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Location: Dallas County TX

Biography of William M. Hunter, M. D.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now William M. Hunter, M. D., has not only gained status as one of the representative physicians and surgeons of Kansas but has also become a widely known authority in the diagnosis and treatment of all phases of catarrh, to which department of professional work he now gives virtually his entire attention. He maintains his home and office headquarters in the City of Wichita but in his special field of practice he draws an appreciable and appreciative clientage from states far distant from Kansas. The doctor is a scion of a sterling family whose name has been identified with American annals from the time of the War of the Revolution. He is a direct descendant from Granson Hunter, who left his home in Ireland and came with the British forces to America to take part in the Revolutionary war. Shortly after arriving in America he became assured of the legitimacy of the cause of the struggling colonies and so great was his disinclination to fight against the brave colonial forces that he deserted from the British army and settled in North Carolina. Later he removed to Greenville, Illinois, and became one of the pioneers of that state. His son William wedded Miss Polly Anne Grace, and the young couple forthwith set forth to establish a home in...

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