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Location: Frankfort Missouri

Biography of Herbert J. Corwine

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Herbert J. Corwine has long been one of Topeka’s most popular citizens, was formerly pastor of the Third Christian Church of that city, and in 1916 he became widely known all over the First Congressional District as democratic candidate for Congress, running in opposition to Congressman Anthony of Leavenworth. To elect a democrat from this district would be to perform a miracle in politics, but Mr. Corwine made a very strong bid for popular support and secured a handsome aggregate of votes, thought impartial observers would have conceded the election of his republican opponent before the ballots were counted. Mr. Corwine was by far the strongest candidate of his party at the primaries in August, 1916, and particularly in those counties where he was personally known he secured a large number of normally republican votes. Mr. Corwine was born in Pike County, Missouri, at the Town of Frankfort, September 25, 1876. His is a very interesting ancestry. He is a son of John Brooks Corwine, who was born in Mason County, Kentucky, in 1841, and for more than forty years was one of the ablest ministers of the Christian Church. He did his first work as a pastor in Macoupin County, Illinois. He also organized the First Christian Church at Bowling Green, Missouri, and one of...

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