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Location: Fryburg Pennsylvania

Biography of Anthony C. Fasenmyer

Anthony C. Fasenmyer, now retired, has been a constructive factor in the commercial affairs of Kansas City, Kansas, and many of the results of his thirty-one years of activity still stand and have entered permanently into the life and well being of the community. Mr. Fasenmyer was born at Fryburg in Clarion County, Pennsylvania, January 10, 1857. He was the third of five children whose parents were Jacob and Frances (Fletcher) Fasenmyer. His grandfather Balthaser Fasenmyer lived near Strassburg in Alsace, France. He spent seven years as a soldier under the great Napoleon. From there he emigrated to America and located at Fryburg, Pennsylvania, having come from a town of a similar name in Baden, Germany. He was a farmer. Jacob Fasenmyer was for fifty years a merchant in Pennsylvania. His children attended the little red schoolhouse in the country and that was the only advantages they had outside of a good home training. After leaving school Anthony C. Fasenmyer clerked in his father’s store and thus acquired a fundamental knowledge of merchandising. At the age of seventeen his father started him in a store in a small country town near Fryburg, and he was identified with that business until he removed to Kansas. It was due to the persuasion of Father Kuhls, of St. Mary’s Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas, and an old friend of the Fasenmyer family,...

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