Location: Hocking County OH

Biography of R. M. South

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now R.M. SOUTH. – It is quite within the province of the compendium to grant representation to the esteemed gentleman whose name initiates this paragraph, since he is really one of the builders of our county, since he has manifested a personality of uprightness and commensurate ability in all his ways, since also he was one of those brave men who pledged their lives to sustain the honor of the stars and stripes to retrieve from insult its glory, and preserve intact the institution of freedom when the minions of treason and rebellion plied their nefarious trade of destruction to all things sacred in the late Rebellion. On December 10, 1841, in Hocking county, Ohio, our subject was born to Samuel and Roxy (Mosier) South, who removed with their son to Mercer county, in the same state, and thence in 1856 to Guthrie county, Iowa. In these various places the son was educated in the public schools and until 1861he remained with his parents; then in October of that year he enlisted in Company L., Fourth Iowa Cavalry, under General Curtis, being in what was known as the “lost army.” The event that caused this appellation to be given these troops occurred in the beginning of his career, and later came the many skirmishes and battles in...

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Biography of Walter J. Reed

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now WALTER J. REED. – A view of this gentleman’s residence in North Yakima, Washington, his hotel (the Reed House in Cle-Elum), together with portraits of himself and his estimable wife, is placed among the illustrations of this work. Although not a pioneer of Washington Territory, he has been a great factor in the development of Yakima and Kittitass counties. He built the first two-story business house in North Yakima, and is the founder of the town of Cle-Elum, in Kittitas county. He has also advanced a great many matters of substantial interest in both counties, and is one of the best-known citizens of Kittitas and Yakima counties. He is a native of “Scotland’s fair land,” was born near Edinburgh, April 3, 1842, and is the eldest son of John and Isabella (Craig) Reed. When our subject was six years of age, his parents emigrated to American, first locating near Logan, Hocking County, Ohio. Four years later they moved to Cumberland, Alleghany County, Maryland, where his father, being a thorough miner, found employment as superintendent of mines; and Walter attended school. In 1856 they again returned to Ohio, this time locating in Cambridge, and in 1859 took up their residence in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, his father in all the different places being superintendent of mines. August 1,...

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Biography of Judge Edgar C. Steele

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Edgar Clarence Steele occupies as enviable a position in the public esteem as the most ambitious could desire or as any of our prominent men have achieved. To the citizens of Moscow and the second judicial district he can only be known as being a reputable, prominent man and an honest, able and efficient officer. At the bar he manifests all the qualities of the successful lawyer, and on the bench he displays a rare combination of talent, learning, tact, patience and industry. The successful lawyer and the competent judge must be a man of well balanced intellect, thoroughly familiar with the law and practice, of comprehensive general information, possessed of an analytical mind and a self-control that will enable him to lose his individuality, his personal feelings, his prejudices and the peculiarities of disposition, in the dignity, impartiality and equity of the office to which life, property, right and liberty must look for protection. All these qualities Judge Steele displays. A native of Indiana, he was born November 15, 1857, his parents being Samuel A. and Mary Amnie (Beem) Steele. The father was born in Indiana about 1830, has followed farming and stock raising throughout his entire business career, and is now living in Romona, Indiana. His wife also is a native of the Hoosier...

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Biographical Sketch of J. M. Mock

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now J. M. Mock, farming; P. O. Charleston the subject of this sketch was born in Hocking Co., Ohio, April 1, 1839. He married Miss Catharine J. Zimmerman Nov. 22, 1866; she was born in Coles Co., Ill., near Ashmore, June 17, 1843; they had six children – four living, viz., Sarah C., Edward W., Oscar B. and Florence I. ;he lived in Ohio until he was 15 years old, when, with his parents he moved to Coles Co., Ill., and settled near Oakland; this was in 1854; they engaged in farming, where he lived until 1860; they then moved to Lafayette Tp., remained until 1861, when he enlisted in the 21st Ill. Inft., and remained in the service over four years; he was made Corporal during the third year’s service, and was made Captain after his re-enlistment; he was in the battles of Stone River, Resaca, Chickamauga and Atlanta campaign, also Franklin, where he was wounded. He owns 160 acres in this county; his parents, James T. and Sarah Honnold Mock, were natives of Virginia and Ohio; he died Sept. 21, 1873; she has since married Mr. John Hurst, and is living in Lafayette...

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Biography of Thomas J. Mock

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Thomas J. Mock, farmer and Constable, Sec. 25; P. O. Oakland; born in Hocking Co., Ohio, March 22, 1845, where he lived until 1854, when he removed with his parents to Coles Co., where he lived until Aug. 1, 1862, when he enlisted at the age of 17 years in Co. A, 123d I. V. I., and at once went into camp at Mattoon, where they remained until Sept. 6, when they were mustered in and at once sent to the front, going to Louisville, they joined the army of Gen. Buell, which had been defeated and driven to that point by the army under the rebel Gen. Bragg; marching South, he was engaged in the battle of Perryville Oct. 8; then to Mumfordsville, where, being prostrated by sickness, he was sent to the hospital at Louisville, remaining four weeks, at which time, Morgan having got in the rear of the Union army, he volunteered in a convalescent regiment, and went out guarding bridges, etc.; returning to Louisville, he was forwarded to his regiment at Murfreesboro, Tenn., where he arrived January, 1863, and performed scout duty until spring, being in many severe engagements; they were then formed into a cavalry regiment, armed with Spencer seven-shooter rifles, and attached to Wilder’s Brigade, which was afterward noted for...

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Biography of John Root

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now A venerable citizen of Wallowa County is named at the head of this article, and we are pleased to grant to him a representation in the annals of his county: since here he has manifested commendable real and ability in forwarding its interests and in assisting to build it up in all lines, while also in other places he has displayed equally excellent activities; and also because when the time of trouble was upon the nation, he immediately responded to the call of patriotism to handle the musket in defense of the flag that had been insulted and was in danger of being hauled down from the standard of freedom, and right nobly did he do military service, displaying a bravery and courage and faithfulness that mark him as the good soldier and noble patriot. Mr. Root was born in Hocking County, Ohio, near Logan, on March 15, 1837, being the son of John and Catherine (Steele) Root. His early life was spent on the farm with his parents, and in acquiring a good education from the common schools of his vicinity. On October 15, 1861, when the conflict was demonstrated to be real, he enlisted in Company H, Fifty-eight Ohio Infantry, where he was soon promoted to fourth corporal. In this capacity he participated in...

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