Location: Elmore Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Dr. Joel G. Camp

Dr. Joel G. Camp came to Elmore from Craftsbury, Vt., about the year 1825. He was a very energetic man, and soon built up a large practice, which he enjoyed until his death, in 1872. Mr. Camp was the only settled physician the town ever had, and was nearly eighty-four years of age when he died. His wife also died in 1872, aged nearly seventy-eight years. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start...

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Biographical Sketch of Edwin Hill

Edwin Hill, from East Montpelier, came to Elmore in 1826, and located upon the farm now owned by his son, R. G. Hill, on road 23. He resided here until his death, in 1874. His widow is still living, aged eighty-two years. Two of their three children are living, R. G. and J....

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Biographical Sketch of Stephen B. Hatch

Stephen B. Hatch, from Hartland, Vt., came to Elmore in 1826, and located in the western part of the town, where he has since resided. He married Anna Cobb, and has reared a family of thirteen children, six of whom are...

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Biographical Sketch of Harvey Merritt

Harvey Merritt came to this town from Montpelier about the year 1840, and located upon the farm now owned by his son, Francis L., on road 7. He married Abigail LeBarran, reared three sons and one daughter, three of whom are now living. His death occurred in June, 1876, aged seventy-four years. His wife died August 9,...

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Biographical Sketch of V. N. Bacon

V. N. Bacon came to Elmore from Williamstown, Vt., in 1850, and located upon “Mt. Lookout farm,” on the west side of Elmore pond, in 1850, where he resided until his death, in 1874. His son, Oliver D., now resides on the farm, where, in 1878, he established Camp Bacon, a resort for campers and picnickers. This is a beautiful location for boating and fishing, is supplied with boats, a camp-house 15×25 feet, and all the accessories of a resort of this kind, and is well patronized each...

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Elmore, Lamoille County, Vermont Directory

(For explanations, etc., see main page). Railroad stations are Morrisville, 4 miles northwest, and Wolcott, 4 miles east, on St. J. & L. C. R. R. Ainsworth Alson, (Worcester, Washington county,) r 30, laborer. Ainsworth Charles, (East Elmore) r 26, farmer 57. Ainsworth Jacob, (East Elmore) r 26, farmer. Ainsworth Oliver E., (East Elmore) r 26, laborer. Amadon Harvey, (Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 31, farmer l00. BACON OLIVER D., (Elmore) r 14, surveyor, dairy 12 cows, lumberman, apple orchard 300 trees, owner of Mount Lookout farm 42o acres, and Bacon’s Landing, keeps row boats to let. Bailey Malinda, (Morrisville) r 22, widow of Franklin. Bailey Rebecca, (Elmore) r 15, cor 1z, widow of George W., aged 8o years. Bangs Henry H., (Elmore) r 24, dairy 5o cows, and farmer 250. BEDELL ALBERT J., (Morrisville) r 33, farmer, leases of Joseph Foss 120. Served in Co. A, 15th Vt. Reg’t Heavy artillery. Bedell Alonzo, (Morrisville) r 19, farmer, leases of Benjamin Davis 175. Bedell George H., (Morrisville) r 33, farmer 240. Bellvel Lewis, (Elmore) r 23, farmer 10o. Bellvel William, (Elmore) r 23, farmer 25. Belville Edward, (Worcester, Washington Co.,) r 3i, farmer 25. Biscorner Jerry, (Elmore) r 31, farmer r00. BOLTON JAMES H., (Wolcott) r 10i, breeder of Jersey cattle, dairy 1 r cows, butter a specialty, and farmer 165. Boyce John E., (Wolcott) r 8, with Robert, farmer....

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1840 Census Index, Elmore, Lamoille County, Vermont

Name Page Atwood, Luke, Jr. 3 Bailey, George W. 4 Bailey, Joseph C. 3 Bailey, Samuel 3 Beans, Daniel 3 Bedel, Daniel 4 Beedle, William 2 Bridge, Jonathan 2 Brigham, Elishall 4 Brown, Geore B. 3 Brown, Luther 3 Buchudson, Lemuel 3 Bullock, Jeremiah 3 Bullock, Joell 3 Camp, Abel 3 Camp, David G. 3 Camp, Joel C. 2 Churchill, John 4 Cook, David 4 Corliss, Stephen 4 Creasley, Nicholas 2 Davis, Benjamin 2 Davis, John 2 Davis, Sameul 3 Dodge, Lyman 2 Dooling, John 4 Doty, Abner 2 Dunham, Davis B. 3 Elmore, Heman G. 2 Elmore, Jesse 2 Elmore, Martin 2 Fass, Ephraim 4 Fish, Joseph W. 2 Flagg, William 4 Foss, Luther 4 French, David 4 French, Niehemiah 2 Gilbert, Joshua 3 Gilbert, Joshua H. 2 Glines, 2 Grant, Dexter 3 Grant, Don 2 Hand, Asa C. 2 Harris, John P. 4 Hastings, Moody 3 Hatch, Stephen B. 4 Heads, William 4 Hill, Edwin 2 Hill, George 3 Hill, William 4 Jacobs, Moses M. 4 Laun, Seth 2 Mc Clintock, Luman 3 Mc Elroy, Edward 3 Niles, Peter 4 Oldet, Samuel 3 Olmstead, Anson 2 Olmstead, Harry 2 Olmstead, Seth 2 Ormsley, Orin O. 3 Parker, Henry C. 4 Pearsons, Daniel 4 Peck, Ira 3 Peck, Jeremiah 3 Perley, Jesse N. 3 Putnam, Hiram S. 4 Richardson, Henry 2 Sanborn, Lorenzo 4 Scofield, Chancey 3 Scofield,...

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