Location: Flush Kansas

Biography of Warren S. Plummer

Warren S. Plummer, former county clerk of Pottawatomie County, is secretary, treasurer and manager of the Westmoreland Mercantile Company, the largest general merchandise house in business at the county seat. Mr. Plummer started life with an earnest purpose, and had steadily kept that in view and by industry and honorable dealings had attained a position where he is recognized as one of the leading men of his home county. He is a native of Pottawatomie County, having been born near the present Village of Flush, then known as Myers Valley, on January 7, 1875. He is of old American stock, the Plummers having come from England and settled in Virginia in Colonial times. His father Hezekiah Plummer was one of the early settlers in Pottawatomie County. He was born near Chillicothe, Ohio, in February, 1826, and when a boy entered upon an apprenticeship at the cooper and wagon making trade. He became a skilled workman. He was reared and married near Chillicothe and from there moved to Indiana. In 1862 he volunteered his services in Company I of the Thirtieth, Indiana Infantry, but after six months of service was discharged on account of disability. He then went back to Chillicothe, Ohio, and lived there until 1868, which was the date of his coming to Pottawatomie County. He took up a homestead, developed it as a farm, and sold out...

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Biography of Michael Floersch

Michael Floersch. In the year 1854, the late Michael Floersch, then a young man of twenty-one years, came from Missouri to Kansas and homesteaded a claim in the Pottawatomie country. He had been reared in Missouri, where his parents had settled on coming to the United States when he was eight years old. He was born in Germany, in 1833, and was reared in the faith of the Catholic Church, to the teachings of which he consistently adhered through a long, active and exemplary career. When Mr. Floersch came to Kansas he was without capital other than indomitable courage, unlimited energy and worthy ambition, but these served to carry him through the first few years and served as the foundation upon which his fortunes were builded. At the time of his arrival Mr. Floersch pre-empted land in Pottawatomie County and began to develop a farm. He succeeded, not only in the formation of a large and valuable country estate, but in co-operating with strong and capable men in the business world, and in addition to being a skilled and thrifty farmer and a large live stock dealer, was prominent in business affairs. As a pioneer of Kansas, he took a conspicuous part in the development of the section of the state that was so fortunate to secure the benefit of his judgment and foresight and to be the scene...

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