Location: Hatfield Massachusetts

Narrative of the Captivity of Quintin Stockwell – Indian Captivities

Quintin Stockwell, Who was taken at Deerfield, in Massachusetts, by a Party of Inland Indians, in the Year 1677; Communicated in his own Words, and Originally Published by the Eminent Dr. Increase Mather, in the Year 1684. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now A particular account of the interruption in which Stockwell and others fell into the hands of the Indians will be found in the Book of the Indians, Book iii, p. 97 and 98. Out of twenty-four at that time killed and taken, we learn the names only of these; Quintin Stockwell, John Root, Sergeant Plimpton, Benjamin Stebbins, his wife, Benjamin Waite, and Samuel Russell. Plimpton was burnt in their cruel manner, Root was killed, and Stebbins escaped. Of the others I have learned nothing. In the year 1677, September the 19th, between sunset and dark, the Indians came upon us. I and another man, being together, we ran away at the outcry the Indians made, shouting and shooting at some others of the...

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Biography of Daniel Patrick Sheehan

The grandfather of Mr. Sheehan was Daniel Sheehan, a resident for years of Chicago, Illinois, where he died. He had two sons, John and Daniel, and the latter also died in Chicago. John Sheehan, son of Daniel Sheehan, was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1840, died in Hatfield, Massachusetts, in June, 1900, aged sixty years. His education was acquired in the schools of his native land. He came to the United States in 1857, landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he remained six months. He later came to Northampton, Massachusetts, where he remained but a short time. Eventually he settled in Hatfield, where he resided until his death. Mr. Sheehan worked for others for a time. He was a hard-working man, and made friends. For a time he worked in Bradstreet for fifty cents a day, walking back and forth a distance of several miles. Finally he bought a farm of some ten acres, and in addition hired land upon which he raised tobacco. He married Ellen Fahey, born in Ireland, died in Hatfield, Massachusetts, in 1915, aged seventy-six years. They were the parents of: 1. Ellen, who died in infancy. 2. Edward J., who died in 1923, leaving seven children. a resident of Westfield. Massachusetts. 3. John L., who lives in Hatfield and has two children. 4. Mary, deceased, who married Dennis McGrath of Hatfield, and left seven children....

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Biography of George Eberlein

GEORGE EBERLEIN-For generations the Eberlem family in Germany has maintained the Eberlein Blacksmith Shops, which were founded by one of their forebears in 1788. Every generation has produced one sturdy and efficient blacksmith, who loves his trade and manages the shops so well that their excellent reputation continues. George Eberlein himself began to learn smithing when he was ten years old, and had mastered it by his fourteenth year with German thoroughness, and he has greatly benefited by his knowledge since he came to America. William Eberlein, his grandfather, died in Germany in 5876. His son, William Eberlein, was born in Bavaria, Germany, in 1840, dying there in 1893. He served in the German army during the wars from 1866 to 1870. Like his father and four brothers, he was a blacksmith. William Eberlein married Marie Ahles, a native of Bavaria, who died in 1952. Their son was George Eberlein, subject of this sketch. George Eberlein was born in Bavaria, Germany, November 10, 1866. He received his education in the schools of his native town, learned the trade of blacksmith and also of machinist, and at twenty entered the German army for his term of service. This he completed in two years, the only soldier out of 9,500 to finish the required service so expeditiously. For a time thereafter he worked in his father’s shops, and in 1889 was...

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Biography of Edson Winthrop Strong

EDSON WINTHROP STRONG – The Strong” of Hatfield, Massachusetts, are one of the oldest New England families of English origin. Elder John Strong, son of Richard Strong, was born in Taunton, Somersetshire, England, in 1605, whence he removed to London, and afterwards to Plymouth. Having pronounced Puritan sympathies he sailed on May 20, 1630, from Plymouth to America and settled at Dorchester. On March 9, 1634, he took the freeman’s oath at Boston, Massachusetts. In 1635 he removed to Hingham and later to Taunton, where he remained as late as 1645, as he was deputy to the General Court in Plymouth in the years 1641, 1643. 1644. From Taunton he removed to Windsor, Connecticut, and in 1659 to Northampton, where he lived for forty years. He had a tannery in that place and on June 13, 1663, was ordained an elder of the church. He married (first), in December, 1630, and (second) to Abigail Ford, who died July 6, 1688, at the age of eighty. Elder John Strong died April 14, 1699 at the age of ninety-four and was father of sixteen children, one of whom was Thomas B., of whom further. (II) Thomas B. Strong, son of Elder John Strong, was born about 1631. He married and among his children was Waitstill, of whom further. (III) Deacon Waitstill Strong, son of Thomas B. Strong, was born January 18,...

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Biography of Malcolm Crawford

MALCOLM CRAWFORD, well known in Hatfield, Massachusetts, as a farmer and skilled mechanic, comes of a family that has been in New England for many generations, its records tracing back to 1730, almost two hundred years ago. (I) James Crawford, immigrant ancestor of the family, came to America in 1730 from Londonderry, Ireland, in 1730, and settled in Newtown, Massachusetts. He later went to Union, Connecticut, where he bought land and was a large land owner. Although he came from Ireland, James Crawford was of Scotch extraction, and he married Elizabeth Campbell, also of Scotch origin. Their children, all born in America except the oldest, were: Margaret; Robert; James, of further mention; John; William, Hugh, and Jane. (II) James (2) Crawford, son of James and Elizabeth (Campbell) Crawford, was born in Union, Connecticut, in September, 5733. In 1769 he moved with his family to Westminster, Vermont, and in 1798 or 5799 to Putney, Vermont, where he died in 1807. He was a soldier in the American Revolution. He married, in 1755, Grace Carpenter, born in 1734, as Ashford, Connecticut, and they were the parents of Chester, Frances, Anne, Theophilus, of further mention; Sarah, Lydia, and Elizabeth. (III) Theophilus Crawford, son of James (2) and Grace (Carpenter) Crawford, was born April 25, 1764, died January so, 1856, in Putney, Vermont. He was an influential citizen of his community and served...

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Biography of John Charles Ryan

Eminently successful as a grower of tobacco, and with a range of activity in the tobacco field wider than that of almost any other man in the region, John Charles Ryan is well known in Hatfield, Massachusetts, and its vicinity, not only for his agricultural enterprise, but for his public-spirited interest in local affairs. Mr. Ryan is the son of John B. and Mary (Kennedy) Ryan, both of Irish birth, who lived in Hatfield for many years. Michael Ryan, Mr. Ryan’s grandfather, was born in Ireland, but came to America, and died in Hatfield in the eighties at an age of nearly one hundred. He married, in Ireland, Ann McGrath, and they were the parents of John B., of further mention; James, and Bridget. John B. Ryan, son of Michael and Ann (McGrath) Ryan, was born in Tipperary, Ireland, in 1836, died in Hatfield, Massachusetts, October 1, 1903, at the age of sixty-seven. He received his education in his native town in Ireland, and in 1854, at the age of eighteen, came to America. He went first to Whately, where he worked in the employ of others, and later came to Hatfield and purchased a farm on North Street, which is now owned by his son, John Charles Ryan. Here he was one of the first growers of tobacco, and was very successful. He married, in Whately, Massachusetts, Mary...

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Biography of Stephen Jose Vanderlick

STEPHEN JOSE VANDERLICK – Of the younger group of Northampton attorneys, who through energetic effort and by abilities well proven in training and in natural gifts have won deserved popularity, Mr. Vanderlick has established his offices as a general practitioner, and entered upon his professional career under excellent auspices. He is a descendant of an industrious Polish ancestry, who for generations were natives of Lipno, in Russian Poland. There his great-grandfather, Michael Vanderlick, was born March 25, 1800, and died in March, 1860; his wife’s name was Kathirim, and their children were: Josephine; Joseph, of whom further; Henry; and Anthony. Joseph Vanderlick, Mr. Vanderlick’s grandfather, was born May 17, 1820, in Lipno, where he died January 5, 1888. He married Mary Malintac, who was born April 25, 1825, and died December 3 1895, and they were the parents of: Stanley, of whom further; Frank, and Maria. Stanley Vanderlick, Mr. Vanderlick’s father, was born August 23, 1850, in Lipno, and he followed farming throughout his life. Coming to the United States in 1898, he located at Hatfield for a time, later removing to Northampton, where he conducts a well-kept farm. He married, July 20, 1883. Antonia Skunicki, who was born September 3, 1860, in Lipno, daughter of Joseph and Josephia (Battacz) Skunicki, and their children were: 1. Anthony, who married Agnes Czerzewicz, and whose children are: Sophia, Joseph, Michael and...

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