

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now K155 NICHOLAS BAKER: b. in England, 1610; d. in Scituate, Mass., 1678; St. John’s College, Cambridge, Eng., 1632; M.A. 1635; ordained as a minister in Scituate, and served the Puritan Church there until death; may have married his first wife in Eng.; m. (2), 1663. Samuel: 1628-1714; m. Fear Robinson; m. (2), Abigail (Lathrop) Huntington; lived in Hull, Barnstable, Norwich, Conn., Windham and Windsor, Conn. John: 1672-1763; m. Anna Annable; purchased lands in Windham County, Conn., 1643. Samuel: 1706-1791; m. Prudence Jenkins. Samuel: 1740-1812; m. Lydia Smith; m. (2), Chloe Silsby; m. (3), Sarah Farnham; established a separatist church called the “Brunswick Church”. Erastus: b. 1764. Ephraim: b. 1766; m. Phebe Edgerton Abbott; m. (2), Mary Kelsey; moved from Windham Co., to Salisbury, and then to Catskill, N. Y. Henry: moved to North Carolina before the Civil War. Charles: 1790-1853; m. Eleanor Abeel; a capt. in the War of 1812; in 1838, located in Columbus Twp., St. Clair Co., Mich. Moses Cantine: 1823-1894; m. Clarisa Thurston, moved to Oceana Co., Mich. Ch.:  Ashley Cantine: b. 1849; m. Beatrice Woodward.  Henry Woodward (b. 1887; m. Elsie Phipps), Floyd Miller (b. 1897). Frank E.: b. 1851; m. Emma Hall; d. 1907; had Clyde Harvey (b. 1882). Garrett A.: m.; in 1883 lived near Marshville, Mich. Ch.: Everett; Albert; William; Moses...

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1867 Hull Massachusetts Directory

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Anderson James, fisherman Anderson Lewis, mariner Augustus George T. fisherman Augustus John, mariner Augustus John jr., fisherman Bates Marshall fisherman Bates Thomas keeper of Boston Light Carney William B. house carpenter Carter Charles A. fisherman Cleverly John M. pilot Cobb Elisha T. mariner Cobb Joseph, mariner Cobb Orlando D. telegraph operator Dill Davis W. fisherman Gould Robert house carpenter Hayden John, fisherman Hillier James, fisherman Hobbs George fisherman Hooper Charic J. Asst. light keeper Hooper Nathaniel R. spit light keeper James Joshua, fisherman James Riennier, mariner James Samuel, mariner James William, mariner James William W. mariner Knight Charles H. farmer Knight Edward G. house carpenter Knight John G. school teacher Knight Martin, farmer Kimball Noah, fisherman Loring Lewis P. farmer Loring Samuel, farmer Lowe James jr. fisherman Matthews Gideon, house- carpenter McKann Francis, fisherman Milleken Clement, laborer Mitchell Alonzo L. fisherman Mitchell Harrison, mariner Mitchell Henry O. farmer Mitchell Nicholas, fisherman Pope Andrew V. fisherman Pope Benjamin F. fisherman Pope James W. fisherman Pope Joseph, grocer Pope Joseph, post master Pope Joseph, telegraph operator Pope William, fisherman Reed Daniel D. fisherman Reed John, fisherman Ripley Nehamiah, Prop’r Rockland house Sawyer Samuel H. pilot Shore Robert, asst light keeper, Boston Light Sirovich Lewis fisherman Sirovich Nicholas, fisherman Tower John W. farmer Turner James, fisherman Vining Alexander proprietor...

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