Location: Elnora Indiana

Biography of F. M. Fagaly

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now F. M. Fagaly, a retired resident of St. Joseph, has many interesting distinctions, not least among which is the fact that he served more than three years in the Union Army during the Civil War. Mr. Fagaly and his family are widely known in Champaign County, where through all the years their names have been associated with that industry and good citizenship which are the bulwark of American institutions. Mr. Fagaly was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, not far from the city of Cincinnati, a son of John and Mary (Stewart) Fagaly. His parents were also natives of Ohio. The Fagaly family is of German origin. An interesting story is told concerning his grandfather. He was a German youth who lived in the kingdom of Wuertemberg. He became acquainted with one of the daughters of the king of Wuertemberg and their acquaintance ripened into love. All the traditions and customs of the family for centuries prohibited the marriage of a royal daughter out of caste, since Grandfather Fagaly was a commoner. The young people determined to brave the wrath of the king, were married secretly, and eloped to America. The young princess was determined that her lot should be cast with her true love, and she was not afraid of the perils of a new adventure...

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Biography of Oscar R. Farris

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Oscar R. Farris had an active experience as an educator for a number of years in the State of Indiana, where he was born, and about eight years ago he came to Kansas and had been a factor in vitalizing some of the schools of this state. He is now superintendent of the city schools system of Eureka. That is one of the best equipped public school organizations in Kansas, and his responsibilities and eapable administration make Mr. Farris one of the leading educators of Kansas. He was born in Knox County, Indiana, January 16, 1881. His Farris aucestors came from England and were early settlers in Kentucky. Mr. Farris in the maternal line is of German descent. His father, Milton Farris, was born in Martin County, Indiana, February 26, 1844, and grew up and married in that county. In 1861, at the age of seventeen, he enlisted in the Twenty-first Indiana Infantry, and was in the army until mustered out in 1866. He saw some severe fighting and very arduous campaigning. He was with General Butler in the south and assisted in the taking of New Orleans. In the battle of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he was seriously wounded with a gun shot in the hip, and was incapacitated, in fact the wound nearly costing him...

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