Location: Great Barrington Massachusetts

Polly P. Todd Humiston of Hudson OH

HUMISTON, Polly P. Todd6, (Justus Lyman5, Gideon4, Gideon3, Michael2, Christopher1) born July 22, 1789, died Aug. 1, 1880, married Caleb Humiston of North Haven, Conn. They removed to Great Barrington, Mass., thence to Hudson, Ohio, where both died and were buried. She was a woman of strong intellect. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Children: I. George Lyman, b. April 3, 1808, d. April 3, 1877. II. Jared Laurens, b. May 18, 1810, d. Oct. 18, 1896. III. John Willis, b. Sept. 29, 1812, d. May 16, 1891. IV. Loyal Porter, b. March 18, 1814, d. July 25, 1814. V. Jane Elizabeth, b. Sept. 6, 1816, d. May 20, 1891. VI. Loyal Francis, b. Feb. 11, 1819, d. Aug. 24, 1890. VII. Ransom Franklin, b. July 29, 1821, d. April 4, 1889. VIII. Henry Dwight, b. April 12, 1824, he lived in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1913, d. March 25, 1919. IX. Edwin Ray, b. May 6, 1827, d. March 24, 1913. X. Emily Susana, b. Aug....

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Biography of Edward Kelly

EDWARD KELLY-Responsibility has been the portion of Edward Kelly throughout his entire active life, and for more than forty years he has borne a worthy and progressive part in business and civic affairs. He has done much to forward the progress of his native town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and in every branch of activity with which he is, or has been, connected he endorses all worthy effort and supports the general good. Mr. Kelly is a son of Michael and Julia (Dwyer) Kelly, his father a blacksmith and carriage manufacturer for many years, but later in life prominent as a real estate broker and operator. Edward Kelly was born in Great Barrington September 18, 1866. Receiving his early education in the elementary and grammar schools of his birthplace, be graduated from the Great Barrington High School in the class of 1883, and his first work was in the field of railroad and express activities. He was also engaged in the local telephone service and went forward along these allied lines until the close of the year 1902, soon thereafter becoming sewer commissioner and later assessor. With the opening of 1906 Mr. Kelly took up his duty as town clerk, to which he had been elected by his fellow townsmen, and from that time until the present (1924) his energies have been commanded by public service in one office...

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Biography of Hon. Orlando Curtis Bidwell

In the exacting and wide-reaching profession of the law, Hon. Orlando Curtis Bidwell, of Great Barrington, stands among the leaders in Berkshire County. His large natural ability was supplemented by careful preparation and his entire career has been guided by a lofty idealism, which marks his every step of progress. As a servant of the people, as well as in his professional capacity, Mr. Bidwell has made an honorable and admirable record, while his affiliations with organized movements bear definite and constructive results. He is a son of Marshall S. and Sophia L. (Bidwell) Bidwell, his father a merchant and farmer throughout his active lifetime, died in 1902, and the mother also died in 1902. Orlando Curtis Bidwell was born in Monterey, Massachusetts, March 17, 1862. He attended the public schools and is a graduate of Lee High School, class of 1882, and his graduation from Williams College occurred in 1886, with the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Taking up the study of law under capable preceptors, Mr. Bidwell began his professional career in Elmira, New York, in 1889. About one year later he was admitted to the bar of Massachusetts, as well as the New York State and Federal courts, and locating in Great Barrington in 189o, he has practiced here ever since. Mr. Bidwell has gone forward along general lines of activity from the beginning and large...

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Biographical Sketch of Frank Hull Wright

FRANK HULL WRIGHT – Active in the practice of law for the past two years and now already demonstrating great ability, Frank Hull Wright, of Great Barrington, stands among the thoroughly progressive and noteworthy men of his day and his future opens bright before him. In every phase of his work he gives to his clients the value of his tireless industry in study and research, as well as his natural ability and practical training. Mr. Wright is a son of Frank Hull and Frances (Siggins) Wright, his father one of the widely famed lawyers of Great Barrington over a period of many years, having been admitted to the bar about 1882, from which time until his death, in 1918, he was active in practice. The elder Mr. Wright was a man of great ability and distinguished presence, whose important activities reflected large credit upon the community as well as upon his own name. Frank Hull Wright was born in Great Barrington, February 7, 1898. Following his elementary study Mr. Wright covered the high school course in Great Barrington, then studied law under able preceptors from 1918 until 1922, when he was admitted to the bar of his native State. He has since gone forward along general lines of practice and in his ever-widening activities his success is definitely assured. Interested in all that makes for community or general...

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Biography of Edward Anthony Kennedy

EDWARD ANTHONY KENNEDY, oculist and aurist, of Hillcrest Hospital, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, was born January 17, 1880, at Fairfield, Vermont, son of Thomas B. and Katherine (Horrigan) Kennedy. His father served through the Civil War and was severely wounded in one of the later battles. For many years he was active in the circles of the Grand Army of the Republic. Edward Anthony Kennedy was educated in the public schools of St. Albans, Vermont, and the Medical School of the University of Vermont, whence he was graduated in the class of 1905 with the degree of M. D. He then entered the Massachusetts State Hospital at Monson, where, for five years, he was house physician, at the same time doing post-graduate work along medical lines. In 1910 Dr. Kennedy began the practice of medicine and surgery at Great Barrington. While there he continued his studies and to do hospital work until he gradually developed his practice as a specialist on the eye, ear, nose and throat exclusively. He was active in the civic affairs of Great Barrington. He was a member of the school committee and medical examiner for the Metropolitan, Postal and Prudential life insurance companies. During the World War he was chairman of Medical Advisory Board No. 3. Dr. Kennedy moved, in 1923, to Pittsfield. While in Great Barrington he was a member of the staff of Fairview...

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Biographical Sketch of Peter Rockefeller Avery

(VII) Peter Rockefeller, son 0f Henry and Hannah (Rockefeller) Avery, was born in Columbia county, New York, March 20, 1807, died March 4, 1854. He married, in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, December 6, 1829, Elizabeth, daughter of Asahel and Mary (Rockefeller) Blakeman, born October 4, 1807, died December 18, 1883, Children 1. Mary, born April 3, 1831, married (first) Cunningham Case and (second) Mark Johnson; children: Esther and Bertha Case, and Caroline Johnson. 2. Asahel Blakeman, referred to below. 3. Esther, born May 23, 1836, married Nelson N. Newman; children: Libbie, Morton, Avery and...

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Biographical Sketch of Asahel Blakeman Avery

(VIII) Asahel Blakeman, son of Peter Rockefeller and Elizabeth (Blakeman) Avery, was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, May 16, 1834, and died in Phelps, Ontario county, New York, September 19, 1894. He came to the town of Phelps as a boy of fourteen and engaging in farming there, he became and was for many years one of the representative men of the region. He married Julia, daughter of Ashbel and Emily Horsford, of Phelps. Children: Minnie L., born in 1864, died in 1884; Elizabeth, born in 1873, married Elmer Miller; Willis, referred to below; Frank A., referred to below. (IX) Willis, son of Asahel Blakeman and Julia (Horsford) Avery, was born in Phelps, Ontario county, New York, October 28, 1875. He and his brother are farming the old homestead. (IX) Frank A., son of Asahel Blakeman and Julia (Horsford) Avery, was born in Phelps, Ontario county, New York, August 20, 1877. He married Evangeline Do Prey. Child : A daughter, Virginia H., born March 10,...

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