Location: Gage County NE

Biography of H. V. Lowe

H. V. Lowe, proprietor of the telephone exchange at Ramona and an alert and energetic business man, whose connection with various interests is at all times beneficial to the enterprises which he represents, was born in Sydney, Iowa, on the 18th of May, 1878. His father, James Lowe, was a native of Ohio and during the early boyhood of his son H. V. Lowe, he removed with his family to the old Indian reservation in what is now Gage County, Nebraska, settling at Beatrice. There he still resides at the advanced age of seventy-nine years. His wife, who bore the maiden name of Isabelle R. Vanlaton, was born at Sydney, Iowa, and died in Nebraska in 1919. There were seven children in their family: T. V., a resident of Goodland, Kansas; R. V., at Ramona; F. V., living at Steele City, Nebraska; H. V., of this review; Grace V., the wife of John Adcock, a resident of Yuma, Arizona; Blanche V., the wife of E. M. Shields of Lafontaine, Kansas; and May V., the wife of John Clark of Tucson, Arizona. H. V. Lowe pursued his education largely in the schools of his native city and accompanied his parents on their removal to Gage County, Nebraska. There he continued to live until 1901, when he came to Oklahoma, settling at Broken Arrow, where he entered the real estate and...

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Ruth Miriam Todd of Portland OR

Ruth Miriam, b. Jan. 29, 1894, she is a college graduate and was athletic editor her senior year, is a member of the largest athletic clubs in America, has recently been elected as teacher of physical culture and English in two splendid High schools. Ruth began life in a beautiful little villa by the banks of the Blue River at Blue Springs, Neb. and her arrival was heralded by the gift of a home, and half a car-load of supplies of all kinds of provisions that came over the Burlington Railroad–a bountiful and most generous consideration from her father’s people throughout the state with whom he built three churches and for whom he was superintendent, editor and pastor-at-large. Owing to pastor Todd’s responding to so many calls, Ruth’s schooling was advanced by the abilities of many teachers. Her High School studies, however, were taken in Gadsden, Alabama and Omaha, Nebraska, and her A. B. degree work was done at Southern Presbyterian College in North Carolina, and with Richmond’s Woman’s College, Richmond, Virginia; receiving therefor a five-year teacher’s certificate from the state Board of Education. This certificate was renewed in 1920 for a six year period and she received in that same year a High School Life License with the State Board of Indiana. Ruth studied music all her school-life, having both private and public tutors, and has become proficient...

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Biography of Milo Eugene Davis

Milo Eugene Davis, of San Bernardino, was born in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1841. His father, Asa M. Davis, was a Vermont Yankee, and married a French lady by the name of Salinas. When Eugene was a lad of twelve years, they moved from Ohio to Nebraska, then a wild frontier territory, and settled in Beatrice, which place Mr. Davis laid out and named. Their nearest neighbor lived thirty miles distant, and the city of Omaha was then but a mere hamlet. Mr. Davis died years ago upon the homestead he then founded, and being a distinguished Mason, was buried there with high Masonic honors. After graduating from Eastman’s Business College in Chicago, and a year’s experience in a mercantile house in that city, the subject of this memoir commenced railroading as an employee of the Lake Shore Company. At eighteen years of age he was running a passenger train as conductor on the Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad. Drifting into the construction department, he was employed on construction for the Sioux City & Pacific, now a branch of the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad, for several years. In 1861 Mr. Davis enlisted in the Union army under the call for three months’ volunteers, and served as a member of the Eleventh Wisconsin Infantry until broken health compelled him to resign in 1863. He served in the capacity...

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