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Location: Dresden Germany

Biography of Dr. Herman C. G. Luyties

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Herman C. G. Luyties was one of the pioneers in the practice of homeopathy in the Mississippi valley. He was long prominently known as .a leading physician and pharmacist of St. Louis and he was largely instrumental in the development of Luyties Pharmacy, which for many years was one of the foremost institutions of this character in Missouri. His birth occurred in Bremen, Germany, August 12, 1833, and in the later years of his life he returned to his native country, where he passed away in Dresden, May 27, 1896. His parents were Captain Gehrhard and Anna Luyties, the former commander of a German warship and a close friend of the renowned physician, Christian Samuel Friedrich Hahnemann, who was the founder of homeopathy. Dr. Luyties of this review pursued his education in the schools of his native city and studied medicine under the direction of some of the founders of the homeopathic School. He was one of the early exponents of that school in America, having crossed the Atlantic in 1850. Three years later he established a small retail homeopathic pharmacy at the corner of Broadway and Olive street in St. Louis and his establishment was of the greatest value to the practitioners of medicine who were representatives of the same school as himself. His business...

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