Location: Greenfield Massachusetts

Biography of George Guy Ross

GEORGE GUY ROSS – To point with pride to the fact that the blood of King Charles I of Scotland on his paternal side, and of the royal Stuarts on his maternal side courses in his veins is the privilege and right of George G. Ross, well known and successful sporting goods dealer of Greenfield. But with equal pride does he point to the fact that of his more immediate forebears his father and grandfather were honest farmer folk, who were not ashamed to acknowledge that the earth yielded of her fruit to their labors whereby they were enabled to rear their families in goodly comfort and a homely culture to the point where sons and daughters could go out to meet the world and make their way successfully. The heritage, both ancient Scottish and truly American, has without doubt had its influence in securing for Mr. Ross not a few of the assets which have given him a substantial foundation ac a leading business man of the town of Greenfield, where he caters to a discriminating public. He has lived in Greenfield since 1885, when he began to learn the printer’s trade. He followed that trade in Greenfield for five years, and in 1890 went to Chicago, Illinois, and took charge of the National Printing House of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union. Strange as it may seem, he...

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Biography of Marvin Whitman Ray

MARVIN WHITMAN RAY, a member of the Durkee & Ray Corporation, of which he was one of the founders and is also the treasurer, holds a prominent position in the mercantile life of his community. He is also actively interested in all movements for the progress and general welfare of the section, and his service in civic, fraternal and other organizations has earned for him the esteem of all who come in touch with him. He is a member of an old American family, being the representative in the sixth generation in direct lineal descent of the original pioneer who came to this country and settled here. The name itself is a very ancient one, as a personal name, coming from Ra or Rae, and perhaps derived originally from rae, the Scotch form of roe, a deer. In Anglo-Saxon times, Ra, or Rae, and Ray were used as baptismal or Christian names, and the Gaelic form Mac Rae, McRae, and so forth, came into use, and the family became very numerous. Ray is the most common spelling, but Rae and Rea are still found in use. The estate of Gill, in the parish of Bromfield, County Cumberland, belonged to the family of Reay or Ray from the time of William the Lion, King of Scotland, who died in 1214. Tradition says that the original Ray was a faithful adherent...

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Biography of George Henry Fletcher

GEORGE HENRY FLETCHER – The name of Fletcher has been known in the United States since 1630, and has been borne by many prominent citizens, the Fletchers having generally been leading people in the various communities where they have dwelt. Originally the name was written Fledger, and was the name of the trade of the makers of arrows, or as some authorities think, of the affixing the feather to the arrow, fledging it. In French the word Flechier has also the same meaning, and some have inferred a French extraction. The traditions, however, all concur in making the early ancestors of most of the Fletchers here of English or Welsh stock, and Yorkshire, one of the northern counties of England, as the spot whence they early emigrated to America. The name has been and still is of frequent occurrence there. Of this present family, the grandfather of Mr. Fletcher was Pelatiah, of whom further. (I) Pelatiah Fletcher was born in Pepperell, Massachusetts, at the end of the eighteenth or the beginning of the nineteenth century. He was a farmer, and lived for a number of years in Groton, where he took active part in public life, serving as a selectman, and as a Representative to the State Legislature. He married Susan Hamlin, and they were the parents of three children: 1. Henry H., of whom further. 2. Dana. 3....

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Biography of James Neild

JAMES NEILD – The Neild family came from the North of England. Thomas Neild, a native of Halifax, Yorkshire, England, a stone cutter by trade, now living in Jamestown, New York, was born on February 9, 1854, and came to America in 1882, locating first at Albion, New York, where he procured work in his trade. He later moved to HoVey, New York, and in 1893 came to Holyoke, Massachusetts, and entered the mill of the American Thread Company, working there for four years. After this he returned for a time to England, but later came back to America and settled in Jamestown, New York, where he has since been engaged in mill work. Soon after his arrival in this country he became an American citizen, joined the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and became an active member of the Methodist Church. Thomas Neild was married to Anna Rowlinson who, like himself, was of English birth; a native of Windhill, England, born March 9, 1850, and died in 1892. There were five children of the marriage: Frank Rowlinson, born in England. Sarah, born in England. James, of whom further. Clara. Florence. Thomas Neild married a second time and there is one son, John, of the second marriage. James Neild, son of Thomas Neild, was born in Albion, New York, March 3, 1884, educated in the schools of Holley, New...

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