Location: Friendship New York

Biography of H. O. Ballard

Dairying is rapidly becoming an important industry in north-eastern Oklahoma and modernly equipped and sanitary establishments of this kind in Washington county are making this section a valuable factor in developing the resources of the state. Among the men who are identified with this phase of activity is numbered H. O. Ballard, a partner in the Empire Dairy Company, which is conducting one of the leading enterprises of the kind in this part of the state. Mr. Ballard is a native of the east. He was born in Friendship, Allegany county, New York, August 7, 1873, and on reaching years of maturity he became connected with oil interests of that state. In 1896 he made his way to the middle west, locating in Kansas, where he continued his identification with the oil industry, while later he became associated with the Quapaw Gas Company, which was subsequently absorbed by the Empire Company. He continued with the latter corporation for nine years, resigning his position to engage in contracting and drilling on his own account, and he was thus occupied for a year. For the past three years Mr. Ballard has concentrated his attention upon dairying, his business associates being H. V. Foster and H. R. Straight, and their interests are conducted under the firm style of the Empire Dairy Company. They have four hundred head of cattle, seventy of which...

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Biographical Sketch of H. A. McKee

H. A. McKee of Santa Ana, was born in Friendship, Allegany County, New York. At the age of seventeen years he entered the army, enlisting in the Twenty-third New York Volunteer Infantry, and served two years; then for several years he was engaged in the live-stock business in Kansas, and for a few years in merchandising at Wichita; married in Junction City, Kansas, in 1869, to Miss Jennie Paxton, a native of the Buckeye State. She has been a school-teacher; taught her first term in her native State and subsequently in West Virginia, Illinois, Kansas and Texas. Mr. McKee moved to Texas in 1874, and for a period of fifteen years was successfully engaged in the rearing of sheep. In 1888 he came to California and bought a residence near Santa Ana, where he is now enjoying life and expects to spend the remainder of his days. At present he is a partner in a grocery store on Main Street, the firm name being McKee &...

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