Location: Hiawatha Kansas

Biography of Charles G. Blakely

Charles G. Blakely, whose attainments as a business man have made his name familiar not only in his home City of Topeka but in many parts of the state, has been a resident of Kansas since the fall of 1883, and his first experience here was as teacher in Brown County. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now His is the interesting story of a boy born and reared in the mountainens district of Eastern Kentucky, where people lived on the plane of the simplest existence but not always of the highest ideals. There, in his early youth, came a stimulus to his ambition and hope which raised him out of his circumstances, and by self-help he struggled upward on the road of aspiration and finally made himself a place among the world’s influential workers. In the early days of Kentucky about the time Daniel Boone made history from the “dark and bloody ground,” members of the Blakely and Brown families from North Carolina and Virginia respectively...

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Biography of Tom D. Smith

Tom D. Smith, lawyer at Hiawatha, had for a number of years been regarded as one of the most forceful orators and leaders in the republican party of Kansas. Because of his unusual resources as a speaker and reasoner, he was given some of the most important assignments during the national republican campaign of 1916. Much of his work was done in the far East. He spoke at President Wilson’s home and at Long Brauch, and spoke with Charles E. Hughes and William Taft during the Union Square meeting in New York City. He stumped all over New Jersey, Connecticut and New York State. The press frequently quoted his speeches and his arguments, and they undoubtedly contained the most logical arraignment of theĀ oppositionĀ and the most forceful presentation of the republican platform of that year. His explanation of the tariff was said to be the most logical and scholarly presentation of that difficult subject ever made. Mr. Smith’s gift had been used chiefiy for the beneflt of his party and his friends and not for himself in matters of politics. Recently, however, a well defined current of opinion had set in favoring his candidacy for attorney-general of the State of Kansas in 1918. Mr. Smith is a native of Brown County, Kansas, and represents a pioneer family there. He was born March 1, 1874. In the paternal line he is...

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Biographical Sketch of Ralph W. McDonald

Ralph W. McDonald is proprietor and editor of the Robinson Index at Robinson, Kansas. His activities and experiences have nearly all been wrought out in the environment of a printing office and editorial sanctum. At the age of eighteen he left school and began his apprenticeship in the printing office of the Hiawatha World. He was with that paper in various capacities until July, 1914, when he removed to Robinson and bought the Index. This is one of the older papers of Brown County, having been established in 1891. Through populism and every other politicaliam it had steadfastly advocated republican principles. Under its present management the Index is a high grade home newspaper, and cirenlates throughout Brown and surrounding counties. It had a well equipped plant and the paper is issued from the office on Parsons Street. Mr. McDonald is a native of Kansas, having been born on a farm in Doniphan County, Augnst 30, 1886, His ancestry is Scotch. His father, A. W. McDonald, who lives at Hiawatha, was born at Milford, Ohio, grew up in his native state, and came to Kansas when a young man in 1879. He was first at Wichita and afterwards became a farmer in Doniphan County, where he married. In 1888 he removed to Wallace County, Kansas, farmed there for seven or eight years, but since 1895 had lived retired at Hiawatha....

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Biography of Walter C. Palmer, M. D.

Walter C. Palmer, M. D., after practicing several years in Kansas City, Missouri, where his father was for a number of years a member of the medical profession, removed to Hiawatha, Kansas, and is now giving all his time and attention to surgery. In addition to his broad experience as a practitioner and his equipment in American schools, Doctor Palmer, went abroad in 1916 and from April to July worked in the war hospitals in France. Nowhere had surgical methods undergone greater changes and been brought to a higher degree of perfection than in the hospitals in the war zone of Europe, and Doctor Palmer’s experience there was the most thorough post-graduate course open to any practitioner in the world. Doctor Palmer was born in Streator, Illinois, August 26, 1876. His people have been in America since Colonial times, the Palmers coming originally from England. His grandfather was born in 1814 and was an early farmer settler in Illinois. He died at Plymouth in that state in 1886. Phillip C. Palmer, father of Dr. Walter C., was born at Plymouth, Illinois, in 1853, grew up in his native town and when a man removed to Streator, where he married. He was a telegraph operator, afterwards took up the study of medicine and was graduated from Rush Medical College at Chicago. In 1885 he removed to Kansas City, Missouri, and...

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Biography of Charles H. Browne

Charles H. Browne is proprietor and editor of the Horton Headlight-Commercial, now the only journal published in that enterprising and flourishing city of Brown County. Mr. Browne had been largely identified with newspaper work since he left school, and is a vigorous type of citizen and easily a leader in any community. For a number of years he had been connected with the National Guard of Kansas and had been especially active in recent events in which the country had been involved in tronble, first with Mexico and later with Germany. The Horton Headlight-Commercial is a consolidation of half a dozen different Horton newspapers. As reported in the “History of Kansas Newspapers,” issued by the Kansas State Historical Society, the Headlight-Commercial is a continuation of the Horton Headlight, founded in 1886 by Harley W. Brundige and Samuel Baer_ In 1901 it was consolidated with the Leader, which had been founded in 1899 by Johnson & Law. The name was changed to Horton Headlight-Leader, Johnson & Law editors and publishera. But the name was soon changed to Headlight, and this newspaper Mr. Browne purchased in 1906. In 1911 it consolidated with the Commercial under the name Headlight-Commercial, with Mr. Browne as editor and published. The Horton Commercial was founded in 1887 by John S. Sherdeman. At different times in its history the Headlight had had daily issucs. Mr. Charles H....

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Biography of Allen Thomas Stewart

Allen Thomas Stewart is one of the younger business men of Doniphan County and had established himself firmly in business and civic esteem at Denton, where he is proprietor of the only drug store and is now serving his second suecessive term as mayor. Most of his life had been spent in Kansas. He was born at Salem, Kentucky, in Livingston County, March 11, 1881, and came to this state with his parents when he was five years old. He attended public schools, graduated from the high school at Seneca. Kansas, in 1901, and following that had two years in the School of Pharmacy in the University of Kansas at Lawrence. The following year he took special work in the Kansas City College of Pharmacy, where he was graduated Ph. C. in 1905. After two years’ employment under his father Mr. Stewart bought his present drug store at Denton in 1907. He had conducted that as a high class pharmacy and general drug store, and it is one of the best business establishments of the town. Mr. Stewart also owned his home a block south and a half block east of the store. Prior to his election as mayor in 1914 he served three terms on the City Council. He was re-elected mayor in 1916, During his term in the council and as mayor Mr. Stewart had been instrumental...

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Biography of Edmund Needham Morrill, Hon.

Hon. Edmund Needham Morrill. Of the record of Governor Morrill during his term as head of the state government of Kansas a review is given on other pages of this history. It will be wise to supplement that record with some of the more personal details of his career and his various connections, public and business and philanthropic, with Brown County, where his name will always be revered and where he was regarded by common consent as the foremost citizen. He was born at Westbrook, Cumberland County, Maine, February 12, 1834, and died in 1909, after completing three-quarters of a century of life. He was educated in the common schools and in Westbrook Seminary. His father, Rufus Morrill, was a tanner and currier by trade. The son learned the same business. In 1856 Edmund Morrill, then twenty-two years of age, was elected a member of the board of school supervisors for his native town. At the end of one year he resigned office to come to Kansas. While he was a member of the board he was instrumental in granting a teacher’s certificate to Thomas B. Reed, who afterwards became nationally distinguished as speaker of the House of Representatives. In 1857 Mr. Morrill joined a colony which left Maine to found a new settlement in the territory of Kansas. They came to Brown County and located a few miles...

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Biography of Charles D. Lamme

Charles D. Lamme is president of the Morrill-Janes Bank of Hiawatha, one of the largest and most prosperous financial institutions of Northern Kansas. His is a business career that may be studied with profit by all members of the rising generation. He was not yet twenty years of age when in January, 1880, he became connected with the Morrill-Janes Bank. At first his dutles were not classified on the regular payroll. Morning and night he did janitor work and during the day was variously employed as a messenger and in any other duties thought best by his superiors. He possessed a genius for finance, a devotion to his duties, and steadily rose in the confidence of the bank’s managers until he was made vice president. Governor Morrill, one of the founders of the bank, was for eight years in Congress and spent much of the year in Washington. The active management therefore devolved upon the other partner, Mr. Charles H. Janes. It was Mr. Janes who was the first to recognize Mr. Lamme’s capabilities, and when his health failed in 1886 he shifted most of his burden to his young assistant. Mr. Lamme had thus had the practical management of this institution for thirty years. It is a bank with a sound record. Its financial integrity had never been questioned, and it had furnished its resources as a bulwark...

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Biographical Sketch of Albert Chandler

Albert Chandler, P. O. Cawker City, is a native of the State of Maine, having been born in Ellsworth, Hancock County, in said State, in the year 1841. Young Chandler and his parents came to Kansas in 1856, and located in Brown County, near Hiawatha. The subject of this notice was a soldier in Company C, Seventh Kansas Cavalry, for four years and one month. After the war he was, until 1871, a practical farmer of Brown County; in that year he moved to Irving Township, Jewell County, where he now resides and cultivates a farm of 600 acres in Sections 8 and 17, in Town 5, Range 10. Mr. Chandler and Miss Lizzie Englehart were married in January, 1866, in Hiawatha,...

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Biography of Elmer Birdell Gift

Elmer Birdell Gift, a native Kansan, spent his active years in educational work. He is now city superintendent of the public schools of Manhattan, and has been a teacher or a student in higher educational institutions continuously for the past twenty years. He was born on a farm in Smith County, Kansas, April 28, 1874, a son of John and Rachel Ann (Akers) Gift. His parents came to Kansas from Iowa in 1873, settling on a farm. His father was a native of Pennsylvania of German lineage, while his mother was born in Ohio of Scotch and English ancestry. Their respective parents were early settlers in Jefferson County, Iowa, and John and Rachel were married in that state. The only son in a family of eight children Elmer B. Gift spent the years of childhood and youth on a farm. He was educated in the rural schools, and in 1895 graduated from the high school of Mankato, Kansas. His enviable place in educational circles and his thorough scholarship is the result of many years of alternate teaching and study. What he earned in one season of teaching was extended in a following course of study, and since leaving high school he has paid his own way. After graduating from high school in 1895 he spent two years in a country school. Entering the Kansas State Normal at Emporia, he...

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Biography of John C. Hoyt

John C. Hoyt became identified with the real estate, loan and insurance business at El Dorado over thirty years ago. He is the dean in that line of business in Butler County, and the reputation for honesty and integrity which had become associated with his name through many long years had brought him all the business that his firm could attend to during the rapid development of Butler County’s resources in recent years. Mr. Hoyt was born near Bellevue, Ohio, September 3, 1860. His people have been identified with Northern Ohio since pioneer times. His grandfather, John Hoyt, was born in Norwalk, Connecticut, in 1783. The Hoyts came out of England and were Connecticut settlers in Colonial times, and from there John Hoyt came with the Connecticut colony to the Connecticut lands in Northern Ohio, in what is now the Western Reserve. He located in Erie County, Ohio, spent his life there as a farmer and died at Monroeville in that state in 1874. W. B. Hoyt, father of J. C. Hoyt, was born at Norwalk, Connecticut, in 1824, spent part of his youth in Watertown, New York, and when a young man moved to the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio. He followed farming there, and after his marriage moved to the vicinity of Bellevue, Ohio, where he spent the greater part of his active life. In 1908 he came...

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Biography of John Schilling

John Schilling. A hazardous and arduous task confronted those venturesome and hardy men who forsook the security and comforts of the settled communities during the ’50s and penetrated the wilds of the untrodden West. None but themselves and their children can ever realize, in the faintest degree, the difficulties with which they were forced to contend, the perils to which they were exposed, and the privations which they endured. Fortunately, they were animated by an indomitable spirit and sustained by inflexible resolution, and patiently, perseveringly and steadfastly accomplished their mission, leaving to their posterity the fruits of their enterprise, in an advanced civilization. To the memories of the self-sacrificing and devoted wives of the pioneer settlers of Kansas adequate tribute can never be rendered, but the remembrance of their virtues had served as a high incentive in molding the lives of their children. Of the sturdy men who came to Kansas during the early settlement of Brown County, the late John Schilling was typical of the best material to be found for the upbuilding of a state. After he had overcome the obstacles confronting him and had established himself in a material way, he gradually became more and more a factor of prominence in his community, and his fellow-citizens, realizing his worth, elected him to offices of high trust, in which he was able to still further benefit his...

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Biography of Henry F. Macy, M. D.

Henry F. Macy, M. D., deceased, was born in Stark County, Ohio, in 1826. He was reared to farm life, and bad in early life the advantages of a common-school education. His father, Matthew Macy, was a native of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and a descendant from one of the oldest families of that island. His mother, nee Patience Austin, was a native of Rhode Island. Dr. Macy was reared in the pioneer days of Stark County, when educational facilities were comparatively limited, but he secured a good education, and after arriving at manhood entered upon the study of medicine, graduated at a medical college, and commenced the practice of his profession. In 1850 he came to California and spent some three years in the mining district. Returning east he settled in Kansas, locating in Hiawatha, Brown County. In that county, in 1859, he married Miss Rebecca J. Dorland, a native of Ohio. Dr. Macy was in the practice of his profession in Kansas for many years, and was also engaged as a druggist, and largely interested in the lumber business, taking a leading part in the various industries of that new country. Being an ardent Republican and a strong Union man, he took a leading part in the trouble preceding the war of the Rebellion, as a Free-State man, and during that war was a strong supporter of the administration...

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Biography of Addison W. Swayze

Addison W. Swayze. During the working out of an honorable and worthy career Addison W. Swayze had been the master of his own destinies. When he started life independent of family connections or influences he had only the capital with which nature had endowed him, but his self reliance was of such a sturdy nature that it enabled him to develop to the utmost his native talents, which included the characteristics of determination, enterprise and practical ambition. His inherent judgment pointed out the way for him to succeed, his keen insight discerned opportunities, his native powers developed new fields, and the ability which he possessed had allowed him to make each venture a profitable one. Today he is president of the First National Bank of Barnard and occupies an established position in banking and business circles of his community. Mr. Swayze belongs to a family that, originating in Switzerland, immigrated to Massachusetts prior to the Revolutionary was, and from that locality went as pioneers to the Western Reserve of Ohio. He was born on a farm near Robinson, Brown County, Kansas, September 17, 1861, a son of S. W. and Louisa (Compton) Swayze. His father, who is now a resident of Willis, Kansas, was born in 1839, at Zanesville, Ohio, but as a child was taken to Columbia City, Indiana, where he was reared, educated and married, and where...

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Biography of John P. Davis

John P. Davis, Topeka. A resident of Kansas for forty-four years, Mr. Davis has in his career set an example of all that is best in American citizenship, not only to his immediate family but to the public in general. He has been prominent in public and business affairs, and has discharged the responsibilities which have fallen to his lot in a conscientious and able manner. His most potent influence for good has been exercised in business as well as in every day life. By his extensive business connections and his extended personal acquaintance he is one of the well known men of Kansas. Mr. Davis was born in Ashland County, Ohio, January 20, 1839, a son of Amos and Nancy (Crawford) Davis, both of whom were born and reared in Columbiana County, Ohio. His father was a farmer, a man who had the confidence and respect of all who knew him, and a citizen of more than ordinary importance in his community. The record of the life of John P. Davis is not without difficulties met and overcome. He spent his early life on the home farm, attended public schools, and when a young man moved with his parents to McDonough County, Illinois, where he engaged in farming and teaching. Mr. Davis was married to Miss Sarah Horrabin at Blandensville, Illinois, February 11, 1858. Mrs. Davis was born...

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