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Location: Fostoria Kansas

Biography of John Thomas Bartley

John Thomas Bartley has spent many years in Kansas and the Southwestern country and his business had been chiefly ranching on a large scale, either as manager for others or for himself. He now looks after a large farm at Fostoria in Pottawatomie County and had been a fine factor in the founding and upbuilding of that comparatively new village of Kansas. The home of the Bartleys for several generations had been Monroe County, Kentucky, where John Thomas was born March 7, 1865. His great-grandfather, Thomas Bartley, was born in Ireland in 1760. He came to this country a young, unmarried man and was one of the pioneers of Monroe County, Kentucky, where he died about 1842. He married Maggie Sumner, who was born in Kentucky in 1763, a date which identifies her family with the early era in the West, her father having been a contemporary of Daniel Boone. She died in Monroe County, Kentucky, in 1849. William Bartley, grandfather of John Thomas, was born in Monroe County, Kentucky, and spent his life there as a farmer. He married Martha Simpson, also a native of Monroe County, where she died. A record of their children is as follows: James, a farmer who died in Monroe County; Simpson, a farmer who spent his life in Monroe County; Thomas, who is still living in that county, a retired farmer; William,...

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