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Location: Friesland Holland Netherlands

Biography of Egbert B. Van Der Meuen

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now EGBERT B. Van Der MEUEN, Deceased. It is quite within the province of this work to add a memoir of the faithful and capable gentleman whose name is at the head of this page, since he was one who labored assiduously here for the advancement of the interests of Union county, demeaning himself, meanwhile, with exemplary wisdom and the characteristic energy and progressiveness that were part of his development and which also aided him in the accomplishment of the success that he carved out here by labor and skill, both worthy and good. In the noted little Anglo Saxon kingdom of Holland, is the birthplace of our subject, Friesland being the spot, and 1833 being the date. There he was educated in the common schools and spent his boyhood days until 1849, when he came with the balance of the family to Marion county, Iowa, remaining as a member of the parental household until he was twenty years of age and then started for himself. He rented land and also wrought some for wages, but continue steadily in progress until 1870, when he came west, to take part in the upbuilding of the country and also to make for himself and his family a home. They came by rail to Kelton, Utah, and thence by horse...

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