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Location: Evanston Missouri

Biography of John Levi Hunt, Hon.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Hon. John Levi Hunt. It may be said that Hon. John Levi Hunt, assistant attorney-general of Kansas, and member of the leading law firm of Wheeler, Switzer & Hunt, is one of the fortunate men of Topeka. He was fortunate in having a good parentage, a fair endowment of intellect and feeling, a liberal education, in attaching himself to one of the learned professions, and in casting in his lot with the people of Topeka when her enterprises were probably at their fullest tide of development, and under circumstances which enabled him to co-operate in her material growth. While he has borne a fair share of the labors of professional and public life, he has at the same time preserved his love of letters and his indulgence in the amenities of a refined and gentle life. Mr. Hunt was born at Chicago, Illinois, February 22, 1869, one of the six children of Homer C. and Anna (Gleed) Hunt, the former a native of New York, and the latter of England, from whence she came to this country in 1857. A number of the Hunts took part in the Revolutionary war, but Homer C. Hunt was suffering from ill health at the time of the Civil war and was thus unfit for service. After his marriage in...

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