Location: Denmark Iowa

Biography of Joel M. Walker

In all the walks of life Captain Joel M. Walker has so acquitted himself as to be regarded as a most valued and honorable citizen, and as a representative business man and a leader ni political circles he well deserves mention among the prominent residents of Idaho. Through the civil war he loyally served his country upon the field of battle, and has ever discharged his duties of citizenship with marked promptness and fidelity. It is pleasing indulgence to write the biography of a man who has been so prominent in the civil and military affairs of the nation as has Captain Walker. This country has brought forth many heroes, statesmen, financiers and brilliant men in all spheres of life. Its annals teem with the records of good lives and noble deeds. Most of our noblest and best men are “selfmade,” and a worthy representative of that class is the subject of this review, who deserves prominent mention in this volume by reason of his broad sympathies and public spirit. He has left the imprint of his individuality on each place in which, for any length of time, he ever resided, and Kendrick owes much of its advancement to his efforts. His patriotism is clearly shown by his quick response to the call to arms, when his country was in need, and today he is numbered among the loyal...

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Biography of William J. Krehbiel

William J. Krehbiel is editor and owner of The McPherson Daily and Weekly Republican, the pioneer newspaper of McPherson County. It was established as a weekly issue in 1872, the year that McPherson City was founded. In 1885 it took on a daily issue, and Mr. Krehbiel had been its proprietor and manager for the past twenty years. Mr. Krehbiel had been a resident of Kansas since he was nine years of age, and was born at Denmark, Iowa, December 11, 1870. His parents were John J. and Anna (Leisy) Krehbiel. John J. Krehbiel was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, May 3, 1838, but when two years of age was taken to Lee County, Iowa. His father, Rev. John C. Krehbiel, a native of Germany, was a cabinet maker, farmer and sawmill man in Iowa, and was throughout his life active in the Mennonite Church, which he served as an elder and preacher. John J. Krehbiel grew up in Iowa, and at the age of twenty-six went to New York State, where he attended school a year. The Civil war was then in progress, and it being contrary to the teachings of his church to bear arms, he entered the employ of the Federal army in the quartermaster’s department as a wagon maker. He remained in the service until the close of the war. Following that he engaged in...

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