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Location: Danville Alabama

Biographical Sketch of Frederick W. Freeman

Frederick W. Freeman, president of the Merchants National Bank of Topeka, is one of the many successful business men who served their earlier apprenticeship with the Santa Fe Railroad. However, in the case of Mr. Freeman, he left railroading before he was twenty years of age and from a clerical position in a Topeka bank rose by successive promotion until he is now head of one of the large and important banks of the state. A resident of Topeka since early boyhood, Frederick W. Freeman was born in the Town of Danville, Alabama, May 26, 1864. His father, Zenas F. Freeman, was a northern man by birth, graduated from Granville College in Ohio, but after removing to the South in 1857 identified himself heart and soul and during the war between the states served as captain in the Confederate army. He was an educator by profession, and for a number of years conducted academies at Somerville, Moulton and Danville, Alabama, where he died in 1872. Two years after his death his widow and her children, Virgil J., Mary Lillie, Zena M. and Frederick W. removed to Topeka, and that city had been the family home since March, 1874. Frederick W. Freeman was ten years of age when brought to Kansas and he completed his education in the public schools of Topeka and also attended for a time Ottawa University....

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