Location: Grande Ronde Valley OR

Biography of John S. Horner

The esteemed gentleman, whose name initiates this paragraph, is one of the substantial and enterprising agriculturists of Wallowa County, having wrought here with commendable zeal and sagacity for its development and material progress since he has been domiciled within its borders, and his faithfulness and ability have well earned for him the high esteem in which he is held among his fellows, and the prestige which he enjoys as well as the leading position in many ways is merited. John S. was born in Illinois on February 11, 1839, being the son of John and Sarah (Seymore) Horner, natives respectively of North and South Carolina. They had moved to Illinois and there were numbered with the agriculturists, being pioneers of their section of the country. When our subject was six years of age, he was bereft of his parents by death and subsequent to that sad event his home was with Dr. J.B. Lester, of Kansas City. He remained there until fourteen years of age and then stepped forth into the battle of life for himself. Until 1858 we find him engaged variously in the vicinity of Kansas City and then he went to Colorado with an Indian trader named Sam Machaett with whom he worked in Colorado and western Nebraska until 1862, having also taken a ranch on the Platte River. At the date last mentioned he sold...

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Biographical Sketch of Frank W. Heskett

Among the builders of Wallowa county there must be honorable mention of the esteemed subject of this brief review, who practically is a product of northeastern Oregon, having come here when a small boy and receiving here the training and education that have fitted him to hold the position of prominence and prestige that is his to enjoy in our county, while also he has manifested commendable zeal in the labor of advancing the interests of the county and in general progress. Mr. Frank W. Heskett was born in Wayne County, Iowa, on December 1, 1856, being the son of Thomas B. and Susan (McIndra) Heskett. While yet a child, in 1862, he accompanied his parents across the dangerous route leading from the settled precincts of the east to the wilds of the Pacific slope. Ox and mule teams were utilized in the journey and on September 20th, of the same year, they drew up in the Grande Ronde valley and settled on a piece of government land between Lagrande and Summerville. The parents were among the oldest settlers of that valley and our subject grew up on the frontier farm and developed those qualities that have given him the meed of good success since. His education was gained in the primitive schools of the section and in the great school of pioneering in which he was an adept...

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