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Location: Crawfordsville Arkansas

Biography of William C. Gillihan

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now William C. Gillihan was born near McComb, McDonough county, Illinois, April 1, 1841. When he had reached the age of four years his parents removed to Arkansas, and settled near Crawfordsville, Crawford county, and there his father died after a two years residence. In 1847 his mother removed to Iowa, and after several changes, finally settled in Warren county, near Indianola, where they lived until 1855, when (his mother having become Mrs. M. R. Richardson) they removed to Daviess county, seven miles south of Gallatin, and here he lived until 1858. He then left home and began the struggle of life for himself, and obtained most of his education after that date, attending the common schools of Daviess county in 1858 and 1859, and the high school at Gallatin in 1860 and 1661. In February, 1862, he joined the Federal army, enlisting in Company A, First Regiment, Volunteer Cavalry, Missouri State Militia, and served three years, participating in the battles and skirmishes in which his command en: gaged, the most severe being the battles of Independence, Boonville, Mine Creek, Jefferson City and Big Blue, during Price’s last raid through Missouri in 1864. Receiving his honorable discharge from the service he re-turned to Gallatin, arriving February 11, 1865. He entered the office of Judge Samuel A. Richardson...

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