Location: Erie Pennsylvania

Early Exploration and Native Americans

De Soto and his band gave to the Choctaws at Moma Binah and the Chickasaws at Chikasahha their first lesson in the white man’s modus operandi to civilize and Christianize North American Indians; so has the same lesson been continued to be given to that unfortunate people by his white successors from that day to this, all over this continent, but which to them, was as the tones of an alarm-bell at midnight. And one hundred and twenty-three years have passed since our forefathers declared all men of every nationality to be free and equal on the soil of the North American continent then under their jurisdiction, except the Africans whom they held in slavery, and the Native Americans against whom they decreed absolute extermination because they could not also enslave them; to prove which, they at once began to hold out flattering-inducements to the so-called oppressed people of all climes under the sun, to come to free America and assist them to oppress and kill off the Native Americans and in partnership take their lands and country, as this was more in accordance with their lust of wealth and speedy self-aggrandizement than the imagined slow process of educating, civilizing and Christianizing them, a work too con descending, too humiliating; and to demonstrate that it has been a grand and glorious success, we now point with vaunting pride and haughty...

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Biographical Sketch of James Albert Brady

Brady, James Albert; insurance; born, Franklin, Pa., Nov. 16, 1880; son of John and Isabelle Kingman Brady; educated, High School, Union City, Pa., graduate; studied Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa., Columbia University, Washington, D. C., and Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, Md.; married, Erie, Pa., June 3, 1905, Miriam E. Goodnough; two children, Louise Belle, age 6, and James A. Jr., age 4; came to Cleveland on Dec, 5, 1902, to enter life insurance work for The Mutual Life Insurance Co., in November, 1907, formed a partnership with R. A. Tuttle, the firm to take charge of Northern Ohio for The Midland Mutual Life Insurance Co.; Brady & Tuttle, gen. mgrs. for Northern Ohio for The Midland Mutual Life Insurance Co.; trustee Euclid Avenue Baptist Church; member Phi Kappa Psi National College Fraternity; served as sec’y and pres. of the Cleveland Alumni Assn, in 1903-1904; member Lakewood Tennis...

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Biographical Sketch of Hal. H. Hill

Hill, Hal. H.; contracting engineer; born, Detroit, Mich., Feb. 9, 1875; son of Thomas W. and Harriette C. De La Hooke Hill; educated, Cornell University, class of 1897, mechanical engineer; early education, University School, Cleveland; contracting engineer The Erie City Iron Works, Erie, Pa.; member American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Union, Roadside, Chagrin Valley Hunt Clubs of Cleveland, and the Erie Club, Erie,...

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Biographical Sketch of Frederick Ingham Kennedy

Kennedy, Frederick Ingham; coal and vessel business; born, Erie, Pa., Nov. 10, 1866; son of Silas E. and Belle Ingham Kennedy; educated, public schools and Erie Academy; graduated, class of 1884; married, Erie, Pa., Sept. 10, 1889, Madeline Hammond; issue, one daughter, Dorothy, one son, Frederick I., Jr.; commenced work with Youghiogheny River Coal Co., Erie, Pa., controlled by the late Congressman W. L. Scott, June 2, 1884; clerk and afterwards treas. and director of the company; also treas. and director Spring Valley Coal Co., controlled by the same interests; these companies sold to Pittsburg Coal Co., when he went with them as traveling auditor and afterwards as asst. to the vice pres., leaving Pittsburg for his present position; agent The C. Reiss Coal Co., and The Milwaukee Western Fuel Co.; director The North American Steamship Co., and The Wainwright Steamship Co.; member Masonic Order, Elks, Athletic Club, and The Erie Club, and Sheboygan, Wis.,...

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Biographical Sketch of George Baird Johnson

Johnson, George Baird; professional; born, Erie, Pa., Jan. 10, 1877; son of James a and Susan Baird Johnson; educated, Sewickley Academy and Park Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa.; married, Cleveland, Feb. 10, 1906, Edith Ketchum; issue, two children, John Baird and Harriet Ely Johnson; in charge Cleveland office, having jurisdiction over Ohio and Kentucky, for William Salmon & Co., international bankers, New York; 1895, with general Agency Insurance Co. of North America, at Erie, Pa.; 1900, Agency Dept. New York Life Insurance Co.; 1905, W. J. Hayes & Son, bankers, Cleveland; 1909, William Salmon & Co., bankers; member Union...

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Biographical Sketch of Julius French Janes

Janes, Julius French; pres. and gen’l mgr. Standard Steel Castings Co.; born, Erie, Pa., Sept. 24, 1877; son of Herman and Julia (Williams) Janes; educated, Brooks Military Academy, University School, Phillips Andover Academy, Andover, Mass.; graduated from Yale in 1902; married, Nov. 11, 1904, Ruth Hawkins; issue, one son, Julius French; in sales dept. the Bourne-Fuller Co., three years; salesman with Morgan Lithograph Co.; appointed to joint management of sales dept. and treasurer in 1908; established Standard Steel Castings Co., 1912; member Calvary Presbyterian Church, Hermit and Euclid Clubs. Recreations: Golf, Tennis, Fishing and...

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Perkins, Clara Dwinell Mrs. – Obituary

Mrs. Clara Perkins Resident of Eagle Valley 40 Years Mrs. Clara Perkins, pioneer resident of Newbridge, died at her home this morning at 8 o’clock. Mrs. Perkins was born in Erie, Pennsylvania March 13, 1848. She had lived in Newbridge for the last 40 years. Her husband, Albert Perkins, died in Newbridge in 1922. She was a member of the Church of God in Newbridge. The deceased is survived by five daughters, Mrs. John Simmons of Enterprise, Mrs. George Rivers of Phoenix, Arizona, Mrs. Ethel A. Perkins of Portland, Mrs. Otis Simonis of Newbridge and Mrs. Lloyd Coble of Newbridge; two sons, Fred R. Perkins of Newbridge and A.J. Perkins of Boise; 19 grandchildren, 30 great grandchildren, and five great great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday in the Church of God in Newbridge under the direction of West and company. Interment will be in the Richland cemetery. Source: Baker Democrat Herald, Baker City, Oregon, December 4, 1931, page 1. Contributed by: Sue...

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Biographical Sketch of Henry Jarecki

Henry Jarecki; a prominent business man and manufacturer of Erie, Pennsylvania, has been induced by the genial climate of Southern California to select Riverside as his residence. He came to Riverside in 1885 and purchased a ten-acre orange grove on the west side of Brockton Avenue, about one mile south of the business center of the town, upon which he erected a two story residence of modern design and finish. There he has since resided with his family, receiving great benefit from the health-giving air and pure water for which Riverside is so noted. His leisure hours are devoted to directing the care and cultivation to be bestowed upon his fine orange grove and beautiful grounds. He has one of the finest groves and residence properties in the...

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Biographical Sketch of Dr. Chauncey W. Grove

Dr. Chauncey W. Grove, a physician and surgeon in Geneva, Ontario county, New York, and throughout that section is descended from an old family of Germany. The family name was originally spelled Von Graffe, and this by successive changes has finally developed into Grove. From the earliest times the family has adhered to the Protestant denominations, and it was during the very early days of the settlement of the colonies that the first members came to this country and made their homes here. Dr. Chauncey W. Grove, son of Jay C. and Zettirah (Fry) Grove, was born in Fredonia, Pennsylvania, December 15, 1879. His elementary education was obtained in the public schools of Pennsylvania, and he was graduated with honor from the Erie high school. His next step was to enter the University of Buffalo in 1900, and he was graduated from this institution in 1904, with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. He then spent one year as the house physician in the Erie County Hospital, of Buffalo, and in July, 1905, established himself as a physician and surgeon in Geneva, Ontario county, New York. He is affiliated with the following organizations: Masons, Royal Arch Masons and Knights Templar; Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks; Omega Upsilon Phi; Geneva Medical Society; Ontario County Medical Society; New York State Medical Society; American Medical Association. Dr. Grove married, June 14,...

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Biography of Malcolm Crawford

MALCOLM CRAWFORD, well known in Hatfield, Massachusetts, as a farmer and skilled mechanic, comes of a family that has been in New England for many generations, its records tracing back to 1730, almost two hundred years ago. (I) James Crawford, immigrant ancestor of the family, came to America in 1730 from Londonderry, Ireland, in 1730, and settled in Newtown, Massachusetts. He later went to Union, Connecticut, where he bought land and was a large land owner. Although he came from Ireland, James Crawford was of Scotch extraction, and he married Elizabeth Campbell, also of Scotch origin. Their children, all born in America except the oldest, were: Margaret; Robert; James, of further mention; John; William, Hugh, and Jane. (II) James (2) Crawford, son of James and Elizabeth (Campbell) Crawford, was born in Union, Connecticut, in September, 5733. In 1769 he moved with his family to Westminster, Vermont, and in 1798 or 5799 to Putney, Vermont, where he died in 1807. He was a soldier in the American Revolution. He married, in 1755, Grace Carpenter, born in 1734, as Ashford, Connecticut, and they were the parents of Chester, Frances, Anne, Theophilus, of further mention; Sarah, Lydia, and Elizabeth. (III) Theophilus Crawford, son of James (2) and Grace (Carpenter) Crawford, was born April 25, 1764, died January so, 1856, in Putney, Vermont. He was an influential citizen of his community and served...

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Biography of Frederick C. A. Denkmann

When on March 2, 1905, the spirit of Frederick C. A. Denkmann passed from earth there was completed and rounded out a life that may well serve as an inspiration for American boys of this and succeeding generations, through its disregard of difficulties, steadfastness of purpose, energy and accomplishment, sterling worth and help-fulness. In such a life there is encouragement for every young man who is constrained to be the architect and builder of his own fortunes, even as this necessity was laid upon Frederick C. A. Denkmann. He sprang from sturdy German stock, did this great American lumberman, and that his sole inheritance from his ancestors was a clear head reinforced by rugged strength was not the fault of his forbears, but so events were shaped by the fortunes of war. Frederick, mostly called Carl, was born April 8, 1822, at Salzwedel, the ancient capital of Prussia, the youngest son of his father, Diedrich Denkmann. This father had been a successful manufacturer, a man of property and standing in the German city. The Napoleonic wars destroyed his business and swept away his inherited and accumulated wealth. Disheartened and feeling that the lost ground could not be regained, Diedrich Denkmann died, and the little Carl was left to the care of the mother, upon whom great responsibilities devolved. Circumstances forbade Carl the enjoyment of advantages that his widowed mother...

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St Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery, Erie, Pennsylvania

Cemetery transcription of St Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery, located on Hershey Road in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania. BECK Phebe, b. 2 Dec. 1811, d. 12 Mar. 1863. Wife of William Beck. William, d. 18 July 1862, ae. 5 yrs. BERNRITTER Anty, b. 2 Apr. 1890, d. 21 Apr. 1895. Child of Derick and Margaret Bernritter. Charles, b. 20 Mar. 1884, d. 5 June 1894. Son of Derick C. and Margaret Benritter. Derick C., d. 1917. Husband of Margaret Bernritter. Elizabeth, b. 1895, d. 1914. John, d. 25 June 1877, ae. 79 yrs. Husband of Wallbur ga Buhl. Margaret, d. 1929. Wife of Derick Bernritter. Samuel C., b. 29 Aug. 1881, d. 16 May 1894. Son of Derick C. and Margaret Bernritter. Wallburga Buhl, d. 10 Jan. 1881, ae. 84 yrs. Wife of John Bernritter. William F., b. 22 Mar. 1878, d. 15 May 1894. Son of Derick C. and Margaret Bernritter. BRECKLEY Christian, b. 20 July 1803, d. 9 Feb. 1879. Husband of Mary S. Breckley. Mary S., b. 23 Oct. 1809, d. 4 Jan. 1891. Wife of Christian Breckley. CHERMER Sophia S., b. 14 May 1790, d. 4 Jan. 1874. GRAEFE John, b. 1791, d. 1875. HEGNER Margaretha, b. 1867, d. 1869. Maria, b. 9 Mar. 1819, d. 17 May 1864. KAISER Katherine, b. 18 July 1825, d. 8 Sept. 1897. MANDLE Martin, b. 2 Feb. 1798, d. 14...

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Biographical Sketch of William Harris Welch

William Harris Welch was born at Erie, Pennsylvania, December 15, 1862. He moved from there to Lock Haven with his parents the following year, and was educated in private and public schools, finishing with a special one year’s course in the State Normal at that place in 187980. During the next five years he studied and practiced civil engineering with his father, Edwin H. Welch, on the Pennsylvania railroad. In February, 1885, he entered the maintenance of way department of the Northern Central railway at Elmira as rodman. In June of the same year he came to Canandaigua as assistant to Supervisor William J. Jeudevine. At the death of the latter in 1891 he was appointed supervisor of the Canandaigua division, which position he still holds. For a number of years he acted as village engineer, building a number of the village sewers, and in 1899 the Chapin street brick pavement, the first laid in the village. He is on his father’s side a direct descendant of William Bradford, who came over in the “Mayflower” in 1620, and Alice Carpenter, his wife. His father is still living and is practicing his profession in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania. His mother died in September, 1893. A sister, L. Helen Welch, and a brother, Paul H. Welch, are still living at the old home. On October 10, 1888, William H. Welch married Grace,...

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