Location: Crawford County IL

Kickapoo Indians

Kickapoo Indians. From Kiwegapaw`, “he stands about,” “he moves about, standing now here, now there.” Also called: Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now A’-uyax, Tonkawa name, meaning “deer eaters.” Higabu, Omaha and Ponca name. I’-ka-dŭ’, Osage name. Shake-kah-quah, Wichita name. Shígapo, Shikapu, Apache name. Sik’-a-pu, Comanche name. Tékapu, Huron name. Yuatara’ye-ru’nu, a second Huron name, meaning “tribe living around the lakes.” Kickapoo Connections. The Kickapoo belonged to the Algonquian linguistic stock, and in a special group with the Foxes and Sauk. Kickapoo Villages. The villages were: Etnataek (shared with the Foxes), rather a fortification than a village, near the Kickapoo village on Sangamon River, Illinois. Kickspougowi, on the Wabash River in Crawford County, Illinois, about opposite the mouth of Turman Creek. Kickapoo Location. For territory occupied in Wisconsin, see History. (See also Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Oklahoma.) Kickapoo History. As suggested in the case of the Foxes, the Kickapoo may once have lived near the Sauk in the lower peninsula of Michigan but such...

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Biography of John Thomas Sims

John Thomas Sims, who many years ago secured prestige as one of the most forcible lawyers of the Kansas City, Kansas, bar and is now serving as judge of the Probate Court of Wyandotte County has had his share of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. His early life was one of hard and continuous work, often ill repaid, and again and again overtaken with calamity or disaster. He tried farming in the early days of Kansas, and various other occupations, and again and again when prosperity seemed to smile upon him he was put back at the beginning by drought or some other of the numerous calamities which are so familiar in Kansas history. Judge Sims was born at Robinson, Crawford County, Illinois, December 31, 1864. He was one of eleven children, four of whom are still living, and is the only one in Kansas. His parents were Thomas Jefferson and Arminta McComas (Elledge) Sims. His father was born in Virginia, was a blacksmith and wagon-maker by trade, and for a number of years followed merchant milling, having a mill on the banks of the Wabash River on the Illinois side. He lived in Illinois until his death about 1877. Judge Sims’ mother was born in Kentucky in 1828 and died at Robinson, Illinois, in 1884. The father was a democrat until the war, and then joined...

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Biographical Sketch of D. A. Bowman

D. A. Bowman, blacksmith and general jobber; P. O. Humbolt, Ill.; was born in Perry Co., Ohio, Dec. 5, 1845. He married Miss Sarah McCravy Oct. 1, 1867; she was born in East Tennessee; they had three children, two living, viz., Charles A. and Lydia L. He lived in Ohio three years, when, with his parents, he came to Illinois, and settled near Robinson; in 1860, he began to learn his trade with T. J. Sims, plow-manufacturer at that place, In 1864, he enlisted in the 135th III. Regt., he being Regimental Fifer; was discharged in November following, and began work at his trade with Mr. Stifle, of Stiflesville; next worked at Oblong City with Mr. Zugler; next with Mr. Sentney, in Humbolt; then with Miller & Miller, of Mattoon, and, in August, 1866, he began work in Arcola for Mr. Jacobs, and, in June, 1867, he worked in Humbolt for Mr. Sentney, and, in October, after his marriage, he went in partnership with Mr. Jacobs, of Arcola; in 1868, he worked for Mr. Garrett, in Windsor, and, in 1869, he opened a shop of his own in Arcola; in the fall of the same year, he came to Humbolt and carried on wagon and carriage making and blacksmithing; in 1874, he sold his wagon business and rented out his blacksmith-shop and took a position at Homer in the...

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Biographical Sketch of Adam Whitmer

Adam Whitmer, farmer; P. O. Humbolt. The subject of this sketch was born in Perry Co., Ohio, Dec. 26,1832; he married Miss Olara Jane Bugh Nov. 1, 1864; she was born same place Jan 11, 1838; they have three children, viz., Laura, Elmo and Eva. He lived in Ohio until 1854, when he came to Illinois and settled in Crawford Co., where he lived one year; he then went to Dakota and engaged with a Government surveying party; he camped for two and a half years, where Yankton now stands; he lived in Dakota until 1859, when he went to Colorado and engaged in mining, and lived there until 1864, when he returned to Ohio, and in 1865 he came to Coles Co., Ill., and settled on his present place and has lived here since. He has been Township Collector one year and School Director some five or six years. He owns 160 acres, in this township, which he has earned by his own labor and...

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Biographical Sketch of John Hutton

John Hutton, farmer; P.O. Diona; is one of the pioneers of this county, and after whom this township was named; he was born in Montgomery Co., Ky., Jan. 20, 1801; in the year 1816, his parents moved to Crawford Co:, Ill., where his father died January, 1819; his mother and family remained there until the year 1834, when they came to Coles Co., and settled on Sec. 20, where his mother died Nov., 1853, at the age of 77; Mr. Hutton still resides upon the homestead; he held the office of Supervisor the three first terms after the organization of the township; in the year 1824, Mr. Hutton was upon the spot upon which the city of Charleston, in this county, now stands; at that time not another white man was to be found in the neighborhood, inhabited only by the Kickapoo Indians, who were owners of the soil. He married the widow of Isaac Baker April 18, 1843; she was a daughter of George Cottingham, a native of Kentucky, who came to Coles Co. in the year 1837; she was born Oct. 27, 1813; she had one child by Mr. Baker-Levi H., now living in California, and nine children by Mr. Hutton-six boys, all living – George W., born April 18, 1844; James Alexander, Nov. 19, 1847; Isaac Y., Jan. 6, 1850; John A., March 13,1852; and Alfred...

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Biographical Sketch of D. A. Parker

D. A. Parker, farmer; P. O. Westfield, Clark Co.; is one of the pioneers of this county, and was born in Butler Co., Ohio, April 27, 1815; in the year 1817, his parents moved to Crawford Co., Ill., ten miles south of Palestine, and, after remaining there eight years, moved to Hutton Tp., Coles Co., and settled on what was afterward known as ” Parker Prairie,” in the year 1825, where his parents died, , his mother on the 11th day of December, 1830, and his father on the 18th day of March, 1862; they were among the first settlers, and entered the first land in this county. Mr. Parker remained with his parents until he was 21 years of age, when he went to farming for himself, and, on the 29th day of March, 1837, married Miss Mary J. Flint, daughter of Thomas Flint, of Kentucky; she was born in Virginia March 30, 1819. Mr. Parker settled on his present farm in the year 1840, having entered the land, and has resided there ever since, now containing sixty-four acres. His family consisted of nine children, five living – two boys, George W., born Feb. 8, 1839, and Allen D.. born May 17, 1852, and one deceased-Leroy, born April 19, 1850, died in 1854; six girls, three living – Sallie M. (now Mrs. J. B. Redmon, of Hutton Tp.),...

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Biographical Sketch of Jephthah Parker

Jephthah Parker, farmer; P.O. Westfield, Clark Co.; was born in Crawford Co., Ill., Feb. 13, 1823; he was 3 years of age when he came with his parents to Coles Co., and remained with them until his marriage with Miss Sarah J. Green, daughter of James Green, of Ohio, on the 11th day of May, 1842; she was born in Miami Co., Ohio, July 3, 1818. About nine months after their marriage, Mr. Parker moved to his farm on Sec. 6, the greater portion of which he improved, putting upon it its present buildings, and where he has ever since resided, containing 108 acres. They have eight children -John G., born May 17, 1843, and married Miss Irena Bennett in September, 1864; Nathaniel L., born Oct. 8, 1845, and married Miss Emma Granger, of Waukesha, Wis., Oct. 26, 1873; William T., born Aug. 8, 1847, and married Miss Mary A. Thornton, March 10, 1869; Charles L., born Sept. 8, 1849; Nelson R., born Jan. 12, 1851, and married Miss Alta A. White Jan. 28, 1875; Annie E., born March 10, 1854; James A., born July 2, 1857, and married Miss Nevada Smith in February, 1877, and George C., born June 11, 1859. Of the sons, John G. and Nathaniel L. were in our late civil war, having both enlisted in Co. F, 123d Regt. I. V....

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Biographical Sketch of O. W. Gogin

O. W. Gogin, Justice of the Peace, Mattoon; was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1820; his father came from New Jersey and settled in Cincinnati in 1800; the family was six months making the journey, coming by teams to Pittsburgh, Penn., and thence floating down the Ohio in a keelboat to the point of destination; here the family remained some twenty-odd years; in the spring of 1841, his father came West, and settled in Crawford Co., Ill., where he began the labor of opening up a farm in the woods; O. W. was the youngest of the family, and remained at home till the death of his parents; they lived to enjoy the companionship of each other through a half-century of wedded life, and were consistent members of the M. E. Church for the same length of time. ‘Squire Gogin moved to Mattoon in the fall of 1862; here he engaged for some years in milling and in the fruit-growing business. He was married in 1842, to Eliza Eurle, a native of Virginia; have four children – A. Dorr, Emma, Eola and Nellie. Has held the office of Justice of the Peace, and transacts much business in the settlement of...

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Biography of John C. Hardman

John C. Hardman, proprietor of the City Pharmacy of Riverside, which is the pioneer drug store in the city, was first established in 1876 by James H. Roe. Mr. Hardman purchased the business in January, 1886, and immediately increased the stock and enlarged his business until the City Pharmacy ranks as the leading establishment of its character in the city. In addition to a complete and varied stock of drugs and medicines, he is a large dealer in toilet articles, perfumery, fancy goods, wallpaper, paints, oils, etc. He is a skillful druggist and chemist, with years of experience, and employs none but able assistants; consequently his store has a reputation for accuracy and dispatch in the preparation of prescriptions that is unexcelled. Mr. Hardman is a gentleman of genial and courteous manners, and is favored with a large patronage, which he justly merits. The subject of this sketch dates his birth in Coshocton County, Ohio, in 1852; eight years later his parents moved to Vermillion County, Illinois, where he was reared and given the advantages of a good schooling. At the age of twenty years he commenced life in his profession as a clerk in a drug store in Fairmont. The next year he went to Robinson, Crawford County, and entered the employ of A. R. Short & Co., the leading drug store of the county. His abilities and...

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Biography of James Henry Reed

James Henry Reed, superintendent of the city schools of Grenola, is an educator of wide and diversified experience, and had taught in various localities of several different states. He was born in Orleans, Indiana, January 15, 1858. His Reed ancestors came from England to Virginia in colonial days, and they were also connected with the Massachusetts branch of the same family. His grandfather, Jesse Reed, who was a blacksmith by trade, spent his last years at Orleans, Indiana. The family had lived in Kentucky after leaving Virginia, and from Kentucky went to Indiana. Henry Reed, father of Professor Reed, was born in Kentucky in 1827 and died at Orleans, Indiana, in 1904. His parents had gone to Orleans in 1831, and he grew up as a blacksmith and wagon maker, a trade he followed many years, and subsequently was a farmer. He was elected to fill the office of county treasurer of Orange County and was also township trustee of Orleans Township. He was a democrat and a member and steward in the Methodist Episcopal Church. His wife, Martha Sears, was born at Orleans, Indiana, in 1835 and died there in 1867. A brief record of their children is as follows: Mary, wife of William Lindsey, a farmer at Quenemo in Osage County, Kansas; George F., an architect at Springfield, Missouri; James H.; Sallie, wife of Leonard M. Hardman,...

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A Surnames – 1818 Crawford County, Illinois Census

Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves Name Page Range of Ages Adams, Eli 64 01-00-00-00 Adams, William 71 01-11-00-00 Addams, John R. 67 01-00-00-00 Addams, Joseph A. 67 01-00-00-00 Akify, William 74 01-04-00-00 Alison, Daniel 63 01-02-00-00 Alison, Edward 64 10-00-00-00 Alison, Frederick 64 01-06-00-00 Alison, Isaac 66 01-02-00-00 Alison, Isaac 67 01-10-00-00 Alison, Jonathan 67 02-06-00-00 Alison, Joseph 67 01-07-00-00 Alison, Richard 69 01-04-00-00 Alison, Samuel 70 01-02-00-00 Alison, Samuel, Jr. 70 01-01-00-00 Anderson, Ezekel 72 00-00-04-00 Anderson, George 64 00-00-04-00 Anderson, James 75 01-04-00-00 Anderson, Joseph 66 00-00-03-00 Anderson, Muryan 75 04-08-00-00 Anderson, Susanna 70 00-00-01-00 Anderson, Thomas 70 02-07-00-00 Anderson, William 75 01-04-00-00 Archer, Charles K 63 01-02-00-00 Archer, William B. 71 01-01-00-00 Archer, Zachariah 72 01-07-00-00 Asbel, John 76 01-02-00-00 Ashbel, Samuel 76 01-04-00-00 Ashbroock, John 75 00-04-00-00 Ashbrook, John 67 02-04-00-00 Ashmore, Amos 62 01-08-00-00 Ashmore, Hezakiah 65 01-02-00-00 Ashmore, James 67 01-00-00-00 Ashmore, Samuel 70 01-08-00-00 Auston, Eliga 64...

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C Surnames – 1818 Crawford County, Illinois Census

Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves Name Page Range of Ages Cairnes, Abram 62 01-09-00-00 Caldwell, David 63 01-01-00-00 Caldwell, James 65 01-08-00-00 Camp, Abraham 62 00-00-00-09 Camp, Abram 72 00-00-09-00 Carter, S. B. A. 69 02-05-00-00 Catron, George W. 64 01-03-00-00 Chandler, John 66 01-00-00-00 Chardy, Benjamin 75 01-06-00-00 Cheek, Joel 65 01-02-00-00 Chenowith, John 67 02-04-00-00 Cilbern, William C. 71 01-00-00-00 Coal, Eady 64 00-00-03-00 Cobbb, Allen 76 01-08-00-00 Cocks, Anthony 62 01-05-00-00 Cocks, James 67 01-01-00-00 Cocks, James 68 01-04-00-00 Commons, Samuel 77 02-05-00-00 Conaway, James 68 01-07-00-00 Coonrod, Abram 62 01-06-00-00 Cornel, Daniel 63 01-02-00-00 Cornel, Heli 65 01-05-00-00 Cowan, John 65 02-03-00-00 Creker, Eterea 74 00-08-00-00 Crews, John 65 01-07-00-00 Criles, Coonrad 75 01-07-00-00 Criles, George 75 01-04-00-00 Crocker, Elsha 64 01-00-00-00 Crow, Rubin 69 02-06-00-00 Crow, William 74 01-02-00-00 Cullom, Edward N 63 01-10-00-00 Cullom, Francis 64 01-01-00-00 Cullom, William 72...

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D Surnames – 1818 Crawford County, Illinois Census

Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves Name Page Range of Ages Daugherty, George 64 01-00-00-00 Davis, Enoch 64 01-04-00-00 Deal, James 67 01-00-00-00 Decant, John 77 02-11-00-00 Delap, Daniel 63 01-07-00-00 Derrence, Lemuel 68 01-00-00-00 Dolson, James 68 01-09-00-00 Dopher, John 66 01-00-00-00 Dotston, Moses 74 01-14-00-00 Drake, Samuel 70 01-03-00-00 Draper, Chalkley 63 01-09-00-00 Driskell, Elias 64 01-04-00-00 Dubois, Jane 67 01-04-00-06 Dubois, Sharlow 70 01-01-00-00 Dunlap, John 67 01-07-00-00 Dunlap, Joseph 67 01-05-00-00 Dunlap, Thomas 70 01-08-00-00 Dunlap, William 71...

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E F Surnames – 1818 Crawford County, Illinois Census

Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves Name Page Range of Ages Easton, Richard 69 02-10-00-00 Eaton, Benjamin 62 01-06-00-00 Eaton, Benjamin, Jr. 72 01-00-00-00 Eaton, John 65 01-02-00-00 Eaton, Joseph 66 01-03-00-00 Eaton, Richard 69 01-07-00-00 Eaton, Solomon 72 01-05-00-00 Eaton, Stephen 70 01-04-00-00 Edilene, Peter 69 01-02-00-00 Edwards, Philip 72 02-11-00-00 Esry, John 68 01-04-00-00 Eutors, Peter 77 03-09-00-00 Evens, John 74 01-06-00-00 Evermon, William 71 01-09-00-00 Evins, Benjamin 63 01-13-00-00 Farr, George 64 00-00-01-00 Farr, Geroge 72 00-00-01-00 Feeles, Benjamin 63 01-09-00-00 Festler, Joseph 74 01-03-00-00 Fiffe, Thomas 75 01-09-00-00 Fitch, Chester 63 05-04-00-00 Fitch, Elisha 74 03-12-00-00 Flinn, Joshua 66 01-00-00-00 Flinn, Thomas 71 01-05-00-00 Flipper, William 71 01-05-00-00 Florough, William 72 01-00-00-00 Freemon, Samuel 70 01-00-00-00 Funk, Daniel 63 01-04-00-00 Funk, Gabril 64 01-04-00-00 Funk, John, Sr. 66 01-05-00-00 Funk, Martin 69...

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G Surnames – 1818 Crawford County, Illinois Census

Name: Head of Household Page: Page of Census Listing Range of Ages: 1st Number – Free white males 21 yr. and upwards 2nd Number – All other white inhabitants 3rd Number – Free persons of colour 4th Number – Servants or slaves Name Page Range of Ages Galegar, Adam 75 01-05-00-00 Galeworth, Samuel 76 02-06-00-00 Galland, Isaac 66 01-02-00-00 Gambert, James 76 03-07-00-00 Garner, Jacob 67 01-04-00-00 Garrard, Jacob, Jr. 66 01-05-00-00 Gastin, Samuel 70 01-08-00-00 Gerrad, William 71 01-01-00-00 Gerrard, William, Sr. 71 01-02-00-00 Gilferd, Joshua 67 01-05-00-00 Gill, John 65 01-04-00-00 Gill, Robert 69 01-01-00-00 Gill, Thomas 70 01-07-00-00 Gillaspy, James 66 01-03-00-00 Gipson, James 67 01-03-00-00 Goff, Bernard 74 01-06-00-00 Goff, David 74 01-04-00-00 Goin, Isaac 67 01-00-00-00 Goin, Lewis 68 01-00-00-00 Goins, Edward 64 00-00-02-00 Goins, Isaac 66 00-00-08-00 Goliher, John 67 01-06-00-00 Goliher, John, Jr. 67 01-01-00-00 Goodin, Lewis 68 01-02-00-00 Goss, David 63 01-05-00-00 Goss, Jonathan A. 76 01-02-00-00 Guyer, Aaron 62 01-01-00-00 Guyer, Axim 62 01-00-00-00 Guyer, Jesse 68...

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