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Location: Douglas County AR

Biography of M. S. Newton

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now M. S. NEWTON. In Arkansas on the 28th of March, 1857, was born the successful merchant and one of Douglas County’s coming men, M. S. Newton. At an early age Mr. Newton began to assume the practical duties of a business life, and by diligence, good habits and a judicious use of natural tact, has developed a character which will tell for usefulness in his day and generation. He has acquired a commercial standing which portends for him that prosperity and rank among his fellowmen vouchsafed alone to those who that died in infancy. The maternal grandparents, Mr. Faine and wife, were born in Wales and are supposed to have come to this country before the opening of the Revolution. They located in the vicinity of Petersburg, Virginia, where they followed farming, reared a large family and are supposed to have died. After the death of John Cooper his widow continued her journey to Howell County, Missouri, and purchased the farm on which the subject of this sketch is now residing and spent the rest of her life in this neighborhood. She died April 24, 1894, lacking about three days of being ninety years old. Seventy-five years of this time she had been a devout Methodist. She became the mother of seven sons and five daughters:...

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