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Black Hawk’s War – Indian Wars

We have now to record the events of a war “which brought one of the noblest of Indians to the notice and admiration of the people of the United States. Black Hawk was an able and patriotic chief. With the intelligence and power to plan a great project, and to execute it, he united the lofty spirit which secures the respect and confidence of a people. He was born about the year 1767, on Rock river, Illinois. At the age of fifteen he took a scalp from the enemy, and was in consequence promoted by his tribe to the...

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Biography of Francis Xavier Paquet

FRANCIS X. PAQUET. – Francis Xavier Paquet, son of Joseph Paquet and Marie Madaline Godant, was born in the parish of Saint John, about thirty miles west of Quebec, at the junction of the Jacquarka river with the St. Lawrence. Joseph Paquet was a stonemason by trade, but lived on a farm and took jobs of stonework. He was the father of eighteen children, nine boys and nine girls. F.X. Paquet, the sixteenth child in order, was born on the fifteenth day of January, 1811. He learned the trade of shipbuilding at Quebec, being apprenticed to Peter Labbe when not quite fourteen years of age. When seventeen years of age, he emigrated to the Untied States, engaging himself to the American Fur Company, to go to Mackinaw and construct a schooner for said company. After the schooner was completed he took charge of her and engaged in boating wood from Linwood Island and Round Island, and also made a trip to Chicago to get oak timber for staves and for building small boats called Mackinaw boats. This schooner was named Eliza Stewart, after the wife of Robert Stewart, who was the head man of the American Fur Company at Mackinaw at that time. That was in 1828. Old man Beaubien was then head man at what was afterwards Chicago, and which then consisted of three or four small log...

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Wisconsin Gold Star List – Crawford County

Army Adams, Frank, 21, Soldiers Grove; pvt bkryco376, Camp Grant; dd (influ) Oct 1, ’18. Ariss, Augustus, 23, Bridgeport; mtrkdept mgtngcmp; U. S.; dd (pneu) Nov 24, ’18. Barker, Melvin, 28, Ferryville; pvt 161depbrig, Camp Grant; dd (pneu) Oct 17, ’18. Caya, Alvy A., 23, Prairie du Chien; pvt 17fa; kia Jy 22,’18. Creighton, Arthur C., 38, m, Prairie du Chien; pvt 2engnrs tngcmp; d from burns, Oct 26, ’18. Davenport, Ray, 24, Soldiers Grove; pvt sndet 343inf ; U. S.; dd (pneu) Sept 26, ’18. Davidson, Harold Arthur, 19, Soldiers Grove; pvt fsbn; kia Oct 4, ’18. Ducharme, Cosmos, Prairie du Chien; sgt 231co MP; overseas; dd (perito) Jy 12,’19. Felton, Howard Earl, 20, m; pvt mgtngcntr; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 9, ’18. Frazier, Fred, 22, Bell Center; pvt 2prvnlco vettngschlcntr, Camp Lee; dd (pneu) Oct 17.’18. Fried, Edward Robert, 22, Prairie du Chien; pvt U. S. GH28, Ft. Sheridan, Ill.; dd (diph) Jan 21,’19. Gremore, Clifford S., 21, Prairie du Chien; pvt 13bn farpldrft, Camp Taylor; dd (pneu) Oct 5, ’18. Hanson, Clarence, 21, Ferryville ; pvt rpldep, Camp Shelby, Miss.; dd (pneu) Nov 6, ’18. Haugen, John, 25, Ferryville; pvt 39inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Nov 21, ’18. Hicks, Elias S., 24, Petersburg; corp 53depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 17,’18. Jaynes, Joseph, 25, Eastman; pvt Icl 40inf; U. S.; k by street car Feb 11,...

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Menominee Indians

Menominee Indians were located on and near the Menominee River, Wisconsin, and in Michigan on or about the present location of Mackinac. The Menominee belonged to the Algonquian linguistic family and to the same section as the Cree and Foxes.

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Biography of John Franklin Haskell

John Franklin Haskell is the Topeka and Kansas representative of the greatest creamery organization in America. He is general manager and vice president of the Beatrice Creamery Company, consolidated, with headquarters in Topeka. Both he and his brother George Everett have long been prominently identified with this business. His brother George E., who is president of the Beatrice Creamery Company, lives in Chicago. George was the founder of the industry at Beatrice, Nebraska, about 1890. He pushed the enterprise with so much success that it soon outgrew the limits of its home city, but the company still bears the name of that Nebraska town. The headquarters were removed to Lincoln, and since 1913 the main offices have been in Chicago. It was the first centralized creamery business and is today the largest institution of its kind in the United States. John Franklin Haskell was born in Mitchell County, Iowa, October 12, 1862, and four years later his father died. The fact of his father’s death is mentioned at this point because John F. Haskell soon had to shift for himself, and his business success and prominence has been due to his own efforts rather than the training and environment of early youth. His father was Josiah Haskell, a native of Michigan, where he was born in 1836, and an early settler in the State of Iowa. Josiah and his...

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Crawford County, Wisconsin Cemetery Records

Wisconsin Cemetery records are listed by county then name of cemetery within the Wisconsin county. Most of these are complete indices at the time of transcription, however, in some cases we list the listing when it is only a partial listing. Crawford County, Wisconsin Cemetery Records Hosted at Crawford County USGenWeb Archives Project Barnum Cemetery Bell Center–Woods Cemetery Bell Center–Woods Cemetery Boydtown Cemetery Bridgeport Cemetery Brisbois Cemetery Calvary Cemetery Campbell Cemetery Christ or Pleasant Mound Cemetery Crow Hollow Cemetery Dickson Cemetery Dutch Ridge Cemetery Dvorak Family Cemetery Eitsert Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery Evergreen Cemetery Ferryville Cemetery Forest Hill Cemetery Freeman Cemetery Frenchtown Cemetery Fort Crawford Cemetery Gays Mills — St. Mary’s  Cemetery Gran Grae Cemetery Graves or Taft Cemetery Haney Ridge Cemetery Haney Valley Cemetery Hazen Corners Cemetery Herold Family Cemetery Hiam Cemetery Hudson Family Cemetery Kast or Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Kneeland Cemetery Lathrop Family Cemetery Lawrence Ridge Cemetery Main Family Cemetery McAuley-Halls Branch-Pioneer Cemetery Montgomeryville Cemetery Mook Cemetery Mt. Sterling Lutheran Cemetery National Cemetery North Clayton Cemetery Pine Creek Family Cemetery Pioneer or Cook Wood Cemetery Posey Cemetery Rising Sun-St. James Cemetery Rush Creek Cemetery Sacred Heart Cemetery Sugar Grove Cemetery Shanghai Ridge Cemetery South Kickapoo Cemetery Union “Steele” Cemetery St. Gabriel’s Cemetery St. Patrick’s or Georgetown Cemetery St. Patrick Cemetery St. Philip’s Cemetery Hickory Grove or Stuart Cemetery Stuckeyville Cemetery St. Wenceslaus Cemetery Sugar Grove Cemetery Tell Cemetery...

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Biography of Hon. William McEniry

In considering the prominent legal firms in Rock Island County one’s mind instinctively turns to the firm of McEniry & McEniry, a firm composed of the two brothers, Hon. William McEniry and Matthew J. McEniry, having offices both in Rock Island and Moline. It is the life and character of the former of these two gentlemen that we pro-pose to depict in the sketch that is to follow. The life and character of Matthew J. McEniry will be found elsewhere in this work treated at length. William McEniry was born in Rock Island County, Illinois, May 9, 1860, his parents being William and Elizabeth (Coughlin) McEniry. William McEniry, Sr., who was a farmer, came to Illinois in 1841 and settled in Moline, making his home there until 1852, when he took up his residence on a farm in this county. In 1846 occurred his marriage to Miss Elizabeth Coughlin. To this couple eight children were born, six sons and two daughters. Two of the sons, however, died in infancy. The death of the father occurred February 18, 1874. His widow survived him until May 30, 1907, when she passed away. Both were devout members of the Roman Catholic Church. In a panegyric at the time of Mrs. McEniry’s death one of the Moline daily newspapers spoke of her life as follows: “Mrs. McEniry was identified with the history of...

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Biography of Matthew J. McEniry

It is said that the legal profession is one of the most difficult in which to achieve success. It is doubtless true that to be a truly successful attorney requires ability of a high order. We have spoken elsewhere in this work of; the success achieved by the legal firm of McEniry & McEniry, and one of the fruits of that success is a renown that is not merely local but that has spread throughout the northwest. In the article mentioned the life and character of one of the members of the firm, William McEniry, was taken up and discussed at length. His strength and ability were depicted. The present article is to be devoted to a discussion of the salient points in the life of the other member of the firm, Matthew J. McEniry, a man, who like his brother, is possessed of brilliant talents and real genius. He was born on a farm, in Zuma Township, this county. The lives and characters of the elder McEnirys, the parents of Matthew J. and William, are recorded at length in the sketch previously spoken of, to which the reader is referred. As a lad Matthew J. McEniry received his early education in the country schools in the neighborhood of his father’s farm. When seventeen years of age he went to an academy at Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, where he...

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Biographical Sketch of Clinton W. Mumford

One of the leading merchants of Wallowa county, the subject of this sketch is justly entitled to honorable mention in this portion of our work and because of his excellent achievements, which he has accomplished in a life of activity and enterprise, and because of his ability that has been brought into requisition in these endeavors, and because of the sound principles that dominate him and the broad public spirit that characterizes him, we are pleased to grant this to him, while also it is but right to mention that he is esteemed by all and is the recipient of the confidence of his fellows. Clinton M. Mumford was born in Crawford county, Wisconsin, on April 30, 1866, being the son of James B. and Elizabeth A. (Zerba) Mumford. While young he accompanied his parents to Cass County, Nebraska, and his boyhood days were spent on the farm, and in gaining the education to be had from the public schools. It was in 1883 that he migrated from Nebraska to Pendleton, Oregon, accompanying his parents on this trip. On July 18, 1886, at Pendleton, occurred the marriage of Mr. Mumford and Miss Margaret A. Osborn, daughter of Alexander and Satira A. (McDowell) Osborn. Subsequent to this happy event, he purchased a farm, which he improved in good manner and then sold, only to purchase again, adding another tract, which gives...

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