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Location: Deposit New York

Biography of Orrin Elliott Walker

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Orrin Elliott Walker. A definite and conspicuous place should be given the name of Orrin Elliott Walker on the list of men of Kansas who have not alone helped their own great state to grow but who have also been factors in the movements which have assisted in the development of other commonwealths. Coming to Kansas in 1879 and to Topeka in 1887, Mr. Walker left the Sunflower state in 1893, when he went to officiate in the opening of the Cherokee Strip, in Oklahoma, and in the community he made his home until 1898, when he returned to Topeka, where he now lives in retirement. Mr. Walker is a native of New York, having been born at the small town of Deposit, in Delaware County, September 22, 1847, a son of Aaron S. and Elizabeth (Hamblet) Walker. On the maternal side, his great-grandfather was Aaron Stiles, who was a soldier of the Continental line during the Revolutionary war, after the close of which he became a Baptist clergyman. One of the five children of his parents, Mr. Walker lost his mother when he was but ten years of age, and was given only a meagre education in the country schools. His father married again, removed in 1870 to Warren, Pennsylvania, and engaged in the business...

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