Location: Grande Ronde Valley Oregon

Alexander, Kenneth Roy – Obituary

Baker City, Baker County, Oregon Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Kenneth Roy Alexander, 84, of Union and Pine Creek, died June 3, 2005, at the Grande Ronde Hospital in La Grande. His funeral will be Tuesday at 11 a.m. at Daniels Chapel of the Valle, 1502 Seven St. in La Grande. Interment will follow at the Cove Cemetery. Kenneth Roy Alexander was born April 25, 1921, at High Valley, Ore., the son of Roy and Delia (Ross) Alexander. Kenneth truly loved the outdoors and spent his early years building trails in the Eagle Caps. Mr. Alexander later enlisted in the U.S. Army and served during World War II. Upon his honorable discharge, Kenneth returned to the Grande Ronde Valley where he met and married Betty (Cadwell). Kenneth worked for Fir Pine Lumber as well as GI Hess lumber for many years before farming wheat and raising cattle in High Valley until 1971 when he moved to Oxbow. There he owned and operated the Hells Canyon...

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Biographical Sketch of Hector McDonald

The gentleman whose name appears above is one of the stock kings of Wallowa county, as well as holding great distinction in the county as a promoter of industrial interests, while his steadfastness and stanch and true character make him one of the most valued, and highly respected men in this section of our state, and his excellent capabilities have place him in a distinguished position of prestige that is justly merited. Hector McDonald is a native of northeastern Oregon, having been born in the Grande Ronde valley, on December 24, 1868. His parents, John and Jane (Grant) McDonald, reside on a farm of one-half section, between Summerville and La Grande, and are numbered among the most prominent and respected residents of Union county. Our subject received his educational training in the schools of the county of Union and was also well drilled by a wise and practical father, and when he had arrived at the age of nineteen years he took active part with his brothers, John, Peter and Duncan, in the stock business. The four brothers own eight hundred acres of the finest of the Grande Ronde valley farmland, besides three thousand acres of soil in Wallowa County. Our subject and John are managing the estate in Wallowa County and Peter and Duncan attend to that in Union County. They pay much attention to raising stock, principally...

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Biography of Samuel Wade

Few men have achieved a better success in Wallowa County, than the industrious and enterprising agriculturist and stockman, whose name appears at the head of this article. Mr. Wade came to the territory now embraced in the county in an early day and with the energy, sagacity, and sound practical judgment of which he is possessed so abundantly, he assiduously set to work to develop the resources here found and to add wealth to the county’s assessment, while he prosecuted the industries above referred to. During these years that have since intervened he has steadily pursued his way and is now one of the prominent property owners and influential men of the county, while his excellent principles and moral virtues have rendered him esteemed and respected. In 1848 our subject was born in Virginia to George and Mary (Eakin) Wade, who were married, and lived in the Old Dominion state until 1850, in which year they migrated to Iowa. There they settled down to the life of the agriculturist and later the mother died and the father came to Summerville, in 1879. Our subject passed the years of his minority in the parental home in Iowa, gaining a good education from the common schools and learning the art of producing the fruits of the field, and how to skillfully handle stock. At the age of twenty-three, he commenced to...

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Biographical Sketch of Samuel Roberts

Among the leading agriculturists of Wallowa County is the subject of this biography, and we are pleased to accord him space in his county’s history, since his capabilities and thrift have given him the need of abundant success, while his moral qualities of worth are displayed constantly and commend him to all lovers of uprightness and truth. In Bates County, Missouri, on March 9, 1844. Samuel was born to Nelson and Jane (Melton) Roberts. His early life was spent in the invigorating exercise of farm work, while also he gained a good education in the public schools of the various vicinities where he lived. In 1853 he accompanied his parents across the plains to the Pacific coast. The trip was made with ox teams and consumed six months, but despite the danger of hostile Indians, other dangers of primitive traveling and numerous hardships it was completed without serious injury to any of the family. They settled in Washington County, Oregon, where our subject was a member of the household circle until 1865, then he sought the newer fields of the Grande Ronde valley, where he selected government land and set to the task of building a home. At that early day few settlers were within the valley, and many hardships and deprivations incident to pioneer life were the lot of our subject, but bravely and faithfully he held steadily...

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Biography of Lewis C. Rinehart

It is a pleasant task to scan the career of a successful man and to note the places where he has overcome the obstacles of life’s pathway and where he has made worthy achievements: and for a short time it is our good pleasure to thus contemplate the salient points of the life of the worthy gentleman, whose name initiates this article and who has been and is now one of the substantial and capable men of Wallowa County, having wrought for the development and advancement of the same in a manner that demonstrates both his ability and his integrity, while in the prosecution of his own private business enterprises he has been eminently successful, gaining a generous portion of the goods of this world, having accomplished it all by dint of hard labor and sagacity in skillful management. On September 10, 1853, in Eugene, Lane county, Oregon, our subject was born to John and Sarah E. (Edwards) Rinehart. The parents had come thither from Oskaloosa, Iowa, in 1852, being sturdy pioneers of the Willamette valley. Our subject remained with his parents on the farm until 1869, when they removed near Arlington, in the John Day country, and in 1872, they all came thence to the Grande Ronde valley, settling near Summerville. In these various places Lewis C. gained his education and learned to fight the battles of life....

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Biography of Levi J. Rouse

Among the worthy representatives of honest industry and good government, stands the capable and intelligent gentleman, whose name is at the head of this article, and who has achieved a success in different lines, each of which is sufficient to stamp him as a man of ability and enterprise, while in it all he has maintained an untarnished reputation and displayed both integrity and faithfulness coupled with sound principles and honorable dealing with his fellows. In addition to this, Mr. Rouse has been an active worker in the advancement of the county’s interests in different lines and his efforts are to be commended in a strong manner since his intelligence and diligence have brought untold benefit to his fellows. Near Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio, on October 15, 1835, the subject of this sketch was born to James M. and Mary (Weaver) Rouse. His early life was spent on the farm with his parents and when he had attained the age of fourteen, the parents both died and he was left to face the cold world alone. He continued in the same neighborhood, attending school and working until he was seventeen years of age and then his precocity and diligence had enabled him to gain the requisite certificate and he embarked in the life of the educator. He was signally successful from the start and he continued until the year...

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Biographical Sketch of Lewis G. Page

Among those who have put their hands to the plow in Wallowa County and have not looked back from the noble work of development and material progress of the county, bearing the burdens and doing the Herculean labor of making the abodes of civilization while they foster the industries that are incident thereto, we should not omit mention of the intelligent and progressive stockman and agriculturist, whose name appears at the head of this sketch, and accordingly we give place to him in the abiding chronicles of Wallowa County, granting such representation there as is commensurate with the skill, industry, and sagacity manifested by him in the days in which he has labored faithfully here, while also it is but just that mention should be made of his excellent moral qualities. Lewis G. was born in Mercer County, Missouri, on May 7, 1864, being the son of Reuben and Katie Page. The father was a miller and prominent in his portion of the state. At the early age of seventeen, our subject stepped from the parental roof and began duty on the field of action in life for himself. For three years he was engaged in the county in different employments and then accompanied his parents to Oregon, the year being 1884. The parents went to Umatilla County but later returned to the Grande Ronde valley where they reside...

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Biography of William Makin

To the capable and enterprising citizen whose name initiates this paragraph we are pleased to accord a representation in the history of Wallowa County, since he has trod the path of the pioneer in a worthy manner, displaying constantly qualities of moral worth and value, and has achieved a success in temporal affairs that is commendable and praiseworthy, being the meed of continuity in wisely directed effort and energy and sagacity in all of his ways, and consequently it is very fitting that he should be placed today as one of the prominent men of the county, which position he fills with acceptability. Mr. Makin was born in Erie County, Pennsylvania, on December 12, 1837, and went hence at the age of five to Marshall County, Indiana, with his parents, Robert and Margaret (Brewer) Makin. Soon after this journey, the father died and our subject was left with the mother, with whom he lived until he had reached manhood’s estate. During this time he gained from the primitive schools of the place an education, walking to and from school three miles each way and searching for wisdom’s treasures around the old fashioned fireplace in a log school house. When our subject reached the age of eighteen, his mother was called to pass the river of death, and the following year he removed to Wayne county, Iowa whence after a...

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Biographical Sketch of Elzie O. Makin

Any volume that purports to give the salient points in the careers of the leading and prominent citizens of Wallowa County would be open to serious criticism were there failure to incorporate there-in an epitome of the life of the esteemed gentleman whose name is at the head of this article, and who has labored for the building and development of Wallowa County for years, displaying meanwhile a vigor, energy, and sagacity, coupled with other capabilities of a high order, while also his sound principles, unswerving integrity and strict adherence to the ways of uprightness have given him the meed of the confidence and admiration of his fellows, while he has also gained a goodly portion of the good things of this world. In Indiana, on August 7, 1862, the subject of this sketch opened his eyes to the light of this world, and from that time until he had reached the age of nineteen years we have no data of his career. When he arrived at the interesting age of nineteen years, he stepped from the parental roof into the arena of life’s struggles; prepared to meet the forces and take advantage of the opportunities they’re awaiting him. He labored with his father in the lumbering interests, operating in the Blue Mountains, and then he took an extended trip to the east, exploring different states, in search for...

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Biography of Frank S. Johnson

We are pleased to accord to the representative citizen and genial gentleman, whose name heads this article, a space in the history of Wallowa County for the salient points of his career, both because of the activity that he has shown in the affairs of the county, for the advancement of its interests and the development and progress of it, as well as for the commendable personal qualities that he displays constantly, being a man of good ability and excellent force besides attending to important enterprises both for the good of the community and the progress of the section, while also his moral worth and bright example are such as to commend him to all lovers of good. Mr. Johnson was born on October 30, 1861, near Stiles, Davis County, Iowa, being the son of George W. and Elizabeth A. (Shelton) Johnson. The first eleven years of our subject’s life were spent in his native place and then in March 1873, the family removed to Indian valley, Plumas county, California. The years of his minority were spent in the acquisition of good education from the schools where he resided, and also in general farm work and in riding the range, being thus engaged in both California and Nevada. In 1881 he went to the Wood river mines in Idaho, and there operated at the blacksmith’s trade, which he had...

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