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Location: Dayton New York

Biography of George Johnson

George Johnson. Of the men who have lent dignity of character, excellence of labor and largeness of co-operation to affairs in Republic County for a considerable period, few were more widely known or generally respected than the late George Johnson. It was the privilege of this agriculturist to live close to the heart of nature, to partake generously of her rewards and to respond with enthusiasm and clear judgment to her offers of opportunity for advancement. Mr. Johnson came of sturdy and honorable lineage and one which furthered the universal gospel of industry. But in public and private affairs he proved himself eminently capable, energetic and trustworthy, and during the long period of his association with Republic County, won a permanent place as a practical and determined promoter of the county’s best agricultural interests. Mr. Johnson was born in Dayton, Cattaraugus County, New York, in 1833, and there his early years were passed, his education coming from the district schools of his native county and Herkimer College, from which he was duly and honorably graduated. At the outset of his career, he adopted the teacher’s vocation for his life work, but after laboring as an educator for several terms abandoned this profession for some more stirring and lucrative enterprise. In the year 1856 he started on the long journey from his home in the Empire state to the far-famed...

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