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Location: Holmwood Kansas

Biography of I. A. Robertson

I. A. Robertson has been an increasing factor in mercantile affairs at Alma for a number of years, and was recently honored by the citizens of that town in election to the office of mayor. The Robertsons were pioneers in Jewell County, Kansas, where I. A. Robertson was born in Holmwood Township July 29, 1872. He is of Scotch ancestry, his forefathers having originally lived at Glasgow. They came to New York City and from there to Butler County, Pennsylvania. His grandfather, Thomas Robertson, brought this branch of the family to America. He was a pattern maker by trade and had worked in several large gun foundries at Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and Wheeling, West Virginia, during the Civil war. His death occurred at Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. John A. Robertson, father of the Alma mayor, was born in Allegheny, Pennsylvania, in 1842, and grew up in that city and at Pittsburg. While in Pittsburg he was employed as a bookkeeper for a large saddlery and hardware house. In 1861, at the age of nineteen, he enlisted in the One Hundred and Fifty-fourth New York Infantry, and was part of the famous Sickles Brigade. He performed all his duties as a soldier until the second battle of Bull Run, where he was wounded and incapacitated for further duty. In 1869 John A. Robertson came to Kansas, locating in Pottawatomie County, but in 1870...

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