Location: Forsyth Missouri

Biography of Hon. Patrick C. Berry

HON. PATRICK C. BERRY. The position occupied by Patrick C. Berry as one of the prominent and influential citizens of Stone County, Missouri, has been gained by personal worth and unquestioned integrity. He is well and favorably known all over the county, few men more so, and is now enjoying the fruits of a well-spent life. In the grand old mother of States, Virginia, he was born, August 22, 1830, the seventh son and next to the youngest of the eight children of Samuel and Sarah (Hickey) Berry, both natives of Washington County, Virginia. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Our subject’s grandfather, William Berry, was born in the Emerald Isle, but at an early date came to this country and settled in Virginia or Pennsylvania, dying in the former State. He was a farmer, and the old homestead in the Old Dominion is now owned by members of the family. Samuel Berry was born on this old farm in 1799, grew to manhood and married...

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Biography of Washington M. Wade

WASHINGTON M. WADE. Washington M. Wade, ex-clerk and recorder of Christian County, and a prominent banker of the county, was born in Carroll County, Arkansas, January 21, 1858, and was the youngest of ten children born to the union of Joseph and Nancy (Sivley) Wade. The father was born in Warren County, Kentucky, near Bowling Green, March 4, 1814, and the mother was born in Lawrence County, Ala., in 1816. The latter was the daughter of Mr. and Rachel Sivley, and was the only one of the family to come to Missouri. Our subject’s paternal grandparents were Joseph Wade and his wife, formerly Miss Mounts. The father of our subject came from Alabama to Greene County, Missouri, in 1840, but subsequently moved to Arkansas, where he made his home until 1861. He then moved to Rolla, Missouri, for being a strong Union man his ideas did not accord with his neighbors’, and he thought it prudent to leave. He enlisted in the army, but was rejected on account of his age. His wife took the family and located in the northeast part of Christian County, but after residing there one year, moved to Grand Prairie, in Greene County, north of Republic. In 1866 the family moved to the southwest point of Christian County, Galloway Township, near Highlandville, and there resided until the death of the father, on the 29th...

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Biography of Charles H. Groom

CHARLES H. GROOM. Charles H. Groom, one of the most progressive and successful young attorneys of Taney County, Missouri, was born in Holt County, Missouri, January 16, 1861, to the union of Sylvanus L. and Semira E. (Boswell) Groom, natives, respectively, of the Empire State and Indiana, the former born May 19, 1818. Isaac Groom, grandfather of the subject, was a native of the green isle of Erin and was probably the first of the family to come to America. He passed the remainder of his days in the State of New York. Sylvanus L. Groom and his brother, Edward, were the only surviving members of the father’s family. They emigrated to Detroit, Mich., at an early date and studied law, medicine and theology. In 1859 Sylvanus came to Nodaway County, Missouri, and began practicing law at Marysville. When the war broke out he enlisted from Holt County in the Thirteenth Missouri Infantry, and served as a private, although he was offered a higher rank, which he refused. He served faithfully up to the battle of Pittsburg Landing, when he received a gunshot wound and subsequently a furlough for thirty days. Upon reporting for duty he was again sent home for ninety days; but before that time had expired he again entered the army, enlisting in the Twenty-fifth Missouri Infantry, Company H, with which he remained until the cessation...

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Biography of Barnett P. Parrish

BARNETT P. PARRISH. Although almost eighty years have passed over the head of the gentleman who is the subject of this sketch, he is well preserved, physically and mentally, and is a typical representative of the native Ohioan, honest and upright in word and deed, energetic and pushing, and of a decidedly practical turn of mind. He was born in the Buckeye State September 13, 1818, and is a son of Ira O. W. W. and Ruth (Cheneworth) Parrish. It is thought that the father was a Virginian by birth, but at an early date he was married in Ohio and, when our subject was but seven or eight years of age, he and family removed to Vermillion County, Indiana, and in 1835 to Illinois. Later they left that State and settled in the woods of Polk County, Missouri, improved a farm, and there passed the remainder of their lives, Mr. Parrish dying a number of years after the war, when eighty-three years of age. He was a well-to-do farmer and hotel man, and was a soldier in the War of 1812. He was of Irish descent. His wife died before the war. They were the parents of nine children: William Thomas, who died when a boy; Barnett P., the subject of this sketch; Casandria, deceased, who was the wife of Calvin Gaylor; Joseph, a soldier of the Mexican...

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Biography of J. A. Weatherman

J. A. WEATHERMAN. Among the prominent men of the county who have held the office of sheriff, none have filled it in a more efficient and satisfactory manner than has the subject of this sketch. He is an honored and respected citizen and, although young in years, is possessed of those advanced ideas and progressive principles which seem to be among the chief characteristics of the average Missourian. He is a product of Taney County, born December 7, 1859, and the eldest child born to the marriage of John and Matilda J. (Krithley) Weatherman. The grandfather, James Weatherman, was a native of the Keystone State, but at an early day came to Missouri, where he was among the first settlers of Taney County. He became well known all over the county and followed farming until his death, in 1885. He reared a large family (about eighteen children) and some are still living in this county, although a number moved to other States. In politics he was first an old-line Whig, but later became a Republican, remaining with the same until his death. He was a good citizen and contributed his full share toward the improvement of the county. John Weatherman, the father of our subject, became inured to pioneer life at an early age, for he was born in Missouri shortly after his parents settled here, and his education...

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Biography of John L. Cook

JOHN L. COOK. In scanning the lives and careers of the citizens of Swan Township, it is pleasant to note the exercise of enterprise in every walk of life, and the achievement of success in every department of business. Thus one is enabled to discern in the career of Mr. Cook, who has for man years been a successful farmer and stockraiser of Taney County. He was born one mile from where he now lives in 1841 and is a son of James and Catherine (Steward) Cook, natives of Simpson County, Kentucky, the former born about 1805 and the latter in 1803. The elder Cook was reared in his native county, secured a fair education for his day, and was there married to Miss Steward who accompanied him in 1838 to Taney County Missouri, the journey being made by wagon and occupying six weeks. They located in the woods on Swan Creek, when that region was sparsely settled, and improved a good farm on which he lived half a century, the wife dying about 1879 and he in 1888. They were Methodists for many years and no people were better respected in the community. Honorable and upright in every walk of life, the father’s character was above reproach. He was a Democrat in politics and was in sympathy with the South during the war, but did not take an...

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Biography of S. W. Boswell

S. W. BOSWELL, vice-president of Taney County Bank, and general business man of Forsyth, Missouri, was born in that city, October 15, 1860. He is a son of Levi and Louisa (Wilks) Boswell, both natives of Missouri, the father being born in Taney County. Levi Boswell, Sr., grandfather of our subject, was born in Tennessee, and came to this State at an early day, taking up land on Swan Creek, about sixteen miles from Forsyth. There he resided until 1861, when, on account of his political views he was obliged to remove to Greene County, Missouri, where he remained during the war. He located near Springfield, and there made his home until 1866. Previous to the war he held the office of sheriff of Taney County, and, returning to that county after the war, he was elected county treasurer by the Republican party, of which he was an ardent adherent, having previously been a Whig. For some time before the war he was in business at Forsyth, but farming was his principal occupation in life, and he accumulated a fair share of this world’s goods. He was twice married, and by his second marriage, which resulted in the birth of two children, the father of our subject was born, he being the elder. Mr. Boswell was a soldier in the War of 1812. During the latter part of his...

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Biography of Maj. Sampson Barker

MAJ. SAMPSON BARKER. Since 1869, when our subject became connected with the affairs of Taney County, he has enjoyed the reputation of being not only an able financier and talented and well-informed man of the county, but one noted for upright and honorable dealing, and seems to have been admirably fitted by nature for the calling of an agriculturist. He comes of a good old Virginia family, and was born in Scott County of that State November 30, 1832. He is a son of John S. and Sallie (Boyes) Barker, both natives of the Old Diminion, the father born in 1797 and the mother in 1807. The grandfather, Thomas Barker, the founder of the family in America, came from England prior to the Revolutionary War and fought bravely for independence. He was a captain under Shelby at King’s Mountain, and had his powder horn shot off during that battle. He died in Virginia after a long and useful life. The father of our subject reached man’s estate in Virginia, and was also a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was captain under Scott at Lundy’s Lane. and later was stationed at an island off the coast of Virginia. He was married in his native State and made his home there during life. In connection with farming he raised fine stock, continuing this until seventy-three years of age. In politics...

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Biography of Jesse A. Tolerton

JESSE A. TOLERTON. There are few enterprise which contribute a larger quota to the convenience of the residential and transient public than the well-appointed livery stable. A prominent one in Forsyth is that conducted by Mr. Jesse A. Tolerton who enjoys a widespread reputation, and the city may congratulate herself upon the presence of such an honorable man of business. Although young in years he possesses an unlimited amount of energy and sound judgment, and has already obtained a good start in the world. His is the only livery stable in Taney County, and he is doing a good business. Our subject came to Forsyth when a small boy, and since the age of twelve years has made his own way in life. Possessed of industrious habits and a genial, happy disposition, he made friends wherever he made his home and the people of Forsyth were not slow in recognizing his true worth. After coming to Forsyth he worked for his board and attended the Forsyth schools, and in this manner received a good business education. Later he started a small feed stable, and meeting with success in this, began buying horses. Since then he has met with good success and owns the stable property and a number of lots on the public square. He has good stock and all the necessary vehicles for a first-class barn. At the...

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Biography of R. W. Cline

R. W. CLINE. Few citizens of Missouri are more highly favored in respect to mercantile establishment-sin size, purity and general excellence of stock, etc., than Forsyth. Among the leading establishments of this kind is that conducted by R. W. Cline, which for the extent of its trade, the variety of its stock and the superiority of its goods is entitled to more than ordinary prominence and recognition. For a period of about sixteen years Mr. Cline has resided in Forsyth, and during that time he has won the esteem and respect of all. He was born in this State, Dallas County, March 23, 1858, and there grew to mature years and received his education. After reaching mature years he turned his attention to blacksmithing and followed that for about ten years, in Springfield, whither he had moved. In 1877 he came to Forsyth, opened up a blacksmith shop, and remained in that business up to 1887, when he embarked in merchandising and has met with fair success. Industrious and enterprising, all his property has been the result of much perseverance on his part. In politics he is a Republican, and socially he is an Odd Fellow, a member of Forsyth Lodge No. 293, in which he has held office. He owns a mill, and also resident property in Forsyth. He became proprietor of the Forsyth Roller Mills, which are...

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Biography of J. M. Haworth

J. M. HAWORTH. The locality in which Forsyth is situated is indeed fortunate in having among its citizens such a man as Mr. Haworth is conceded to be, for his connection with the interests of the county, both as a minister of the Gospel, business man and agriculturist, has proven of much benefit and influence. He inherits much of his energy and push from his Irish ancestors, his grandfather having been a native of the Emerald Isle, and having emigrated to the United States at a period antedating the Revolutionary War, in which he served with distinction. He took up land in North Carolina and there passed the remainder of his days. His son, McCogie Haworth, was born in the Old North State in 1797, but left that State with his parents and emigrated to Wilson County, Tennessee From there he subsequently moved to Parke County, Indiana, but later returned to Tennessee, where he remained until 1853, when he came to this county. Here his death occurred in 869. He was a blacksmith and wagon maker by trade and ran a shop in Taney County a number of years. He was also a farmer, owning a good tract of land in this county, the same being now owned by his sons, and he became well off. He selected his wife in the person of Miss Edna Winn, a native...

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Hurse, Orel Frances – Obituary

Funeral services for Orel Frances Hurse, 72, 2469 14th, are scheduled for 1 p.m. tomorrow at Langrell Mortuary Chapel. Pastor Marvin Carr of The Fist Christian Church will officiate. Interment will be at Mt. Hope Cemetery. Mr. Hurse died last Sunday at his home. He was born in Forsyth, Missouri, on November ?, 1900. After moving to Oregon when he was 19, Hurse worked as a logger and prospector for several years in the area around Applegate. He then moved to Eastern Oregon where he worked on ranches, walked ditch for a ditch company, and did some gold mining on Burnt River near Hereford. Source: Baker Democrat Herald, Baker City, Oregon January 23, 1973, page 2 Contributed by: Sue...

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