Location: Franklin County OH

Biography of Stephen R. Magee, M. D.

Stephen R. Magee, M. D. Among the representative orange groves and vineyards of Arlington in Riverside, mention should be made of that owned by D. Magee. The improvements on this place were commenced by Mrs. Magee in August, 1875. It was then a wild and barren plain. Mrs. Magee in that year preceded the Doctor to California and located on a forty-acre tract, on what is now the corner of Center and Palm avenues. She caused a small cottage to be erected, in which herself and children were domiciled, and then at once commenced the planting of ornamental trees and shrubbery and flowers, and as soon as the ground could be cleared, entered into horticultural pursuits by planting citrus and deciduous trees and vines. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now The Doctor arrived in 1876 and found that his energetic wife had made rapid progress. He entered heartily into the improvements, and soon laid the foundation to one of the finest properties in the colony. He...

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Biography of John Calvin Dixon

John Calvin Dixon, proprietor of the C. O. D. Grocery, San Bernardino, was born in 1840, in Reynoldsburg, Franklin County, Ohio, and there spent the first eighteen years of his life. In 1858 he moved with his father’s family to Jasper County, Iowa, and there his father, who was a brick-mason by trade, and had also been a farmer, engaged in the grocery business, with John as assistant in the store. Upon the breaking out of the war of the Rebellion he promptly responded to his country’s call for volunteers and enlisted as a member of the Fifth Iowa Infantry and served three years and one month, chiefly under Generals Grant and Sherman. At the battle of Iuka he was severely wounded, being shot through both thighs by a rifle ball. He was discharged just before the fall of Atlanta. Returning home, he remained in Iowa about ten years, part of the time engaged in merchandising and the rest in farming. Tiring of the vigorous winters of the Hawkeye State, Mr. Dixon concluded to seek a milder climate, and in 1874 came to California and located in San Bernardino County; and his admiration for this grand country and salubrious climate increases with each successive year of his residence here. He bought and settled on a ranch a mile and a half northeast of the center of the city, and...

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Biography of Ignatz Huber

The City of Rock Island is indebted for its present prosperity and commercial activity to many men whose capital and intellect have been instrumental in promoting its growth; but one of the men to whom it is chiefly indebted for his activity in promoting those industries and measures which are the life of a city is Ignatz Huber, one of Rock Island’s pioneer brewers and financiers. Mr. Huber is a native of Bavaria, Germany. He was born February 1, 1826. His boyhood and youth were spent in his native Bavaria, and after his school days were finished, learned the brewer’s trade under the instruction of his father. Like many others of foreign birth who have emigrated to the United States, Mr. Huber saw in America a land of promise where individual ability counted for much more and brought much better returns than in the old world. He took passage for America on a sailing vessel leaving the Port of Rotterdam, and after a voyage of forty-two days on the ocean, arrived at New York on June 16, 1849. Pushing westward he stopped at Canton, Ohio, where he spent two months, and then removed to Columbus in the same state, where he found employment in a brewery. Leaving Columbus he went to Cincinnati, where he again followed that line of business in which he had received such thorough training. Mr....

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Roll Of Capt. George Sanderson’s Company

27th United States Infantry. (From Fairfield, Franklin, and Delaware Counties, and part of Western Reserve.) Served In 1813 and 1814. Capt. George Sanderson Lieut. Abner P. Risney or Lieut. John H. Mifford Lieut. Arora or Ahdory Butler Pinney Ensign William Hall Lieut. Abraham Fisk Lieut. Andrew Bushnell Sergt. Chaney Case Sergt. Maj. Linus Williams Lieut. Ira Morse Sergt. John Neibling Sergt. Chauncey Miller Sergt. John Vanmeter Corp. Peter Cary or Gary Sergt. Joshua Pierce Sergt. Robert Sanderson Corp. Smith Headley Corp. John Dugan Sergt. Luther Edson Corp. Daniel T. Bartholomew Corp. John Collings Drummer John C. Sharp or Jonathan C. Shupe Fifer Adam Leeds or Abraham Deeds Privates Alloways, Joseph Anderson, Joseph Anderson, William Atkins, John Baker, Daniel Bartholomew John Bartholomew, Samuel Bartholomew. Abraham Battiese, John Beaty, John Beebee, Sheldon Benjamin, Daniel Berryman, John Billings, Thomas Bixler, Henry Boyl, Thomas Braden, James Brady, Eli Brown, James Burdinoo, Charles Busley or Bussey, John Cabe or Cole, Chester P. Cady, Samuel Cady, William Canely, Peter Canway, Jacob Canway, Lewis Carlton, Almon Case, Henry Case, Nathan Cassy, Archibald Christian Clark, Chaney Clark, Joseph Clay, Joseph Collins, Holden R Cook, Stephen Cremens, Blades Crosby, David Daily, Benjamin Daugherty, George Davis, Jesse Devore, Enos Draper, Asa Dunham, Walter Ellinger, Joseph Evans, John Faid, John Filkall, Daniel Forsythe, John Fulk, Peter Gates, William L. Gause, Samuel Gibson, Joseph Gregory, Elenathan Grimes, Ephraim Haggarty, James Hall,...

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Roll Of Capt. Thomas Mickey’s Company

(Probably from Franklin Co.) Served from August 25 until October 10, 1812. Capt. Thomas Mickey Privates Armstrong, John Brickle, John Carter, Joseph Congell, Joseph Driver, John Fuller, William Hopkins, James Jones, Richard McElvain, John Morehead, Thomas Newcome, Christopher Sells,...

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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Vance’s Company (Dragoons)

(Probably from Franklin County) Served from August 24, until October 14, 1812. Part served from August 1, until Sept. 4. 1813 Capt. Joseph Vance Lieut. Joseph Grate Lieut. Jacob Read Lieut Jacob Keller Cornet, Francis Stewart Sergt. Daniel Liggert Sergt. Benjamin Steward Sergt. John M. White Corp. Henry Weston Corp. Daniel McFarland Corp. Adam Reed Corp. William Hunter Trumpeter, Andrew McElvain Privates Boggs, John Barr, John Brown, Henry Beasley, Isaac Courtney, Richard Culbertson, Samuel Dyer, Robert Dillingham, Ajalon Dickey, Michael Davison, Andrew DeLashmutt, Van B DeLashmutt, John K. Edgar, John House, Richard Goetschins, Nicholas Hunter, John Hunter, Joseph Hilsel, John Hereoff, William Hill, Willard Kean, John King, Samuel Kile, John Kern, John Mark, William McKensey, James McGowan, John McElvaln, James McElvain, John McElvain, William Parrish, Orris Pinkard, William Power, Luther Reed, Alexander Rennick, Asahel Shannon, John Shannon, Samuel Shron, Joseph Simpkins, John Smart, Isaac Starr, Joseph Strain, John M. Stumpbough, John Sullivan, Lucas Swam, Gustavus Upson, Alfred Watts, John White, Alexander Wing, Oliver Winsel,...

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Roll Of Capt. Israel P. Case’s Company

(Probably from Franklin County) Served from August 24, until October 4, 1812, and from May 4, until May 27, 1813. Capt. Israel P. Case Lieut. Cruger Wright Lieut. Abiel Case Ensign, Timothy Lee Sergt. George Osborne Sergt. Job W. Case Sergt. Obediah Blakely Sergt. Charles Thompson Sergt. Herman Wheeler Sergt. William Hall Sergt. Ebenezer Goodrich Sergt. Edward Phelps Drummer, Samuel Beach Fifer, Jeremiah Boardman Privates Andrews, Waren Bardsley, Ebenezer Beech, Samuel Bisett, William Bristol, Adna Brown, Gilbert Case, Henry Case, Orin Clark, Oliver Cochrin, Glass Cochrin, Harper Cooper, Thomas Deckron, Daniel Denton, Justus Goodrich, Bela Goodrich, Levim Holmsted, Philo Ingham, Abraham Millington Peter Mitchell, Joseph Morrison, Henrv Morrison, William Palmer, Luther Parmento, Erastus Perry, Levi Pratt, Lemuel Rees, Caleb Twadel, Joseph Vining, William Wallace, Herman Wever, John W. Whitford, John B Wilcox,...

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Roll Of Capt. Chancey Barker’s Company

(Probably from Franklin County) Served from Augrust 24, until September 15, 1812. Part served from May 4, until May 27, 1813. Capt. Chancey Barker Lieut. Samuel Maynard Ensign Hector Kilbourn Sergt. Eliphalet Barker Sergt. Ethan Palmer Sergt. Berkley Comstock Sergt. Silas Barlow Corp. William Thompson Corp. Abraham Phelps Corp. William Derrickson Corp. Isaac Harrison Musician, Andrews, Noah Privates Allen, Isaac Benedict, Asahel Brient, Jeremiah Case, Orlando Chapman, Albert Cochrane, Nathaniel Cooper, John Crippen, Joseph Crippin, John Crosby, Charles Derickson, John Faulkner, Joshua N Fisher, Isaiah Glisby, Enos Griswold, Isaac Hills, James H. Hoffman, Jacob Hone, Henry Impson, William Kilbourn, John Kirk, John Knight, Oreno Lee, Asa Maxfield, Amos Maynard, Amos, Jr. Maynard, Moses McCutchan, Robert Mitchell, Newman Moore, Simeon, Sr. Olmsted, Francis Phelps, Abraham Puntney, Aquilla, Rugg, Origen Shirp, Ganit Skeels, Bellas H Smith, John Stanherry, Recompense Tolland, Thomas Toppin, Zopher Turbee, Mathias Weaver, Asa, Jr. Wheele, Herman White, William Wilcox, Asa Willard, Windsor Wilson, Samuel Yonel,...

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Roll Of Capt. Richard Hooker’s Company

(Probably from Franklin and Fairfield Counties.) Served from May 7, until September 5, 1813. Capt. Richard Hooker Lieut. Valentine Raber Cornet, James Reed Sergt. Joseph Hodges Sergt. Robert Wilson Sergt. Moses Sowers Sergt. George Harrison Corp. Abraham Middlesworth Corp. Thomas Duddleson Corp. Arthur Stotts Corp. Abraham Cole Trumpeter, Joseph Wright Privates Busbee, George Busbee, John Cameron, Alexander Carlisle, Thomas Cline. Andrew Cloughburg, Abraham Cromby, Christ Delshaver, Jacob Delshaver, John Earmman, Frederick Gessel, John Glick, George Hamilton. Orange Harrison, Alexander Hayes, Peter Highland, Edward Johnston, John Long, William McVay, John Milison, Barnett Milton, Isaac Moore, Henry Moore, William Nigh, Michael Nye, George Propeck, Thomas Rent, Hugh Ridenhour, Henry Shull, Solomon Sowers, John Sprader, Jacob Stewart, Joseph Stotts, Absalom Wilson, Samuel Winders,...

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Roll Of Capt. George Skidmore’s Company

(From Franklin County). Served from August 26, until October 10, 1812. Capt. George Skidmore Lieut. John Skidmore Ensign, William Marshall Sergt. Robert Riley Sergt. Thomas Jones Sergt. John Hickman Sergt. Joseph Skidmore Corp. William Stiarwolt Corp. Chester P. Cole Corp. John Skinner Corp. Charles Sells Fifer, Frederick Stirwolt Drummer, Ashbaugh Privates Beer, Conrad Brickle, John Cooper, Alexander Droddy, Aaron Droddy, John Flemmin, William Ford, Frederick Fuller, William Hamilton, John Harrington, Daniel Hearsoff, John Hess, Bolser Hickman, Townsend Johnston, John Jones, John Justice, David Keasnor, Michael Kinser, Adam Manning, Elisha Manning, William Marsh, Thomas Morehead, Thomas Postler, Job Postler, Solomon Rodgers, John Sells, William Shipman, Samuel Skinner, James Step, John Thomas, Elijah Thomas, James Thomas, Wesley Vana, Alexander Waite, George Williams, Lewis Winset,...

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Roll Of Capt. George William’s Company

(Probably from Franklin Co.) Served from August 26, until October 10, 1812. Capt. George Williams Lieut. Jacob Foster Ensign, Robert Breckenridge Sergt. William Duff Sergt. John Goldsmith Sergt. John Carnohan Sergt. Mathew Brown Corp. William White Corp. Charles O’Neil Corp. John Hoover Corp. John Stephenson Pifer, Thomas Shreves Drummer, William McKibben Privates Balenger, Joseph Bennet, Joseph Carter, Joseph Chinowith, Thomas Clark, Daniel Clark, Richard DeWitt, Martin England, Jacob Hoffman, Henry Hoover, Abraham Johnston James Jones, James Kelsel, Nicholas Knis, John Martin, John Mathews, Hiram McLaughlin, Hiram Messer, Isaac Morris, Joseph O’Neil, Johnston Parish, Reuben Potston, Cornelius Radcliffe, Job Romine, Elias Seeds, John Seymour, Richard Tanner, Peter Weatherington, John Williams,...

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Roll Of Capt. Joseph Gorton’s Company

(Probably from Franklin County) Served from August 25, until October 10, 1812. Capt. Joseph Gorton Sergt. Mathew Mathews Drummer, Andrew Corpus Privates Badger, William Bailie, Stewart Benton, Nathan Breckenrige, James Gordon, John Grubb, Jacob Hopper, Robert Instice, John John, John McNutt, William Moody, James Overdeer, Jacob Penix, Edward Primrose, William Robertson, Francis Simmons, John Webb,...

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Roll Of Capt. Samuel Lybrand’s Company

(Probably from Franklin County) Served from July 29, until September 6, 1813. Capt. Samuel Lybrand Lieut. Cornelius Casey Ensign Philip Wheitzell Sergt. Jacob 0. Lutz Sergt. Jacob H. Lutz Sergt. Noble Roberts Sergt. Isaiah Willetts Corp. Robert Field Corp. Jesse Willets Corp. Jacob Whitesell Privates Busbey, John Culp, Peter Culp, Sebastian Dunkel, John Fogler, Henry Fogler, John Grundy, Abraham Heller, George Judey, Simon Justice, Griffith Kline, Henry Koons, Peter Markel, Abraham Marts, Peter Myers, John Palmer, Jesse Richeldaifer, Henry Shisler, John Stump, Joel Whitzell, George Wildban, George Willits, Isaac Willits, James Willits, William Zearing,...

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Roll Of Capt. David Lists’ Company

(From Franklin County) Served from July 28, 1813 until September 6, 1813. Capt. David List Lieut. Peter Bawsher Ensign Daniel Puncher Sergt. Henry Grim Sergt. Henry Spiker Sergt. Dunovan Reed Sergt. David Hostetter Corp. George List Corp. Phillip, Sanfoss Corp. Daniel Swaggert Corp. John Clark Musician, Jacob Grove Privates Bawm, Jacob Bawsher, Anthony Bell, Joseph Betser, Peter Black, William Bowsher, Henry Bowsher, Jacob Bowsher, John Burney, Thomas Clark, Alphus Coons, John Curtz, Hector Dresbach, Samuel Finck, Solomon Greenoh, Jacob Greenoh, James Grim, George Harman, Samuel Harmon, George Harmon, Jacob Harpster, Peter Hedges, Benjamin Hiser, William Hossman, George Johnston, Robert Justice, Jesse Kile, William Kintzel, Samuel List, Phillip Lloyd, John Martin, William Miller, Stephen Neff, Adam Overmieir, John Puntius, Conrad Row, Peter Salarts, John Smith, Ellsha Smith, Phillip Spelman, Thomas Stover, Christopher Swigart, John Till, John Uartz, Christian Vandorm, William Walton, John Weaver, Jacob Winlin, William Wize,...

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Biography of R. T. Updegraff

R. T. Updegraff has been perhaps the leading individual factor in the commercial and business development of the Town of Maple Hill in Wabaunsee County for the past thirty years. Mr. Updegraff came to Kansas after completing his education, and the vigor and enterprise which characterized his early life in this state have borne abundant fruit in several different lines. Mr. Updegraff was born at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, November 28, 1862. He is of old Quaker family, the religion of the Friends having received the allegiance of the Updegraffs for many generations. The Updegraffs first came out of Holland in colonial times and settled at Germantown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Updegraff’s grandfather, David Updegraff, was a pioneer farmer at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, where he died before R. T. Updegraff was born. He was a loyal member of the Quaker Church. D. B. Updegraff, father of the Maple Hill merchant, was born at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, in 1830, and spent all his life in that community, where he died in 1894. He was a Quaker minister, an old line republican, and a man of very splendid character and an exemplar in conduct and leadership. He married Rebecca Price, who was born at Mount Pleasant, Ohio, in 1831, and died there in 1864. Their children were: Anna E., wife of Allen Hilles, living at Los Angeles, California; O. P., in the insurance business...

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