Location: Douglas Iowa

1921 Farmers’ Directory of Douglas Iowa

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; H., renter. Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now   Abildtrup, J. C. Wf. Marie; ch.Nels, Margaret and Arnold. P. O....

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1884 Directory of Douglas Iowa

Last First and Middle Section Post Office Township Business Origin Arrival County State Bronson I 1 Dunlap Douglas Farmer Ohio Harrison Iowa Bulta Wm 16 Woodbine Douglas Farmer Germany Harrison Iowa Boustead Thos 31 Woodbine Douglas Farmer England Harrison Iowa Butler Thos W 20 Woodbine Douglas Farmer Iowa Harrison Iowa Collins James 18 Woodbine Douglas School Director/Farmer Virginia Harrison Iowa Curtis H A 31 Woodbine Douglas Farmer Ohio Harrison Iowa DeCou W H 7 Woodbine Douglas Farmer Canada Harrison Iowa Dewel L L 8 Dunlap Douglas Farmer/Carpenter/Joiner New York Harrison Iowa Dougal E 13 Dunlap Douglas General Farmer Ohio Harrison Iowa Davis John F 2 Dunlap Douglas Farmer Iowa Harrison Iowa Davis Dan’l 3 Woodbine Douglas Farmer New York Harrison Iowa Ford Thomas H 27 Woodbine Douglas Farmer/Bricklayer Pennsylvania Harrison Iowa Farnsworth J H 18 Dunlap Douglas Farm/Fruit Raiser Ohio Harrison Iowa Griffin John 23 Dunlap Douglas Farmer Ireland Harrison Iowa Hamilton G W 11 Portsmouth Douglas Farmer Illinois Harrison Iowa Hall John S 36 Portsmouth Douglas Farmer Ohio Harrison Iowa Hunt L M 36 Portsmouth Douglas Farmer Iowa Harrison Iowa Knapp J S 6 Woodbine Douglas Farmer Ohio Harrison Iowa Kellogg T P 3 Dunlap Douglas Treas./School Board/Farmer Massachusetts Harrison Iowa Lowery John B 9 Woodbine Douglas Farmer New York Harrison Iowa Mefford L 28 Woodbine Douglas Sub Director/Farmer Kentucky Harrison Iowa Peters Thomas 11 Dunlap Douglas Farmer...

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1906 Douglas Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Andersen, Herman Apperley, L. M. Ashton, Henry Baldwin, Charlie Baldwin, Frank Bartellet, W. P. Baxter, G. D. Beazley, C. J. Beazley, Henry Beazley, J. M. Bennett, W. C. Bertelsen, Hans Bertelsen, Jens Bertelsen, Aug. Bertelsen, Oscar Blenner, Jerry H. Bliss, Fred G. Bower, Anthony Bower, L. F. Boylan, S. F. Buck, A. O. Buck, G. W. Burns, Franklin Carr, G. W. Carstens, John, Jr. Carstens, J. N. Chandler, J. M. Chase, G. M. Cipperly, C. L. Cipperly, S. C. Clark, Willis Clausen, Henry Clausen, John Clausen, Jurgen Clausen, Peter Conklin, E. J. Conley, C. E. Conley, James Cooper, J. Cooper, Walter Coveh, Carl Cowan, W. A. Cowan, W. B. Cowan, W. O. Dewell, Victor Dunbar, Charles Eden, Charlie Eldridge, Bert Ereland, B. F. Fogleman, P. E. Foresman, Wm. Gearhart, F. T. Gearhart, Isaac K. Geddes, George Geddes, S. S. Glaive, Carl Goettsch, Ferdinand Goettsch, Gustave Gray, Herbert Grell, Carl Grell, Carl H. Grell, Hans Gropper, Claus Hansen, Jens P. Hanson, John A. Hansohm, Fritz Helkens, Harry Herth, E. T. Hollenbeck, Everett Holst, J. F. Holst, Rudolph Hoops, Henry Hunter, M. L. Jacobs, Wm. Joy, T. H. Joy, Charles Joy, George Joy, M. A. Juergensen, Juergen Keelin, James Kerns, J. F. Kerns, S. F. King, M. E. Kuchel, Ernest Kuchel, Louis Kuhrts, John Kuhrts, John, Jr. Lake, Claude Lamp, H. W. Lasher, H. P. Law, James W. Law, C. L....

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1884 Douglas Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Aarvig, T. S. Allison, S. C. Ashton, H. B. Bartlett, Henry Baxter, Geo. Beasley, J. M. Beasley, Thos. Boardman, H. E. Bondhos, O. T. Bortholson, Brooks, L. W. Brush, J. T. Buck, G. W. Buell, C. S. Bullock, D. P. Bunn, John Burns, G. E. Burns, O. Bush, G. W. Church, J. F. Cobb, C. Cobb, L. Cobb, S. H. Cooper, C. C. Cooper, J. Cork, L. R. Cummings, G. W. Currier, G. S. Dodds, F. Dodds, I. S. Donahue, T. J. Dwight, F. E. Edison, S. O. Edson, Samuel A. Fowler, F. E. Fowler, J. J. Fowler, J. O Gearhart, F. T. Geddis, S. S. Gensicke, F. C. Ghent, J. Goings, A. L. Griffin, O. G. Guiliams, F. Guiliams, M. Hanson, Ole Harvison, John Hathaway, C. F. Holmes, John Hoon, W. Horner, J. H. Hutchcroft, Geo. Jonathan, S. Kahut, J. Kissinger, T. W. Lake, G. R. Lake, T. D. Larson, O. O. Law, James Livingston, J. A. Low, C. A. Lucas, James Mason, M. Mattoon, Geo. W. Mattoon, W. H. McCrary, W. McCutchen, E. H. Mitchell, T. L. Moore, G. D. Nelson, C. E. Newton, W. S. Osborn, A. Peterson, C. Ranney, S. M. Rhodes, S. L. Sampson, J. Sawyer, C. W. Sawyer, L. C. Schlaskuhl, C. Semkuhl, H. Sherman, M. Sherman, M. G. Siberill, A. Skinner, T. J. Smith, G. W. Smith, Peter Snyder, Ed Sohns, Louis...

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1920 Douglas Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Name Section of Land Albers, Chris 11, 22-25 Andre, T. J. 18 Barber, H. C. 34 Barber, P. E. 34 Bartlett, W. P. 20 Beazley, C. J. 5, 8 Beazley, Henry 4 Beazley, Jim M. 4, 5, 8, 9 Bertelsen, Jens 19 Blenner, J. H. 1 Boock, H. 25 Bower, John 3, 31 Bower, L. F. 6 Burns, Frank 18 Burns. C. F. 18 Buller, A. W. 30 Carstens, Chas. 12 Carstens, J. F. 25 Chapman, W. B. 6 Clark, Daniel 18 Cobb, Ed 30 Conklin, M. E. 4 Conley, C. E. 3 Conley, James F. 3 Cooper, Patty 7 Copeland, E. C. 34 Cowan, W. A. 2 Crawford, C. C. 12 De Vrees, Wm. R. 20 Dahms, John H. 9 Ehlert, Tena 25 Ehrich, Frank 26, 27 Ferry, Nettie F. 34, 35 Gearhart, I. K. 2 Geddis, S. S. 3 Goettsch, Ferd 36 Goettsch, Lillian 36 Goettsch, Louis 27 Goettsch, Theo. 36 Grell, Hans 17, 20, 27 Hansohm, Fritz 26 Hawn, R. Cliff 29 Henrichson, Carsten 29 Hinkhouse, Wm. 32 Holst, H. J. 26 Holst, Mrs. M. D. 35 Houlihan, Thomas 15, 16, 22 Janssen, Christian F. 29 Johnson, John T. 12 Kabisch, W. F. 21 Kerns, Ella 2 Kissinger, Olive 7 Knapp, R. E. 11 Knock, F. A. 9, 16 Kuchel, Louis 23 Kuhrts, Johann 36 Lafrentz, John 24 Lage, Henry 21 Lage, Herman 22 Lamp, H....

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1923 Douglas Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Last First & Middle Section Township County State Barber H C 34 Douglas Ida Iowa Beazley C J 8 Douglas Ida Iowa Beazley E C 13 Douglas Ida Iowa Beazley Henry 4 Douglas Ida Iowa Bertelsen Jens 19 Douglas Ida Iowa Blenner J H 1 Douglas Ida Iowa Boock Henning 25 Douglas Ida Iowa Borgenson Emiel 10 Douglas Ida Iowa Bruning F A 14 Douglas Ida Iowa Buck R B 11 Douglas Ida Iowa Bullock George 29 Douglas Ida Iowa Burns Frank 18 Douglas Ida Iowa Carrington C W 3 Douglas Ida Iowa Carstens Charles 12 Douglas Ida Iowa Carstens J F 25 Douglas Ida Iowa Cipperly S A 11 Douglas Ida Iowa Clark T E 13 Douglas Ida Iowa Cobb Ed 30 Douglas Ida Iowa Coleman H E 9 Douglas Ida Iowa Conklin Ed 4 Douglas Ida Iowa Conley C E 3 Douglas Ida Iowa Cowan W A 2 Douglas Ida Iowa Dahms J H 9 Douglas Ida Iowa Dreeszen R J 22 Douglas Ida Iowa Ehlert Mrs Tena 25 Douglas Ida Iowa Ehrich Franz 27 Douglas Ida Iowa Ehrp Wm J 36 Douglas Ida Iowa Foster Robert 3 Douglas Ida Iowa Frahm Detlef 24 Douglas Ida Iowa Gray Kirby L 18 Douglas Ida Iowa Grefe Alfred 21 Douglas Ida Iowa Grell Hans 27 Douglas Ida Iowa Grell Henry 27 Douglas Ida Iowa Grell W C 20 Douglas...

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