Location: Hammond Indiana

Biography of Fred L. Lowman

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Fred L. Lowman. One of the most capable educators of Champaign County is the present superintendent of the Fisher public schools, Fred L. Lowman. He is a man of varied and versatile gifts and accomplishments, and well fitted for his place in the educational system of this leading Illinois County. He has come in close touch with the facts and problems of life, is a man of broad sympathies and enthusiasm and is in every way qualified to direct and administer a school and have charge of the training of the men and women of the next generation. Mr. Lowman was born in Champaign County, February 8, 1885. He is the oldest of the seven children, five sons and two daughters, of John Lewis and Minerva (O’Bryan) Lowman. Five children are still living. His father was born in Douglas County, Illinois, October 20, 1858, was educated in the common schools, and is still living. His people came out of Ohio and settled near Cook’s Mill in Douglas County in early days. John L. Lowman is a Republican and cast his first presidential vote for James A. Garfield, the president who began life on the towpath of a canal in Ohio. Mrs. John L. Lowman was born in Champaign County, February 8, 1855. She is still living,...

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Biographical Sketch of W. P. Jacobs

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Although death claimed W. P. Jacobs in 1906, a year after his arrival in Bartlesville, he had already gained a well established position in business circles here, his enterprise and integrity winning for him the respect and confidence of all with whom he was brought into contact. He was born in Hammond, Indiana, in 1866, and acquired his education in Danville College, after which he became connected with the lumber business at Toledo, Ohio. From there he went to Findlay, Ohio, where he was identified with the same line of activity, and he subsequently removed to Lima, that state, where he became interested in the manufacture of torpedoes; conducting his enterprise under the name of the Producers Explosive Company, of which he was president. Subsequently the Dupont Powder Company bought out his interests and in 1905 he came to Bartlesville and purchased a drug store, also investing in oil property. He died in 1906 of heart failure. He was an astute, farsighted business man whose plans were carefully formulated and promptly executed, and opportunity was ever to him a call to action. In 1905, at Jamestown, New York, Mr. Jacobs was united in marriage to Mrs. Carolina (Raymond) Bush of Corry, Pennsylvania, a niece of the late Murray Raymond, who was president of the Raymond Manufacturing...

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