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Location: Cowley County KA

Biography of Abraham James Holderman, Sr.

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Abraham James Holderman, Sr. Perhaps a great majority of successful Kansans came to the state poor men and carved their fortunes from the opportunities here presented and by a wise and capable direction of their private affairs. There were some, however, who brought with them considerable capital and left behind in their older communities a record of successful business experience. One of these is Abraham James Holderman, banker, farmer and business man of El Dorado. For a great many years the Holdermans have been numbered among the wealthiest and most influential farmers and stock men in Northern Illinois. In that section of the prairie state, at the Town of Morris, county seat of Grundy County, Abraham James Holderman, Sr., was born May 17, 1854. His paternal ancestors go back to Pennsylvania, where they were of the so-called Pennsylvania Dutch stock. Mr. Holderman’s paternal grandfather, Abraham Holderman, Sr., was a native of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and from there removed to Ross County, Ohio, where he became extensively interested in farming and stock raising. He operated there in the early days before railroads became common, and frequently drove his cattle across the mountains to markets in Philadelphia and Baltimore. In 1831 he removed still further west to Illinois, and acquired land at what is now known as Holderman’s...

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