Location: Greene County OH

Roll Of Capt. Zechariah Ferguson’s Company

(Probably from Greene County). Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Served from September 23, until October 30, 1812. Capt. Zechariah Ferguson Lieut. Peter Borden Ensign, James. Popenoe Sergt. Samuel D. Kirkpatrick Sergt. Andrew Hawker Sergt. Isaac Morgan Sergt. George Hittle Corp. Peter Hoy Corp. Jacob Cosler Corp. Abraham Cosler Corp. Samuel Bowen Privates Anderson, Seth Ashby, Lawrence Birely, William Borders, George Coy, Adam Coy, Jacob Cyphers, John Davis, David Engle, Isaac Freeman, William Gibson, Robert Givens, James Gott, John Hames, Jacob Hill, James John, James John, Joseph John, Lemuel Judy, John Key, George Kingerly, Martin Kiser, John Manning, Benjamin Maxwell, William McClure, William Morgan, Joshua Noble, Joshua Owens, Thomas Palmer, Joseph Poag, William Powell, Joseph Rose, William Russell, Adam Shoe Phillip Solinger, Adam Steele, David D Swigerd, John Tucker, John Vance,...

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Roll Of Capt. John Davis’ Company

(Probably from Greene Co.) Served from May 3, until May 20, 1813. Capt. John Davis Lieut. David M. Laughead Lieut. Stephen Commwell Cornet, Henry Barnes Sergt. John B. Todd Sergt. Adam Shigley Sergt. David Hanes Sergt. John John Privates Barker, Joseph Black, Peter Blue, Davis Clifford, Thomas Devone, John Elam, John Gibson, John Gill, Hugh Glum, Thomas Lamm, Josiah McFarland, John Mitchell, James Munthoud, Ephraim Shanks, Thomas Shaw, Amos Talbert, Josiah G. Taylor, John A Vance, John Watson, James West, William White,...

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Roll Of Capt. Robert Gowdy’s Company

(Probably from Greene Co.) Served from August 23, until September 21, 1813. Capt. Robert Gowdy Lieut. Thomas Constant Sergt. Samuel Gray Sergt. William Sutton Sergt. Joel Hixon Sergt. James Fire Corp. William Sterrett Corp. John Loid Corp. William Simpson Corp. David Conkelon Drummer, William Allen Fifer, Samuel Simpson Privates Aldreedezr, Littleberry Barber, John Barnes, Alexander Beales, Jonothan Beaman, Peter Bell, Daniel Bruce, James Conkelon, Samuel Curtis, Wiley Gawley, Ryan Gibson, John Gibson, Thomas Gill, John Hoop, Andrew Hough, Joseph Hummer, Peter John, William Joiner, Charles Jones, Jacob Larew, Abraham Maxey, Martin Maxey, Stephen Moore, James Oemm, Samuel Salsberry, James Sutton, William G. Thornberry, George Thornberry, John Townsley, George Turner, Henry Vanard, Francis Wright,...

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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Lucas’ Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from January 20, until March 2, 1813. Capt. Joseph Lucas Sergt Isaac Garard Sergt. Henry Bone Corp. Abraham Lucas Privates Bales, John Beales, Jacob Beales, Jonothan Beason, Thomas Brewin, William H Copeland, William Downey, John Ellis, Jacob Fair, Thomas Foster, Samuel Harris, Steward Murphy, David Price, George Price, William Ross, John Shillinger, George Thornbury, George Thornbury, James Townsend, Zepheniah Turner,...

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Roll Of Capt. Robert McClelland’s Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from August 22, until September 22, 1812, and from May 25, until November 24, 1813. Capt. Robert McClelland Lieut. James McBride Lieut. Elisha Leslie Ensign David Douglas Ensign William Erwin Sergt. Samuel Snodgrass Sergt. Isaac Miller Sergt. Jacob Hozier Sergt. John McDaniel Sergt. John Barnes Corp. Samuel Lawrence Corp. Henry Webb Corp. William Sutton Corp. John Alexander Corp. John Hacker Corp. Jacob Beals Corp. William Constant Corp. Adam Wolf Fifer, Robert Snodgrass Musician, William Harrison Musician, Daniel DeWitt Privates Alexander, Francis Allen, William Babcock, Thomas Benham, John Benitt, James Benjamin, Lewis Benjamin, Thomas Bias, Isaac Bowen, Ephraim Buchanon, James Burney, Thomas Cain, Joseph Cain, Samuel Campbell, William Casebolt, Robert Collier, Moses Concleton, David Cottrell, John Cox, Israel Cruson, Cornelius Cunningham, John Currie, Robert Dean, Robert Devore, John DeWitt, Isaac Dickensheets, William Douglas, James Downey, William Eatton, Joseph Edge, George D. Fallows, Isaac Follist, John Glenn, William Gott, John Griffith, Benjamin Griffy, Daniel Haddox, Nimrod Hamilton, William Hibbs, Abner Holmes, John Hoop, John Hufford, John Huse, John Hutchison, George Johnson, William Jones, Benjamin Junkins, James Kendall, William Knight, Samuel Knight, William Kune, Hugh Laird, Benjamin Martin, Samuel McCoy, John McDaniel, Demesy McFarlin, John McKaig, Benjamin Meninghall, William Miller, William Poog Mitchell, James Mitchell, Jesse Moore, William C. Moreland, John Murphy, John Neely, James Nimerick, John Noble, Joshua Page, James Paige, William Perry, Allen Poage, William...

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Roll Of Capt. John Clark’s Company

(Probably from Greene County). Served from October 18, until November 20, 1812, and from August 10, until September 5, 1813. Capt. John Clark Lieut. John Blessing CLieut. Samuel Jenkins Ensign. Boston Hoblit Ensign, Robert Breddy Sergt. James Buckles Sergt. William Knight Sergt. John Long Sergt, Edward Allen Sergt. James Ross Sergt. Isaachar Pepper Sergt, John McElvey Sergt. Perry Timmons Corp. James Rowe Corp, Robert Demis Corp. Arthur Lavis Corp. John Dysert Corp, John Biddle Corp. James Stephenson Corp. Thomas Cason Corp, Benjamin Allen Privates Amos, Pleasant Armstrong, John Biddle, Henry Blue, Daniel Brown, William Brown, Zechariah Buckles, David Buckles, Henry Caldhoon, John Carroll, Samuel Clark, William Cook, James Cox, John Cramer, Solomon Cully, Joseph Cully, Thomas Davis, James Dennis, Jonothan Dennis, Mathias Dennis, Samuel Dougherty, Samuel Dunwida, John Dureavida, Samuel Earl, James Ennis, Samuel Flowers, Aaron Griffith, Benjamin Hamilton, William Hibbs, Abner Howard, Nicholas Jones, Joshua Jones, Lewis Jones, Thomas Lackey, John Lanime, William Lewis, Jesse Lewis, Joel Logue, John McArthur, Duncan McKee, Joseph McKnight, Robert Meekins, John Meriman, Joshua Merriman, Aaron Miller, Charles Mills, Constantine Miniar, Phillip Miniar, Stephen Porter, James Rayburn, William Rice, Pitch Ridle, James Rodgers, John Sackett, Joseph Sanders, Jesse Smith, Jacob Smith, Thomas Thorn, Jacob Walker, Charles Warfield, Richard Whickear, Asa Wiley, Jesse Williams, Gammage Worthington, Ephraim Worthington,...

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Roll Of Capt. James Morrow’s Company

(Probably from Greene County) Served from May 10, until May 19, 1813 Capt. James Morrow Lieut. Christopher Sroupe Ensign George Townsley Sergt. Joseph Kyle, Jr. Sergt. James Colliers Sergt. Samuel Galloway Sergt. John McCullough Corp. George Logan Corp, Robert Stephenson Corp. William McCoy Corp. Arthur McFarland Privates Andrew, Hugh Andrew, James Baldwin, David Barnes, John Beatty, William A Bishop, Solomon Bull, James Bull, John Cannon, Anthony Chambers, David Cohagen, John Confer, George Currie, William Dean, Robert Dermitt, Isaac Galloway, James N Galloway, John Gant, Robert Gibson, John Gibson, Montelion Goldsby, Briggs M Goldsby, George Goldsby, John Gowdy, John Gowdy, Robert Hivling, John Ibers, Richard Johnston, Arthur Jolly, John Junken, George Kendall, John McCarthen, James McCoy, Alexander McCoy, James McCulley, James McCulley, William Miller, Daniel Miller, George Miller, John Moodie, Robert Moore, Charles Moore, James Owings,James Quinn, Amos Scott, William Sparks, Leonard Srouf, David Sroupe, Lewis Steele, John Stephenson, John Sterrett, Joseph Todd, James Townsley, Thomas Vancaton, John Waltburn, Robert Ward, Hervey White, Joseph Wilson, George Winget, Hugh Woodward,...

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Roll Of Capt. Samuel Martin’s Company

(Probably from Greene County) Served from August 24, 1813, until February 24. 1813. Capt. Samuel Martin Lieut. David Hannah Ensign Jacob Crouse Sergt. John Jackson Sergt. Noah Frederick Sergt. Robert Corning Sergt. William Phelps Corp. Thomas Armstrong Corp. James Bennet Corp. Phillip Branaberry Corp. Benjamin Stephens Fifer, David M. Casky Drummer, Frederick Blaker Privates Anderson, Andrew Anderson. James Armstrong, Thomas Basham, Ezekial Belli, William Bishop, Joseph Bowlin, Eli Bradfield, Joseph Brinker, Peter Britton, Archibald Brown. William Dougherty, Samuel Farmer, Thomas Fiskel, Fred Frederick, Thomas Fulks, Charles Geddes, James Gibson, John Gilson, David Harrison, Daniel Helmick, Adam Hickman, Nicholas Jones, Nicholas Kilton, John S Knight, Robert Kurtz, John Lamboon, Josiah Mann, Philip Manning, William Myers, John Quin, John Quin, Samuel Rittenger, John Robins, John Robinson, John Rossel, Jacob Shaw, Jacob Smaley, John Smith, Sampson Stephens, Jacob Tagart, William Trippy, George Welker, William Willits, John Wollam, Henry Wollam,...

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Biography of D. D. Ross Turner Campbell

Ross Turner Campbell, D. D., who had been president of Cooper College at Sterling since 1910, had given the best years of his life to the ministry and teachers, affiliated for generations with the United Presbyterian Church. Mr. Campbell was born at Clifton in Greene County, Ohio, December 1, 1863. His great-grandfather was Alexander Campbell, who was born in the Highlands of Scotland, went from there to County Derry, Ireland, and in 1790 arrived in the United States, locating on a farm in Bart Township of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He was a substantial farmer, and died at Newcastle, Pennsylvania, in 1845. The maiden name of his wife was Jane Chambers. The grandfather of President Campbell was Ross Alexander Campbell, who was born near Mount Pleasant in Bart Township of Lancaster County May 1, 1799. He spent practically all his life in that township, all his children were born and reared there, and, like his father, he followed the pursuits of an agriculturist. He married Sarah Barclay. Rev. William A. Campbell, father of Ross T., was born on his father’s farm in Lancaster County in 1829, grew up there in a rural environment, and for three years taught school in Pennsylvania. He then entered the Xenia Theological Seminary at Xenia, Ohio, graduating September 3, 1861. He was then ordained a minister of the United Presbyterian Church, and for sixteen years...

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Roll Of Captain Jacob Shingledecker’s Company

(From Greene County) Served August 24 until December 31, 1812. Capt. Jacob Shingledecker Lieut, Samuel Butts Ensign William Yates Sergt. John Todd Sergt. Jacob Truby Sergt. Daniel Peterbaugh or Sergt. Thomas Cottrell Corp. John Wiland Butterbaugh Corp. Oliver Crawford Corp. John Davis Corp. Alexander Forbens Corp. James Downey Trumpeter, William Burrows Privates Ankeney, Henry Barkard, John Beal, Aaron Beal, George Beal, Jonothan Bochert, John Buker, Peter Burres, William Chambers, Adam Chambers, William Coster, Henry Crawford, Oliver Cremwell, Samuel Ell, John Fogle, Peter Folck, George Gray, Abraham Gray, Henry Haddix, Nimrod Hollinger, Daniel Holverstat, John Hoover, John Hyers, Anthony Keigler, Samuel Kirkwood, William Kisor, Richard Kooglar, Samuel Lee, John Livingston, Andrew Longstreth, Andrew Low, William May, George McCormack, James Messer, Henry Mey, John Miner, William Minniear, William Morningstar, George Nelson, John Rethn, Jacob Ritter, Jacob Ritter, John Rubart, Enos Rue, Jacob Save, Jacob Shingledecker, Abraham Shingledecker, John Sipe, William Smith, Jacob Steward, Andrew Steward, Moses Stewart, Aaron Tingley, John A Trubee, John Vogle, Peter Westfall, Jonothan Wilson, Jeremiah Wilson, Michael Wilson, William Wyland,...

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