Location: Dyer County TN

Biography of William J. Dearmore

WILLIAM J. DEARMORE. He whose name heads this sketch is a prominent and well-known citizen of Independence Township, Baxter County, Arkansas, his home being about four miles northwest of Mountain Home. He was born in Dyer County, Tennessee, in April, 1845, a son of William J. and Betty (Ellen) Dearmore, who were Virginians but were married and spent their wedded life in Tennessee. The father died there in 1852 at about the age of forty-eight years, and the mother at the home of her son, William J., when in her seventy-second year. William J. Dearmore, the father, was a wood workman, in politics was a Whig, and socially and in a business way was a man of unblemished reputation. The subject of this sketch was the youngest of four children born to his parents, and he and his sister Martha Edna, wife of Newton Edna, are the only ones residing in Arkansas, the latter being a resident of Mammoth Springs. In the common schools of his native State William J. received his education, and upon reaching the age of fifteen he commenced the battle of life for himself. He was married in Tennessee to Miss Isabel Henry, of Dyer County, by whom he became the father of five sons and two daughters: Lee, a farmer of Baxter County, Arkansas; Arch., who is a tiller of the soil in the...

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Dyer County, Tennessee Cemetery Transcriptions

Tennessee Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Tennessee county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Following Cemeteries (hosted at Dyer County, Tennessee Tombstone Transcription Project) Atkins Cemetery Bailey Cemetery Bledsoe Cemetery Center Cemetery Church Grove Cemetery Clark Cemetery City Cemetery Christus Garden Cemetery Everlasting Life Cemetery Fairview Cemetery Sections 1 & 2 & 3 Sections 4 & 5 Section 6 Section 7 Sections 9 & 10 Section 11 Section 12 Sections 13 & 14 & 18 Section 15 Sections 16 & 17 Sections 19 – 23 Sections 24 & 25 Sections 26 & 27 Sections 28 & 29 Section 30 Section 32 Sections 33 & 34 Sections 35 & 39 Section 36 Section 36A Section 38 Sections 31 & 37 & 41 & 42 Section 46 Sections 47 & 51 Sections 48 & 49 Section 50 Sections 52 & 53 & 54 Section 58 Section 59 Sections 60 – 62 – 67 Section 61 Sections 63 & 64 Section 65 Section 66 Section 68 Section 69 Section 70 Section 72 Section 73 Sections 71 & 74 Fairview Cemetery Mausoleum Fowlkes Cemetery Garden of Devotion Cemetery Holly Springs Cemetery Hurricane Hill Cemetery Johnson Family Cemetery Jones Family Cemetery The Last Supper Garden Cemetery Masonic...

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